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Thank you #SAFEMOONARMY (March 2nd, 2022)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Let's gently start the March SafeMoon birthday month!


Welcome, SafeMoon Army. Let's get the main bit out of the way. Today is not a product reveal, nor is it a partnership reveal, but it is absolutely a reveal. There will be things to take away and it will form the springboard for some exciting weeks ahead of us, partly of the path ahead, but also something else.

Now it's likely no surprise to you that we are coming up on a year and it's been quite a journey so far; one that has been utterly unique in the world because it involves you, the SafeMoon Army, and more recently our growing group of incredible partners. We stopped using the 'I' word many months ago. But the good news is that today is the first step towards what you've perhaps been hoping for.

You see, things have to be done in order. As much as we want to simply give you everything you ask for when you ask for it, it is absolutely essential that we do things on the road. Even in the face of the friction that could come from staying true to that path. What is exciting about today and the weeks ahead, is that we can finally start to reveal why doing things in that specific order makes sense and of course, start delivering on the items that you've all been looking forward to as well. So with that, all said, let's actually start this thing.

When you're going somewhere fantastical, it can be infinitely amplified if you get to share the adventure with those you truly care about. What is essential to us is that we go on this journey together. Our journey. You, the SafeMoon Army, our family, and our award-winning community, are what make everything we are doing worthwhile. As we push into our delivery phase, this evolution is critically important.

It is an evolution of not just product but also approach. Evolution can seem like a very abstract concept if it isn't linked to something tangible. And we don't ride the cutting edge, we cut the edge ourselves. We do it to make life better. And that means building solid foundations because doing something is easy - everyone can do something - doing the right thing takes a little more bacon, but we know it's worth it. As we look to V2 everything, it's now time to kick off a series of events that will draw a line under year one and move us all confidently, excitedly, into year two with all the knowledge we've gained together along the way. And that starts with how we show up.

Well, hello again. How's your heart rate? Let's relax a little and go on a bit of a deeper dive into what you just saw. And also what you're looking at now, and what that really all means as we kick off year two of SafeMoon together. Those of you following along in recent weeks will likely now have realized that the drawn puzzle was actually some of the very first sketches of this brand evolution.

This is the stuff you wouldn't usually get to see. Usually, a company evolves its brand message, its design, and its thinking entirely behind closed doors. Most companies would simply decide on their new brand and tell you about it. That's that. But we know that you, the SafeMoon Army, have adopted the brand as your own. From tattoos to truck designs, to stickers, giant furnaces, avatars, Twitter headers, you name it.

You've adopted the colors, the logo, the thinking, the passion of SafeMoon into a lot of the things that you produce and the things that you like to enjoy in the world. So it's really important to us that we retain that shared identity, evolving it over time, rather than suddenly. Which is the whole point of making this our first event of many in March.

So if we consider what's on display here in the sketches, you can hopefully start to see that it's driven by a very simple but powerful concept: capturing, displaying and sharing the soul of SafeMoon. To us, that is intrinsically linked to what makes up the soul of the SafeMoon Army as well. So rather than fully design and reveal everything, we instead took a different approach.

We decided to develop a set of core fundamentals that could then be built on over time in collaboration. I mean, why have a brand that stays still, when you can have a brand that lives and breathes. Given our community is alive and kicking 24/7, we feel the brand should be able to keep up with that too.

Some key concepts needed to be captured though for us all, to be able to use as a reference point and to build from. So these may not be completely evident or obvious, but the hidden meanings are really important to us and I'd love to share some of those with you right now. So for instance, we have the core which we want to protect, and we have the outside, which represents the security and the community.

But if we move over to the rendered version, you'll start to see some new elements coming into play. There's motion, a future feel, but it's alongside an organic aspect. Representations of the rings of planets without looking exactly like the rings of planets - because we're a tech company, but we're a tech company that's focused on impact and that impact is on life.

So we didn't want to have a fully digital feeling logo. Being too 'sci-fi' was something we wanted to avoid, but not ignoring the kind of sci-fi aspects entirely because 'sci-fi' does represent the future. We've seen that kind of aspect being used within Star Trek, for example, over decades. Really looking at how reality might be in the future and then often finding that reality catches up with that vision. If we look back on the initial design-thinking sketches, we can also pick out another theme.

If you look at the circles, you'll see what you might expect the planet to include, a core and its layers. But some really smart cookies out there also spotted something else: a really deep meaning. They also represent 'the golden circle'. Now the golden circle is something that Simon Sinek shares in his TED Talk video, which represents the true innovators and leaders and what they do to inspire others to their cause, not their products. This innovative thinking approach directly maps to the biology of the human brain as well.

And I won't spoil the talk, but do look up Simon Sinek and his TED Talk titled 'How Great Leaders Inspire Action'. It might just be one of the best videos you ever watch. As this month progresses, we'll start with some updated graphics and assets. We'll also be listening to feedback and ideas. Where we can, we look to consider and incorporate those ideas and comments into what we create and how we show up; a true brand that can truly evolve.

To give you an example, what you saw just a moment ago is not a new logo, but it is another way we can start to expand how we show up while building on the DNA of what makes us SafeMoon. There are other aspects of play here too. It was important to us that we could break into new dimensions and avoid being a flat brand while still feeling modern. So the shapes, lines, colors and the use of space really work for us and they've been specifically chosen to provide a sense of depth and, to some extent, mystery. Because we want your imagination to kick in. A little bit of wonder. "What's back there?" "What could be there, if I could look around the side?" "Where might things possibly lead?"

Now over time, we'll lean into this more. For example, we see this peaceful slowly moving visual at the moment, but what if we needed to do something a bit more hype or exciting? What if that then transformed into a wormhole and we could use it to travel and arrive in new destinations within our visual work? This consideration to the design and shape is exactly what gives us all the room we need to go in any direction we like while still being attached to our core - a central point. So whatever we're doing visually, we still very much feel “SafeMoon.”

There are many benefits to these changes, not least with regard to how we show up in the wider world. Partnerships, inviting non-crypto and non-tech people into our world is important for our future and our growth. As another example of how this really allows us to expand the brand into the products and services we have on the horizon, here is a prototype example of what the SafeMoon Card might possibly look like. These are concepts and subject to change, but they do offer a way to see how the brand can more powerfully break out and show up in the real world too.

We're even looking at what materials we use. You can see one card, which has played with the ideas of transparency and translucency. Whilst we have another that looked at foils, like you see on satellites and within use of NASA. We believe that the core elements that we now have give us more variety, more color, and better represent our brand purpose, our mission, our humanity. And now we can work to evolve the logo itself so it goes on the journey with us but still feels truly SafeMoon, the DNA of what makes us all feel connected in this exceptional community.

There were some other improvements we're going to be making as well. One example is that we're looking to evolve SafeMoon Sundays into SafeMoon Specials. Moving forward, that means we will create the best content in the best format and deliver it at the perfect time, rather than trying to meet arbitrary dates. We want every time we get together with you to be a special event that we can all be excited about. That isn't to say we'll be showing up less though. We will look to run ad hoc discussion spaces, we'll be creating more Captain's Logs, as well as writing and commentary from other team members. We’ll also have a separate set of Partner Specials for those who want to get closer to the stories of those alongside us. And we can certainly look at more behind-the-scenes style updates, just like this one about our brand for instance.

We'll be expanding MoonCast onto more platforms in the form of podcasts and also integrating the education platform and content into our main site. This also means more questions are answered in real-time. It leaves the big news for SafeMoon Specials, that way everyone gets what they want: answers as they need them. And they can still get excited about the events that come forward in their truest form, when it makes sense. If you look back at the last year, the AMAs and the SafeMoon Sundays have taken on many forms. We haven't always hit it out of the park, but sometimes we have. The thing we really hope you take away from that is that we keep trying new things. We listen and we take to heart the feedback that we get. and each time we look at how we can reconsider what we're doing - always with you at the front of our minds.

It's also worth quickly noting that we hope this demonstrates why doing things in order is important. We now have collated our thinking, our brand language, to a point where we can look to apply that to websites, exchanges, wallets, software, tools, advertising, merch, you name it. Now that isn't to say that this has held up work on those projects, but that does mean that certain aspects will deeply benefit from this consistency and this thinking. As we look to make our ecosystem that is harmoniously and powerfully connected, not just through their technical integration, but through their fidelity, their look, and their feel. Ultimately it's about the experience.

There's a lot more to do, but we're really happy that we can now share this stage with you and evolve this branding together from here. Now, as we look into March, we have an epic set of birthday activities and surprises over the next month. Today is just day one. We have plans that do include product drops and releases, competitions, sneak peeks, and more. So you will see a lot and you will get a lot.

Right now we invite you to join us in our community spaces. Let us know about what you’ve seen today and how you might imagine it to show up in the future. From here, keep your eyes on the main SafeMoon Twitter account because this is just the start. We’re really excited to be doing this together and we hope you’ll enjoy what we deliver in the coming days and weeks. As a takeaway right now, we put together some assets that you can download as wallpapers to start adopting the new branding, getting a feel for what it’s like, and you can now download those [on the SafeMoon Education site]. Thank you so much for joining us at the start of what is going to be an exciting month. We’re doing this for you and with you, together, because we are family. We are SafeMoon.

Special thanks to Kerr, a Discord community member, for transcribing this!


SafeMoon is the Evolution.

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