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WHY I HODL SAFEMOON PT. I (March 19th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022


Hello and welcome to my first SafeMoon blog post, which I’m honored to have the opportunity to deliver to you today.

The most challenging part about writing this blog post wasn’t the actual writing. It was identifying the most timely and helpful message possible so that, by setting aside time out of your day to read this, I ensure I’m making it worth your while, ideally with you walking away with a ton of value.

In talking to the team, we decided it’d be best to break up this content into bite-sized chunks, meaning this will be a 3-part series, so stay tuned for parts II and III in the coming days.

So, let's go over what those three topics are so you can get an idea of what’s in store for you:

II. Today, in Part I, I'll be doing a deep dive into what, exactly, is SafeMoon because it’s way more ambitious and revolutionary than many are aware of. I’ll also be explaining and demonstrating why and how the statement "SafeMoon is the evolution" should be taken at face value and why that’s super-exciting news for you.

II. In Part II, we'll cover the many exciting short- and long-term catalysts to look forward to for SafeMoon's birthday month and beyond!

III. Finally, we'll wrap up in Part III with drop-dead simple best practices you can quickly and easily implement today that’ll help you HODL like a boss.

Of course, before we dive into it, it should go without saying that nothing we'll be discussing constitutes financial advice. Please invest at your own risk, only invest what you're comfortable losing, and always do your due diligence before putting your money into a project.

Also, in case you're wondering, this is something that I asked if I could write, not the other way around. I am not a team member and wasn’t paid to do this. I just want to help because I care – nothing more, nothing less.

But since I greatly value your time, let's get right into it!

Shortly after its launch, I’d first heard about SafeMoon, so it was definitely on my radar. But I didn’t make my first buy until after it started to come down after the initial surge.

Why? Because I expected it to dip, presenting a better entry point for me, and that makes for a great segue.

In my experience, being very well acquainted with the SafeMoon Army on both Twitter and the SafeMoon Discord, I’ve found there's quite often an expectation of upward price momentum without any legitimate reason or justification.

It’s often just: “I’ve held for _____ months. I should have a Lambo by now.” No other reason given.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Still, I fully understand how frustrating, if not deflating, it can be never to know when you can expect to see positive momentum. I want to help explain things on that end so you can adequately gauge expectations moving forward.

To do so, I feel it’d be instructive to point you to an infographic I believe best illustrates what realistic expectations should be when investing in a startup company, as SafeMoon is, so that, moving forward, you don't set yourself up for disappointment over something that was never going to happen:

So, as you can see, if a startup shows promise, its first major wave comes shortly after launch, as it did for SafeMoon, with people being blown away by it being a hyper-deflationary asset with tokenomics and burn and boasting an enormous, vibrant, and passionate community.

I personally bought during the “Panic” phase above and have DCA'd (dollar-cost averaged) my way further down to reduce my overall average price.

But if you bought at the all-time high, I sympathize and hope you also DCA’d your average cost down. But if you are in that boat of buying at the ATH, then you know all too well that, once that initial hype surge hit its peak, there was a selloff and subsequent cascading effect where one whale cashed out, causing other whales to follow suit, and many retail investors panic sold, dropping us right back down to where we'd started.

But it's important to note that, as you see in the above infographic, the price dropping after the "Oversell" period was in no way unique to SafeMoon.

It is completely normal for a startup.

Moreover, it should’ve been expected.

Remember, I said I was waiting for it to dip heavily before buying in, which is exactly what happened.

The reason being that that initial surge was driven purely on hype – and hype alone – and hype is not sustainable long-term.

But if you are one of our valued holders who struggles with the short-term volatility and long, sideways trending waiting period (the “Hodlers” period you see in the above infographic), I’ve got great news for you!

We're fast approaching the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, where the “Team begins to deliver.” And when they do, if they hit it out of the park and the products are both well received and used, well, you can see what comes next.

So, I hope that helped you better understand the lifecycle of a startup crypto project and helped to also build a solid foundation of knowledge in terms of proper expectations so that no one is disappointed by something they shouldn’t have been because they now know what to expect moving forward.

Because the main takeaway is, if you've lost hope, take solace in knowing that everything that once got you excited about SafeMoon is still all very much ahead of us!

So let’s get into SafeMoon’s process of rolling out their products, a sequence which Ryan promised would all make logical sense with the benefit of hindsight.

But rather than hear it from me, it’ll be way more impactful to hear it straight from CEO John Karony:

So, as you can see, they built and launched the foundational, "boring" items first, while making sure that they’re fully compliant with all rules and regs so that they can release the exciting, “sexy” stuff later.

To date, they’ve released a mobile wallet and upgraded their token to V2, neither of which would’ve realistically had any impact on the price; they are not the "sexy" items we've been looking forward to.

And yes, they created a DEX that will absolutely help increase volume by providing real utility. But it'll take time for more partner tokens to be listed, for more holders to use the DEX, to integrate cross-chain functionality, etc.

In short: SafeMoon built the launchpad first before we take off to the moon!

While some are frustrated that the more exciting items took a backseat to the foundational ones, I tend to look at it the opposite way – I’m glad they got the “boring” stuff out of the way because that means they didn’t rush through the regulatory items and did it the right way.

All you have to do is look at the litany of projects and exchanges that neglected to ensure they were fully compliant to see how much it stunted their growth. I, personally, enjoy peace of mind knowing that SafeMoon is doing things the right way, rather than rushing through in order to placate their holders.

But the takeaways here are, again, we have all the exciting, “sexy” catalysts and products still ahead of us and nothing that has been released thus far should’ve sent us to the moon.

If you once thought or expected otherwise, I hope this has been instructive and helpful.


So having established realistic expectations for investing in a startup, it’s time to pivot into what this project is really all about.

Because I’ve found that there is a direct correlation between the holders who are the most knowledgeable about the project and their accompanying calm, cool, and ever-bullish attitude.

This is in stark contrast to our holders who are clearly frustrated, losing confidence in the project, and have entirely too much stress in their lives. If you fall in this category, then I wrote this blog post especially with you in mind.

But to be clear: I’m not here to lecture, ridicule, shame, or anything along those lines. Rather, I am here to help, primarily via a healthy perspective.

And I sincerely hope that, today, in doing so, I can provide you with some much-needed hope and relief by way of expanding your knowledge about SafeMoon and what it hopes to achieve so that you, too, can enjoy the very same peace of mind and quality of life I have, while we continue to do our one and only job, which is to wait.

In order to do so, let’s talk about what this project is really all about and what I believe John means by SafeMoon being “the evolution.”

Firstly, John's now discussed, on several occasions, the “altcoin death cycle” where the crypto game used to entail launching your project, then begging people to buy, and chasing exchange listing hype until, eventually, you run out of major exchanges.

As John put it, exchange listings are a “nice value add” – but they are by no means the backbone of this project.

Despite this, I quite often see holders saying something to the effect of: “Sure. SafeMoon’s the evolution. Whatever. Now, how about those exchange listings?”

With all due respect, I think those folks are looking at this the wrong way; this is a bullish statement John's making, not a dismissive, haughty, or delusional one.

Because he's not saying that exchange listings won’t happen, or that they’re not important, but rather that they are the lowest rung of importance on the SafeMoon totem pole, which should excite, not disappoint, you!

Because if you are excited about exchange listings, which we will get at some point, then if you read between the lines, what he's telling you is that you should be even more excited about what else is coming down the pike.

But back to SafeMoon being the evolution of crypto and DeFi, that means innovating and iterating what’s already out there, as opposed to being a redundant, wholly unnecessary “me too” type of project.

Allow me to rattle off a bunch of products, features, and enhancements to illustrate how SafeMoon is making good on their promise to innovate and evolve:

  • Establishing a corporation – a legal entity – in the crypto space, with fully insured LP and a CFO who is in charge of said LP. (For anyone still worried about a rugpull, these two critically important trust-building measures should've allayed those concerns because, if funds went missing, they're insured, and also, there’d only be a short list of people who had access to them, assuming it isn't just the CFO alone.)

  • An auto-liquidity generating, hyper-deflationary token that has since been further enhanced with its V2 upgrade to more easily enable partnerships – for token listings and commerce – and has a blacklist feature to thwart hacks and security breaches!

  • Eventually, military-grade encryption across all products within the SafeMoon ecosystem, ensuring your funds are as safe as is humanly possible, which Ryan has said is forthcoming but is a gradual process!

  • A DEX (decentralized exchange) with an automated onboarding process to vet and doxx potential partners to ensure that they’re safe to invest in, as well as an auto-disconnect feature, a reflection calculator, and soon-to-be released cross-chain swap functionality, and they’re always adding more!

  • A CEX (centralized exchange) that’ll be the first of its kind, implementing cryptonomics for all tokens/coins listed on the SafeMoon Exchange!

  • The SafeMoon Card, enabling you to easily spend your crypto in your everyday life, and perhaps, someday, even your daily reflections so you can live off of them without dipping into your bag!

  • NFT lines, beginning with Naughty Nauts, with more to come!

  • Meta IoT, which I’d wager most never heard of before SafeMoon, where you can purchase an NFT wind turbine in the metaverse and a real-life version is subsequently minted and placed in an area of great need, while the NFT owner/owners receive reflections from its yield!

  • Proprietary nanotechnology to greatly reduce friction and enable superior performance and shelf-life than competitor turbines, while passing that savings onto the user (rather than pocketing it)!

  • Crypto gaming with MoonCraft and whatever other games they’re working on behind the scenes!

  • Pioneering Web3 – a decentralized Internet for the people that prioritizes privacy and freedom!

  • Connect/Rewards, which will enable fast onboarding of B2B partners, staking, and make it simple for merchants to accept crypto payments and donations!

  • The SafeMoon blockchain (a “true smart chain”) prioritizing speed, efficiency, and vastly reduced power consumption, solving a litany of industry-wide problems, while mitigating the adverse impact on the environment!

And the list goes on.

Just as a quick aside about a roadmap – and this is just my own personal theory – because SafeMoon is the evolution and is creating brand new tech and innovations, they have a lot of competitor eyeballs on them who'd love nothing more than to take, say, the last item on said roadmap and try to beat SafeMoon to market with that product or innovation.

So, to me, it's not as simple as slapping a roadmap on their site to make everyone happy; they have to weigh the risk/reward of using it to educate potential new holders, versus spilling the beans and giving competitors a head start.

But if you add up everything I listed above, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another cryptocurrency project doing more than SafeMoon.

If I’m wrong, I’d love to know about them because ambitious projects that are innovating and creating ways to make crypto and DeFi mainstream, while helping people in great need, are the ones I want a piece of…

…and SafeMoon checks all of those all-important boxes for me!

But that’s what we’ve got with SafeMoon, my friend: A startup, still in its infancy, just oozing with upside, creating so many new, exciting, useful innovations, and they’re just getting warmed up.


In one short year, we’ve come so far, yet still have so far to go (and grow).

But we've already seen SafeMoon grow by leaps and bounds, learn from their mistakes (which every startup will make; whether they learn from them or not is key), take the community's feedback to heart, and make the necessary changes, even when it wasn’t easy to do so!

The most important change we’ve seen was the restructure of the core team that took place on September 9th, 2021.

Now, when John decided to make sweeping changes to his team, SafeMoon essentially launched V2 of the company; at least that’s how I treat it.

Therefore, any promises about product releases made prior to V2 of SafeMoon are no longer relevant in any sense. In fact, it’s been strongly implied that the primary reason for the restructure was that the original team fed John unrealistic timelines and simply weren’t the best people to get the job done.

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve had the misfortune of firing someone, but I can tell you that, if you have an ounce of compassion, it’s heartbreaking.

It can get unbearably emotional.

Grown adults cry.

And they sometimes rant and become outright hostile.

But the point is it's never easy to let an employee go, particularly when they were there from the start and, thus, have that built-in loyalty.

So I admire John’s leadership in doing what needed to be done, regardless of the bonds they’d all formed, the friendships they’d made because it needed to be done – and SafeMoon is operating so much better as a result, in my opinion, though I greatly appreciate the previous team members' many contributions.

But again, in practice, this means it’d be best for us all to pretend that those initial timelines for product releases that were given on the infamous SafeMoon Sunday on August 8th, 2021 never happened.

If not, all you’re doing is setting yourself up for stress and disappointment, which is exactly what I’m trying my very best to help remove for you.


Now, in case you didn’t notice, I left out one very, very important item on the list of products and catalysts that we should all be excited about, and that’d be Operation Pheonix, which is the massive undertaking going on in The Gambia.

It’s such an ambitious project that I really don’t think everyone fully understands the scope and implications of it.

But I’ll try my best to unpack what we know because it is far and away the #1 reason why I gazillion x’d my initial bag goals.

And I think once you better understand what it’d mean – for the project and its holders – if they pull this off successfully, then I have little doubt it'd make it oh-so-much easier for you to wait patiently for it to all unfold.

Before we do, there's an important concept we need to cover, sticking with the central theme of perspective.

The thing about investments is that they are a luxury, in that we don’t “need” them in order to survive. I'm sure this makes complete sense to you, yet I seldom hear them categorized as such.

For that reason, when the economy is hurting, people whittle down their expenses to prioritize the essentials, which is why we see the stock and crypto markets hurting right now – people need that money to live off of.

In other words, when there is economic turmoil, one of the first things to go are investments, which, again, are a luxury and can be liquidated.

But that inherently presents a major challenge, not just for SafeMoon but all of crypto:

How do you continue to grow your project amidst widespread, rampant hyperinflation, worldwide investor fear, talks of war, and other negative factors that are completely out of your control?

Well, you do so by evolving and becoming much more than a mere investment by positioning your token as an essential – one that people not only want but need, regardless of what’s going on in the world.

In practice, this means going to the areas where the need is the greatest, which very much includes places like The Gambia, who suffer so badly with hyperinflation, poverty, and inaccessibility to things you and I take for granted most of us just pretend they don't exist.

Imagine a country where people who have gone so long without things we consider essentials (power, internet, banking services) will be able to not only have access to them but at an affordable price:

“For SafeMoon, that's what we're focusing on is actually creating efficiency to reduce our overhead so we can pass those savings on to the customers. And actually, the goal is virtually free clean energy, once the entire ecosystem is up and running.” – John Karony at SXSW

If Operation Pheonix is a success, then all the citizens of The Gambia would have to do to finally have access to these essentials is to simply download the SafeMoon Wallet, purchase SafeMoon, use it to pay their SafeMoon utility bills, replenish their wallet with more SafeMoon as needed – rinse and repeat.

This is why – to me – just as Ryan said it would, the sequence of the rollout of products makes logical sense: SafeMoon released the token and wallet first because they are foundational items that will be needed for everything else SafeMoon does moving forward.

But how exciting is that, though?

With Operation Pheonix, we’re talking about bankable, consistent volume!

Because, rather than begging people to buy your token, which is old hat (we are the evolution), SafeMoon is positioning itself to be necessary for millions to keep the lights on, have internet, banking services, and whichever other industries they plan on disrupting.

But let me wrap this up here and tell you what I foresee as potentially the even broader implication of Operation Pheonix, which should really get your heart pumping.

The Gambia represents our first willing participant (very similar to how Mandala is willing to work with SafeMoon’s devs to figure out how to implement SafeMoon’s V2 tokenomics on a CEX) to implement a full-scale macro IoT infrastructure utilizing SafeMoon's blockchain technology in their country.

That's cool, but what's in it for me? Great question!