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WHY I HODL SAFEMOON PT. II (March 20th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Author: Pheonix Rising


We covered a lot of fun and super-exciting stuff in Part I, with a heavy emphasis on who SafeMoon is, why they are really, truly the evolution, and why it’s a no-brainer to see this thing through long-term.

But still, there’s so much more to look forward to in the here and now.

So, let’s put another log on the fire by covering SafeMoon’s birthday month, because that is fully upon us and, by all accounts, the best is yet to come.

To reinforce that point, early on in March, as SafeMoon’s birthday month officially kicked off, Mr. Adult had said something to the effect of:

“You don’t begin a fireworks display with a grand finale. You finish off with it.

Makes sense, right? You don't start off with a bang and go out with a fizzle. And to add to that, just this past weekend at SXSW, John also had this to say about SafeMoon's birthday month:

SafeMoon’s got a bunch of products that we're releasing. I’m not going to talk about a few of them because we don't want to blow the birthday month surprises.”

Notice he said products (plural) and that there are "birthday month surprises" yet to be announced this month!

So, I hope that, in light of this, we can all wait until the month concludes before we decide if we’re happy with our birthday presents, because it sure sounds like they're saving the best for last.

Now, as for catalysts beyond the month of March to be super excited about, John also had this to say during his final SXSW panel:

“Ideally, I want everything that we've talked about released by the end of this year. So, that's the blockchain, SafeMoon Connect, the point of sale system, and the other products that we've talked about.”

There you have it! By the end of this year, ideally, all the products that we know of will have been delivered, which was what got you excited about SafeMoon in the first place, right?

So, we’re still getting what we want. But really, while the restructure affected the initial, now-irrelevant timeline for the rollout of products, it all amounts to a bit of delayed gratification.

And ultimately, I fully believe it'll all be a blip on the radar when we look back at this years from now, assuming we remember it at all.

Still, delays are no fun, but in life, I've always found that good things come to those who wait and that, particularly with investments, the impatient are seldom rewarded but, instead, set themselves up to be fraught with regret.

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, is another 8.5 months, or even longer than that if need be, really a long time to reap the many rewards of all these game-changing products to be released?

Not in my mind, and not in the minds of the many you come across who remain perfectly calm amidst FUD storms, dips, delays, or whatever else is thrown our way, and I hope you're now on that side of the table with us.

Not for any other reason than I genuinely have a passion for uplifting and doing what I can to change people's lives by way of educating and motivating, and that includes you.

Whether that's appreciated or not doesn't change that desire inside of me. But I know that I appreciate the mods, devs, and leaders of this team for making every effort to listen to and implement our product features or feedback/criticism, as well as for making a month-long celebration out of this.

And what’s more, John said that SafeMoon is playing an “infinite game,” meaning that once they hit their objectives, that’s not the end of the road. They’re already on to new, better, and more amazing innovations.

Just like any other tech startup, it takes a while to get your bearings, find the right people for the right jobs, and especially to educate the masses and be taken seriously, all of which I firmly believe will happen in due time.

It's just a matter of when, not if.

But once SafeMoon hits its stride, if the world is impressed with the various tech and innovations that we do know about, imagine where this team and project will be 5-10 years down the road!

Because, remember, Ryan stated on a Twitter Spaces last year that, per his own estimate, we holders may only know 15% of what’s actually being worked on behind the scenes – with SafeMoon having their own internal roadmap stretching out 5 years from now.

Not only that, John recently said during his appearance at SXSW:

“I don't really compare us to others. We're playing an infinite game. So I compare SafeMoon, what it is now, to what SafeMoon can be 10 years from now. That's kind of our competition is our 10-year version of ourselves.”

In other words, if you're impressed with the team and their lofty goals now, just imagine how you and the world will view them when they're out of the startup phase, and all the accompanying growing pains, and are fully entering their prime?

They will grow and improve; they’ve demonstrated this time and again.

They've learned a ton from their mistakes.

And they listen to their community members’ feedback. So much so that John says they don’t even need to pay a focus group; he just talks to the SafeMoon Army.

In fact, I'm happy to share some examples of the many improvements that have been made:

  • Acknowledging that the community didn't like all caps in their Twitter messaging, or the word imminent, that was changed.

  • The community expressed that they didn't like SafeMoon Sundays being held on Twitter Spaces, or having partner tokens featured, so they reformatted and scrapped both. They've also since changed to SafeMoon Specials, so you can be sure when they occur, it signals something important that you can and should be excited about.

  • Holders were upset by missed deadlines, so they stopped giving them. (You can't miss a deadline if you don't have one.)

  • They evolved Swap & Liquify to Swap & Evolve, so now, rather than dreading S&L being triggered when a certain threshold was met, we can now look forward to S&E being triggered!

  • They started a SafeMoon Trends team on a separate, new Discord server to allow the SafeMoon Army to play an even bigger role in educating the masses and having a say in SafeMoon's messaging.

  • To help the person who's on the go and doesn't have time to gather all the news manually, they launched the SafeMoon Lowdown, which compiles the news of the day across all channels and platforms, keeping you in the know in one concise, very professionally done daily article. You can have them emailed to you by opting in at the bottom of or by following SafeMoon Insider on Twitter, who tweets them out daily.

We even just received word that the team is going to be unveiling a product tree, which we'll know more about shortly, though Senior Discord Moderator HughscL had this to say about it to whet your appetite:

So I hope you can see that both you and your input are highly valued and quite often implemented. And the team is growing by the second and, most importantly, learning from their mistakes.

Because, in life, you learn more from your failures than your successes, but that's not a given. It requires brutal honesty, unwavering humility, and a desire to please, which not every company has.

Many take the "my way or the highway approach," which is why I greatly appreciate SafeMoon’s clear willingness to learn, grow, adapt, and evolve.

Moreover, I always try to be fair when evaluating SafeMoon, and the easiest, best, and fairest way is to simply make an apples-to-apples comparison with other crypto I hold by asking myself things like:

Can I chat up other crypto's CEOs on a near-daily basis on their Discord?

Do they value feedback and implement what we ask for?

Do they have a birthday day, let alone an entire month to celebrate with the community?

Do they have a next-gen blockchain, CEX with cryptonomics, e-com, metaverse, and gaming plays, or massive macro IoT negotiations aiming to lift people out of extreme poverty desperately in need of it?

The answer, of course, is a resounding "NO!" to all questions. And I could go on and on, but really, this is what I was referring to early on when I said my focus would be on perspective: helping holders, new and OG, see the bigger picture.

Because I firmly believe, in my heart of hearts, that anyone who fully understands the scope and implications of this project – as well as how warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, accessible, and willing to listen to constructive criticism the entire team is – would be like me: Enjoying life, without a care in the world, even as the market is struggling and people are getting impatient and cashing out.

But for all these reasons – and more – I choose to have gratitude for all the hard work that goes into the community events they whip up in a good faith effort to help us pass the time, while the dev team is working around the clock to deliver.

Because they could always do nothing, like every other crypto I hold.


So, I hope that you’re now even more excited to be an early holder of SafeMoon, and know that your faith and patience are about to be rewarded.

Because SafeMoon’s birthday month is still underway, with hints that the best is yet to come.

And if that’s not enough, then remember that John stated that it is his goal to deliver on the products that were promised by the end of this year!

But that concludes Part 2 of our 3-part series. I hope you enjoyed it and are excited about what’s coming this month and to close out 2022!

In the third and final blog entry, we will be wrapping things up with perhaps our most important discussion, which is how to manage stress and HODL like a pro.

I’ll be providing you with some actionable, easy-to-implement, 100% free crypto HODLing best practices that will help you tremendously along your journey, while we patiently wait for the team to deliver its world-changing ecosystem, and take us all to the moon.

And here’s the kicker: Every best practice and tip I’ll be sharing are proven to be effective, are 100% free, and are way, way easier to implement than you might think!

But thanks for reading, enjoy your day, and if got value out of these past two posts, please be on the lookout for Part II because I promise it’ll be worth your while.

Warmest Regards,

- Pheonix Rising 🔥🔥🔥

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