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Swap and Evolve - Simplified

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Swap and Evolve is an evolved state of Swap and Liquify. The basic premise is to remove the major negative impact and instead apply a positive one. This is achieved via two functions on the SafeMoon Contract:

  • collectBNB

  • swapAndEvolve


This function collects BNB.

How does it collect BNB?

Each time 323,323.32 SFM is collected it's swapped for BNB. This BNB is then stored until the swapAndEvolve trigger value is reached.


Once collectBNB has collected and stored 132.32 BNB, the swapAndEvolve function will be manually triggered and buy SFM on the open market.

Click here for a deeper understanding of LP growth, SwapAndEvolve, and how SwapAndEvolve differs from SwapAndLiquify.



On what level will Swap and Evolve trigger?

Collection of BNB is every 323,323.32 SFM, while the trigger to S&E is every 132.32 BNB

What happens to the current SFM tokens collected in the contract address by Swap and Liquify?

The current SafeMoon that was building up before the team looked to turn off Swap and Liquify is still sitting in the pot ready for the team to decide on the best course of action for these tokens. Can't you just collect BNB directly and not create a swap of SafeMoon?

Unfortunately not. This is more of a blockchain/contract limitation where the Token contract can not collect anything other than the token itself. This is why we need to create a swap in order to get the native token.

If you have any further questions, please read our Knowledge Base here.

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