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All Known Public Addresses that hold SafeMoon

SafeMoon V2 Wallet List

Company Wallets
0xdaa3b5ae0521264e55f45157eb6e158e1f3e5012 - Company Treasury Wallet
0x42981d0bfbaf196529376ee702f2a9eb9092fcb5 - V2 Contract Address (The '3% to Liquidity Pool' goes to this address)
0xefecd68f9549d47cbeca0a2fd9bd09cf4ec6a5d6 - Ecosystem Wallet (The '1% to Ecosystem Growth Fund' goes to this address)
0x678ee23173dce625a90ed651e91ca5138149f590 - V2 Creator / Owner Wallet
CEX / DEX Wallets
0x8fb9bbfd97fff7bba69c0162a9632c9503b29cd4 - SafeMoon Swap BNB/SFM LP
0xc223A5cEecd9088C92C76504755507D18913A944 - SafeMoon Swap BUSD/SFM LP
0x8894E0a0c962CB723c1976a4421c95949bE2D4E3 - Mandala
0x4982085c9e2f89f2ecb8131eca71afad896e89cb - MEXC
0x0d0707963952f2fba59dd06f2b425ace40b492fe -
0x328130164d0f2b9d7a52edc73b3632e713ff0ec6 - BitMart
0xc7029e939075f48fa2d5953381660c7d01570171 - HotBit
0x3fdf750fb555583374b26a5ff476abbd7f6e6fb5 - Biki 1
0x87067ddCFDDf4C6790207132848cfbbe5CD6F939 - Biki 2
0x33eac50b7faf4b8842a621d0475335693f5d21fe - WhiteBIT
0x124d9bf2fecbc16b54ec4accdb14d44c2144f012 - LBank
0x8af8f4df5c463db7ab24ec66cee7546c9a310f56 - ZBG
0x3a723e58c4808dde4591543282adc7d6b378715b - BitForex
0x7d7fC48fC930552957Dc585726d9628f5319C038 - Quidax
0x868f027a5e3bd1cd29606a6681c3ddb7d3dd9b67 - Bitrue
0x87D7fd8c446Cb5D3da3CA23f429e7b7504d1931C - PancakeSwap BNB/SFM LP (Not Supported)
Other Wallets
0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 - Burn Wallet (The '2% to Burn' goes to this address)
0x86B695aaa2600668CEC754C7827357626B188054 - Pharoah

【Disclaimer - CEX and DEX addresses are dynamic hot wallets that may change at any time.】

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