Twitter Spaces with Ryan (Jan 19, 2022)

Updated: Mar 22

Ryan Arriaga (SafeMoon Global Head of Products)

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When did you guys file your E-money license? I wasn’t sure if that was in December that you guys announced it or if that was when you filed it or if it’s already been back dated longer.

Ryan: Basically, departments are pretty segmented. So, I can’t tell you exactly when that was filed because there’s things like in products that we’re working on that other departments have no idea what we’re working and there’s other things that sales or legal are working on that I won’t know until it comes down through the pipeline and we start integrating the Technology. So, we are pretty segmented in that sense, but it allows us to really go high speed focus on what we’re working on and only really worry about the major movements that we need to worry about when we need to worry about them


I feel like today was SafeMoon’s introduction to Utah business. Is that what it felt like to you Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah. This was the first conference I’d been to. I could tell after meeting a lot of people many were really juiced about what SafeMoon was about. Asking questions and even someone from the SafeMoon Army talking to a lady being checked in and got her to download the SafeMoon Wallet and start using it. That’s amazing. He literally comes up to me excited about how he got her to download the wallet. Not just a one-man army, we’re all in this together.

I know you said you had to rush off to do something tonight that was pretty crucial. Any insight into that?

Ryan: Yeah. SO, I actually left not too long ago. We had some partners we’ve been working with behind the scenes on some really exciting technology that would blow your mind. So, we’re having a drawing board session of working with their team. We haven’t even talked about it yet. When we work on things guys. We are very particular about what we talk about, how we bring it up to the community, especially if there’s technology that we’re working on that takes maybe a year or two years. We don’t even bring that up because we’ve learned the wens typically there’s like a one-month time frame before people start saying “wen”. It really crushes us in terms of progress because then we’re trying to get things out faster just to make people happy. I will tell you. I have the drawing board today in just 30 minutes and the Technology is really exciting. It’s something we can integrated within our NFTs. That’s all I can talk about though.

I was in the session where John was speaking if you noticed the body language of Dan Young’s [CEO of Xidax PC] face when John was talking about windmills and the integration with meta IoT and the real-life connection of NFTs and real assets. I thought it was really remarkable to see his reaction to that. I felt like what SafeMoon was talking about was so much bigger and people were playing catch up and couldn’t even wrap they’re head around what John was talking about.

Ryan: Yeah and, ya know I am in the thick of this too. Building. The incredible thing about this is, is there are so many possibilities with this that the hardest part is that, okay, this is what we will launch with, or this is how and where we can go with it is just light years ahead. Just this technology of being able to take these Nfts and represent that in a physical asset and represent how that asset will perform. Roadmap of where we start with that. I think in the last AMA I talked about where you’re gonna have a series of NFTs that we release but after that we’re going to get more comprehensive and more complex. There’s a timeline for this and we must think about being a pioneer in new emerging tech which can impact Roadmaps and schedules. We are doing a really job though. We have internal sprints we plan every two weeks and just about 90-95% of the time we nail them. With what we’re building within the next several months you are going to see how involved and helpful to the industry and for other Web 2.0 companies that are wanting to dip their toes in the space as well.

As John was talking [on the Cryptopia panel], what was the temperature of the crowd like? Were they positive?

Ryan: I felt there was a lot of positivity. There were a lot of people there that didn’t know about SafeMoon but wanted to know about SafeMoon. There were many people there that were definitely pro SafeMoon. You could tell by their attire. Some had SafeMoon Masks. It was very positive. You could see it more especially after you leave the stadium, I noticed when I went back in there weren’t as many people in the second half as there were in the first one that SafeMoon was at. There was definitely a collective positivity around about what SafeMoon was bringing to the table and talking about and obviously John did a really great job in representing that.

SafeMoon Exchange

SafeMoon card in Q2. Is it essential that we have the SafeMoon Exchange before the SafeMoon card?

Ryan: There is really no need to have an exchange before or after because we have a wallet. As long as people can access their funds and spend that currency, that’s the main component. If you have a SafeMoon Wallet and you have BSC, Etherium, or SafeMoon tokens in there you’ll be able to use the card. The main problem that comes to people’s mind they think well an exchange I have all these other tokens maybe BitCoin that we don’t have as far as chains go on our wallet yet. So, they think “Well. How am I supposed to use a card?” But whenever we do launch, as long as people have access to those funds, we can make those funds readily available for the card use.

Do you believe with what you guys have that it’s going to be more where in the end them wanting to be with us rather than we needing to be with them?

Ryan: The traditional dinosaur evolution is to create a token get into as many exchanges as you can and then you’re successful, right? Well, that’s not really the approach we’re taking. As John has said before we are a technology company. We’re creating a token with utility, building amazing tech, and pushing product. When you push product just like any other tech company that’s out there, you can make an impact in the world, and you can make amazing utility if you do it right. We’re not thinking of it in terms of getting on 1,000 exchanges because that’s what the other tokens do and that’s kind of what they have to do. We’re thinking “How can we make great products, be at the tip of the spear in this market?” and have these products so that when those web 2 companies that are late say “Hey. I wanna dip my toe in this space. How do I do that?”

Well, they’re going to start looking for other products which allow them to onboard and dip their toe into the space and the cryptocurrency market without being to bold about it. And that’s what we’re building. We’re building an ecosystem that allows these companies to do that. In the end game, they are going to be using our products, they will get familiar with our token as we grow. SafeMoon as a token and as a coin it will be easier to buy. By that time, we will have even more functioning products. We are not trying to prove ourselves by being in a lot of exchanges. We’ve proven ourselves because we actually have real world products that are being used and are helping people, allowing people to make more money, and be successful in their businesses.

Wind Turbines

Are you handling anything with the wind turbine development at all?

Ryan: Not at the moment. That’s a separate team. I handle most of all our tech product builds. Anything that really integrates with technology in terms of our apps/ web apps that we are building, I’ll touch all of those. As far as the bigger things like the macro IoT, nanotechnology, wind turbines go, I am not part of that team yet. As that matures more, obviously I’m gonna have a greater role in that because there’s going to be a lot of integration that deals with that. But everything that we’re doing is kind of in stages. You have the teams that are core to that business or whatever that movement is, and they’ll be highly focused on that and get it ready on their end and then they’re ready for the next stage and that stage is where we usually work cross functionally with other departments. We have a nice process going.

Ryan’s Experiences

From what I hear you’re not new to technology. Did you have a business before SafeMoon? And also have you guys ever thought about advertising in Las Vegas?

Ryan: When I was 22 years old. I raised ¼ of a million dollars for my first company and that company was called SeatNinja. It was something I created while I was in college. The investor basically told me “Hey. Here’s ¼ of a million either you finish this, or you finish your degree.” I was 20 something units shy of graduating, and I chose the seat round. From that company. I built the team, and basically, we were on CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer. We’re in national restaurant chains now. Like Claim Jumper, Chicago Fire and a lot of others, and so if you go in the reservation system that the hostess puts you in, I basically founded that company. After that I started working for Oracle and scaled that team to 17. We were working in IoTs. Went to maintenance mode.

There’s a process. You built up teams. You build standardization, you do ISO auditing and then after all that it’s maintainable. So, after that, started a recruitment company. Recruited for places like Coinbase for a few years. After that started with Pax a project management system where I raised investor funds. Been into crypto for about 10 years. Heavily into crypto a few years back. I built a different product, a different technology that will be utilized within SafeMoon. I’ve worked a lot of apps in my time. We are focused on quality on the backend. We’ve got a great system and great team. My forte is being able to build international teams.

SafeMoon Connect

Will Connect unite all exchanges with tokenomics?

Ryan: Connect is its own product line. There is a possibility Connect will connect with exchanges. How do I explain this without giving away too much? Connect will be the hub. The place you will go to connect all product lines and find the products and the partners that they love. It’s much bigger than the pay link that’s been posted on Twitter. There’s a much bigger platform or portal that’s not only for the users but also for our partners.

Is there any plan to [implement] customer support for companies coming onto the wallet [to use SafeMoon Connect]?

Ryan: Basically the way that we're doing it is we're going to have an entire portal that the partner can sign into and that portal would be very similar to Amazon's Sellers Portal. All partners that we approve would be able to come in, set up their products exactly how they need to, and then we would be able to work with those partners through our Customer Success and you get one person who is assigned to an account or several accounts and they would answer any questions and walk them through the onboarding process.

Then, if those partners have products that want to be sold and need all the regulatory compliance with what we list on SafeMoon Connect, they would be able to do so and dip their toes into the cryptocurrency space and sell those products, not just through SafeMoon. We did it in such a way that people could pay for the products using SafeMoon or any other currency and the partner whose selling the products wouldn't have the hit of the [price] volatility. So the price would basically be a strike price at that point in time whenever they purchase the product and then it's converted to something more stable for the [seller]. We've taken out the risk for the person selling the product and we're getting the real-world fiat point-of-sale price at that point in time.


What are your aspirations for the blockchain in the crypto space?

Ryan: The main things we are looking for as we build this out are speed, lower gas fees, and ensuring that the way we build out the blockchain benefits all holders in the SafeMoon Army. That’s going to be our fuel for our ecosystem. Now we don’t need to have the blockchain to build out the ecosystem. That’s an easy lift and shift when the time comes. Obviously as we grow and mature and as we build out the blockchain and finish up the ecosystem It will be an easy transfer over from V2. We have a Wallet now that has nearly all the same features as a wallet that has been on the market for three years. Product is never actually done. Just like the wallet, we made it better and better, we will do the same with the exchange.

I know our exchange will be hybrid. Are we going to have a hybrid blockchain?

Ryan: The blockchain is going to be very familiar to the blockchains we have now but we're making it faster and making it with lower gas fees. Without saying too much, that's how we're building it and that blockchain will be connected to the ecosystem that we're building from our suite of products. Like I said before, there's going to be a *lift-and-shift and, just like we did from V1 to V2, there will be a migration process from V2 to blockchain. That will be our final migration process because we'll have a blockchain. All of our products are going to be working with it, no problem. That's how we're planning to do it and everything that we are strategizing, from beginning to end, if there's a product we're releasing it's because there was a dependency before that needed to get done and then we're able to launch that one. *Lift-and-shift is an approach, one among many, for migrating your apps to the cloud. It means moving an application and its associated data to a cloud platform—without redesigning the app. The lift-and-shift approach opens paths to IT modernization by moving to an open and more extensible architecture in the cloud.


Does Apple still have issues with “NFT” in the wallet? Or did you guys come up with a solution?

Ryan: Apple has relaxed their grip on the use of NFTs on wallet apps. They’ll be “collectables” and we’ll just do the best we can to ensure we receive the same treatment that other wallets have because they have collectables. So, I don’t think that’s going to be an issue.

Any good news coming up for SafeMoon Sunday?

Ryan: Yeah! There’s gonna be some good news coming up. We have made some major movements and progress on the NFTs for the SafeMoon Wallet. Really exciting stuff. You guys heard that here first. The Dev Team has really been working hard. NFTs, integration with Open Seas. All that stuff is working and it’s progressing very well. That will be the next big feature you guys are gonna see here on the SafeMoon Wallet. Among some other things you guys are gonna see too.

SafeMoon Connect next a little on down the road a bit longer but I wouldn’t say too much longer. We’re getting closer to that and that’s going to be a big thing as well. Huge back-end movements for that. What SafeMoon Connect is on the front-end is like an iceberg, it’s what it is on the back-end.

SafeMoon Wallet

CMC price is off, I know that price is a hub. How soon will there be a solution to this?

Ryan: Thing is, in the world of technology, whenever you have APIs in the backend you have to make sure they are robust enough to handle the load. People are refreshing. It’s the craziest thing I have ever seen. We have already identified another provider. We currently have credits with CMC and we need to those exhaust credits and then we will make the shift to a different provider. Which will be soon.

You’re right, the wallet is a hub. It's basically a way to work with other products. Just like you must have a bank account to use your bank card because your card needs a hub or central location to pull your money from “hub” Once you have that wallet set up, you’ll have your keys to the web3 space.

Are we going to be able to connect the wallet in SafeMoon Connect soon rather than using the QR code each time?

Ryan: That basically comes with our application and then through Wallet Connect we basically use their API - all it is is a branding thing and makes it easier for people to see it in their popups. A lot of the Dapps would be able to add ours on their own individually. They wouldn't need us to apply for anything.

We are going through the process of applying so it would at least show up in their SDK (software development kit) so if other people are using it they can see the branding and the SafeMoon Wallet. That's how we're going to be doing with with partners as well. Our goal when we start bringing on partners is pay with the SafeMoon Wallet.


Are there any plans soon to tell us what SafeMoon’s plan are for the metaverse?

Ryan: We are very careful on how we release information now and we only release information if we have gotten some serious headway on it. Metaverse is on our mind and something we are working on. SafeMoon Connect will connect or sync to the metaverse. SafeMoon Connect is first. It will all makes sense when it comes out. We are releasing all these strategically as each of them is dependent upon one another, so the order of release is important. The wallet was the first piece, we needed to have Wallet Cconnect on Dapps that was the second piece, and now SafeMoon Connect.

If you're a company building products you don't want to just dip your toe in the space because you want to dip your toe in the space. You want to dip your toe in the space thinking okay, how can I sync this and connect this to existing products that we have so that the onboarding is seamless for our users. That's how you want to think about it. How does this tie back to our initial wallet? How does it tie back to SafeMoon Connect? How is it an ecosystem? Foundation is key! Building out the technology and our backend the right way so that this way when we scale it's going to be a lot easier when we ant to dip our toes into different industries as well.

One last thing I'll say about this, our very first feature of SafeMoon Connect is highly geared toward content creators.

Ending Comments

Ryan: I do have to jet out guys. Like I'd mentioned, I have a meeting. I'm going to be doing a drawing session with a technology that we're partnering with. I want to thank you so much for questions. You guys are amazing. Thank you for keeping the community in-tune with what's going on. Thank you to all of the people that showed up today to Cryptopia. It's really refreshing to see so many people that understand and "get" the vision of what we're doing. All I can say is keep it up guys because you're definitely bringing life into this.