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SafeMoon V2

So what is SafeMoon V2? Well, it was widely known that the SafeMoon V1 Contract was not developed by the SafeMoon Team and because of this the code was very restricting and didn't look to help SafeMoon's true vision and goals.
So in doing so the Team Created SafeMoon V2 (0x42981d0bfb....) this new contract has been developed as the core of SafeMoon's future. This contract brings a wide range of features and just provides the team a level of control that didn't have with version 1.


What has Changed?

  • 1:1000 Token Consolidation (Read more about this HERE)

  • 2% Transaction Fees - Trading wallet to wallet is now 2%, not 10% that Buy/Sell still has

  • Non-partnered exchanges can now be blacklisted giving control on Listing with exchanges

  • And more coming soon

    So are you ready to move to V2?


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