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SWaP by SafeMoon
Connecting an Ecosystem

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Being your Swapping journey within the SafeMoon Ecosystem

What is SWaP by SafeMoon

Upon the release of the SafeMoon Wallet, we looked to develop our own cryptocurrency decentralized exchange in order to bring everything that SafeMoon Stands for into a DEX.

 Accessibility, quality, and security

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What are the fees?

The SWaP by SafeMoon has an industry-standard DEX fee of 0.25%. However, SafeMoon is looking to use these funds in a slightly different way than what is considered the industry standard.

The SWaP by SafeMoon is designed and created to benefit all SafeMoon Holders. Below you will find the breakdown of those fees  


0.25% SafeMoon Swap Fee Structure

  • 0.17% into Liquidity Pool

  • 0.05% to the Ecosystem Growth Fund

  • 0.03% used to Buy Back and Burn

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