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SafeMoon Wallet: Update 2.4.4/2.3.7

Update 2.4.4 of the SafeMoon Wallet continues to evolve with its recently added features. The community has highly requested some of these features! In this update, you will find:

  • BSC and Polygon added to Collectibles (BOTH)

  • View/Share your collections and play Audio/Video (BOTH)

  • Share Collectibles (BOTH)

  • Price Alerts (BOTH)

  • Set alerts in the token transaction history or notifications settings (BOTH)

  • Up to 5 customizable alerts per token/coin (BOTH)

  • Set alerts for BSC, ETH, and CMC's top 100 (BOTH)

  • Imported token, default currency, and language alerts supported (BOTH)

  • Improved send token screen - send between your loaded wallets (BOTH)

  • Scan QR codes from the device image gallery (BOTH)

  • The wallet will now open in dark/light mode based on device settings (ANDROID)

  • Calculator entry bug fixed for specific devices (IOS)

  • Google Authentication is now required to reveal recovery phrase, private key, or access change password if enabled. (BOTH)

  • Bug fixes and improvements (BOTH)

New NFT Chain Integrations

This update to the SafeMoon Wallet brings two new NFT chains to the Collectibles tab. You will now be able to view your NFTs from both the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Chain, in addition to the currently existing chain of Ethereum via OpenSea. The simple UI design allows you to freely switch between the different chains that you have NFTs stored on, allowing you to view your NFTs easily.

UI Selector for different chains on the collectibles tab

Advanced NFT Viewing Experience

In addition to two new NFT Chains, we have optimized and integrated advanced viewing experiences allowing users, while viewing their NFTs, to pinch zoom and scroll on the NFT depending on the type. You can also long press on your NFT to bring up a save option, allowing you to keep local copies to your device.

Share NFT Feature

To further evolve the NFT Experience on the SafeMoon Wallet, you can now share your NFTs directly from the wallet. Once you click on your NFT and view it, you will see the following icon:

Pressing this share icon brings up the standard phone options for images/videos. You can copy the in-app-generated link and share it with your friends and family. Due to the traditional phone options present in this option, you will find the sharing process easier than copying links. This option should bring up recent device contact, meaning you can send directly to anyone you've recently messaged via any social/contact apps.

Price Alerts

The Price Alerts feature has been one of the most requested features of the SafeMoon community for a long time. Now, with the previous update to the wallet, which allows direct chain prices, we could look to provide the Price Alerts feature to SafeMoon Wallet users.

Below is the process of setting up a price alert and explains some essential features within the price alert settings.

Price Alerts Walkthrough If you want to set a price alert for a chosen token, you first need to head to the main screen and select the token you want to set an alert for.

Select your token

Once you have selected your token, you will be brought to the transaction history screen. You can click the bell icon to bring up the Price Alerts menu.

Click the bell icon to access the Price Alerts menu for your token Or you can access price alerts from the notifications settings.

You should now have access to the Price Alerts menu. You can enable the price alert and increase and decrease percentages on and off. Set the price amount of when you want to be notified, or there's the option for persistent notifications! You have all the options to ensure you are notified when your set criteria for the alert are met.

Notify on the increase: Alerts users when the price impact has increased by their set percentage.

Notify on the decrease: Alerts users when the price impact has decreased by their percentage.

Notify when price reaches: Alerts users when the price reaches their set value or above/below.

Persistent Notification: This allows the user to set up a maximum of 10 alerts/triggers for the same values.

Example: Will alert the user of a 32% increase ten times before it turns off, and the user has to re-enable the alert

Alert View: This allows the users to switch between different alerts they have set. If you want to create more than one alert, you can press the plus button to generate more alerts for that token.

It is important to note with all these options; you can look to also create up to 5 Unique Price Alerts per token. Click the plus option and create more alerts to meet your requirements.

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