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SafeMoon Tokenomics

Let's break down and understand each part of the Tokenomics key mechanics :

SafeMoon Tokenomics? They're what makes SafeMoon… well, SafeMoon.

Tokenomics are the fundamental building blocks of the SafeMoon Protocol. With the recent change to the SafeMoon contract where holders migrated to SafeMoon V2, the tokenomics have evolved into further changing the SafeMoon holding experience within the SafeMoon Ecosystem.


SafeMoon V2 Tokenomics brought a new tier system to tokenomics. This tier system allows the SafeMoon contract to have different rates of tokenomics by which SafeMoon is able to apply different rates of fees depending on the use case. Currently, SafeMoon has two tiers within its tokenomics:

10% Buy/Sell Fee

One is the regular 10% Buy/Sell Fee which is broken down as followed:

  • 4% is split proportionally among all holders based on the holding percentage

  • 3% to Liquidity Pool

  • 2% to Burn

  • 1% to Ecosystem Growth Fund

2% Transfer Fee

The second percentage of tokenomics is a 2% Wallet to Wallet Fee Structure. This allows holders to transfer SafeMoon tokens between each other without getting hit with the original 10% fee. The 2% fee is broken down to benefit holders as followed:

  • 1% is split proportionally among all holders based on the holding percentage

  • 0.50% to Liquidity Pool (0.25% as Native Token & 0.25% SafeMoon Token)

  • 0.50% to Ecosystem Growth Fund

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