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SafeMoon Sunday (Dec 12th, 2021)

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

John Karony, CEO and Ryan Arriaga, Global Head of Product




• The easiest way to migrate is through the SafeMoon Wallet. • Please be aware of scams!!!

- The only official V2 address is posted on SafeMoon’s website. Don’t rely on other sources

- When posting about trouble with the wallet/SWaP, it’s common for bots to DM you. Please don’t give anyone your pass phrases.

• How to reclaim lost tokens after V2 migration:

- A form will be shared for people to reclaim the 10%

- Anything not released on SafeMoon official channels is a scam


• Restructured the charts to make them smarter and easier to use.

• Importing private key • Importing 24 word pass phrase

• Multiple wallet capability

• Faster SWaP


• Wallet Connect

- Bring dapps into the SafeMoon wallet

- Have the ability to cut dapp connection after 30 minutes, adding safety to the wallet.


•Wind turbine tech has hit its limit. How do we push it further? Nano technology. •Blockchain (building a smarter chain with SafeMoon blockchain)

•Web3 Telecommunications network (Truly decentralized Internet)

-Mesh Network system with much broader networks.



•Encryption - single sign-in for different products

•SafeMoon Connect

•SafeMoon Rewards smart contract

•NFTs - a partner is lined up




Ryan: Alright everybody. We are just waiting for John to arrive. ‘Hope everyone saw the update that we just pushed on Android and iPhone. Please note that sometimes whenever we push updates on Android and iPhone, sometimes it takes time to propagate to different stores in different countries. Somebody said the German store hasn’t updated yet; it takes a little bit of time. Ah! There he is.

John: Alright! Let’s kick this thing off! SafeMoon Army, welcome to another SafeMoon Sunday. The last one for 2021. I’m super excited to be here. I’m joined by Ryan, our Global Head of Product and I’m John. I’m the CEO of SafeMoon. Ryan, give a quick introduction on yourself and let’s kick this thing off.

Ryan: Yep! So, as you guys may know, I’m the Global Head of Product for SafeMoon; and as you may know, we just launched our V2 on both Android and iPhone. As I mentioned before, if it’s not in your store yet, don’t worry with(?) propagation time. It will eventually hit your store.

John: To kick it off, we are putting out a lot of educational content around the V2 upgrade, making sure everyone is brought up to speed on what V2 is, what’s going on and how to migrate. To be brutally honest, the easiest way to upgrade to V2 is through the SafeMoon Wallet. Also, I want to put a thing out there saying, “be aware of scams.” In a lot of Twitter comments as well as other places across social media, someone will ask a genuine question and then they will be like, “Hey, I need help with migrating to SafeMoon Wallet,” and then there will have a bot or scammer pretending to be us or Trust Wallet, [asking] for your 12 word passphrase and then you lose your cryptocurrency that you have in that wallet.. Don’t ever give out your passphrase/[seed phrase]. If someone asks for it online, Don’t give it out. Just be informed and be aware of scams. We’re putting out more information regarding that.

Ryan: To piggyback on that, also getting the contract address. The only official contract V2 address is posted on our website. So, if you see anybody saying, this is V2/buy new V2 with a different contract address, always check it. The official V2 contract address is posted on our website, on the homepage.

John: Awesome, so.. The road to V2. Ryan, do you want to kind of give a quick recap on what we worked on to get it to this point?

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely. So, with the new update, everyone will be able to import their private key. This is necessary because a lot of people had wallets holding SafeMoon from decentralized wallets. Now, you’re able to import your private key, pull up your holdings in your SafeMoon Wallet and then you can swap from V1 to V2 that way. So, we wanted to make sure we overarched all of the different devices and all of the different situations out there and scenarios that people have when trying to swap to V2.

We also have the web swap. Of course, when you push software out, it takes about an hour to two hours to propagate, just so everybody knows. So, that’s live. You can go to our web swap and now you can press the ‘Consolidate’ button and swap your V2. In there, we have Wallet Connect which allows you to connect to different DApps. With that, you’d be able to connect your Trust Wallet, connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet, your Math wallet or use the Wallet Connect DApp and you’d be able to swap your V2 that way. I think, John, we did a pretty good job at making sure that we really touched on all of the different devices and different scenarios that people have for being able to swap [to] V2.

John: Definitely. You know, between the web swap and the wallet, I mean, those are the places to get upgraded to V2. So, yeah. It was a lot of stuff; a lot of planning that went into it. We planned for all of the contingencies; what if X happened/what if Y happened. We did a lot of planning around the backend and made sure that was robust enough, and robust enough to handle the level of volume that would(?) be coming in, in terms of users. We created contingency plans around any unknown unknowns that you can’t really plan for, so we created strategies around that to make sure we can respond properly. A lot of thought - a lot of things went into V2. It’s not as simple as just building a contract and deploying it. You have to plan for the little things and make sure you’re aware of the little things as well. So, let’s dive into a little Q&A, Ryan!

Ryan: Yeah, sounds great! Let’s do it.

John: Awesome. Host, can you go ahead and bring some people up onto stage?


Some holders using SafeMoon web swap to migrate are receiving less tokens of a certain percentage when they swap. What is the solution for those users having this issue?

John: We have a plan. We’ll be putting out a form for the small amount of users that were affected by that on an individual basis but I also want to stress this point: If we haven’t put it out officially yet, [avoid it. Be aware of scams]. We will never ask for your seed phrase.

*Ryan’s internet connection or connection to server dropped*

When will BitMart migrate to v2 for those who still have SafeMoon there and what about the experience there [concerning recent events]?

John: So, to make things very clear, the group that was hacked was BitMart, not SafeMoon. Their wallet was attacked and 29 trillion SafeMoon in their hot wallet’s custody were removed from their centralized exchange. I’ve been working with them and helping them work through the process, to ASSIST them (I’m going to stress that) to rectify this situation. We are almost to a solution. When our solution is finalized, we will put that information out. Part of that will look like they will be migrating to V2. Before the hack, that was already in the process but we will work through it with them.

Will there be a Super Bowl commercial for SafeMoon?

John: Um, I don’t know. I prefer to go for higher bang for buck marketing items. This is something that I’ve seen happen over and over again that is kind of sad: You have these projects, these tokens dumping a lot of money into high cost/low payoff marketing stuff and then they run out of funding, time, effort or energy and then there’s nowhere else for them to go. We definitely focus on responsible marketing spending and making sure our marketing dollars go as far as they can. While a Super Bowl ad might be effective, it might be more effective in other cases such as a YouTube ad during the Super Bowl. There are things that we look at with our marketing team and our comms team regarding that before we put anything out. To make a long answer short, I don’t know if we’re going to do anything with the Super Bowl.

Some users connecting are stating it is taking a while to process the swap from V1 to V2. What do you recommend?

John: If you submit a transaction, it’s probably best to wait for it to load. This is across all wallets. If it’s taking a while to load, exiting while a [transaction] is processing is probably not the best solution. You know, it’s more limited on the blockchain side of things which is why SafeMoon is building its own blockchain. So, just be smart, be responsible and make sure you understand the blockchain you’re using. If you are using Ethereum, it’s going to take a while for transactions to go through and Ethereum is going to have higher gas fees. When it’s a Binance Smart Chain, there are lower gas fees and transaction times are usually a lot faster but sometimes it can be held up. We saw that earlier this year - we're talking, you know, 12 hours due to a limitation or a bottleneck on the Binance Smart Chain. So, make sure you’re educated on whatever blockchain you are using and the characteristics of that blockchain and then you’ll be able to make an informed decision of whether or not the transaction didn’t go through, if there was a glitch on your phone or whether it’s just the blockchain processing through the blocks.

What happens to that small amount that is left over after migrating?

John: Well, that’s called dust and you’re always going to get dust in any wallet that you use and that’s regardless of whatever token. There is BNB dust, SafeMoon dust and there are dust attacks. When I look at my wallet, I see a lot of smaller items in there. It’s probably just going to be left there. Again, we’re going to be supporting V2 moving forward. We will continue to support V1 moving forward in a maintenance capacity to allow people to upgrade to V2. After a certain amount of time, we are going to stop supporting V1.

We know that two exchanges are coming. Do we have an estimated date of when those exchanges may list SafeMoon?

John: One of them decided they wanted to wait until V2 launched. Now we will work through the process again to make sure it’s good to go. Probably not before the end of this year with the holiday season rolling around. A lot of people take time off. The key stakeholders in this conversation will be taking time off. From our end, we’re ready to go. From their end, there’s going to be a little bit of a delay. So, probably not before January 1, [2022].

*Ryan re-established connection to AMA*

We have the 12 word and 24 word seed phrase and private keys being imported via the SafeMoon wallet. What about the 15 word and other diverse/odd number word seed phrases? Will those legacy seed phrase wallet imports be supported?

Ryan: 12 and 24 word seed phrases are the most popular, so that’s what we started with. It’s possible to do this [legacy/older seed phrase wallets]. 12 and 24 were definitely asked for. We didn’t go through the 15 and 18 because there just wasn’t a large amount of people needing this or thinking it was an important feature for them. That’s the reason we haven’t gone through it. It’s definitely possible. We could do it easily with what we have. With the resources and all of that.. Right now, we are already working on brand new features that you guys are going to really love so we just have to mitigate that time.

Are we going to discuss Operation Pheonix tonight or will it have its own day?

John: The answer is yes and yes.. It’s going to have it’s own day where I’ll go into more relative detail but I will touch on it. That will be at the very end of this SafeMoon Sunday … We’re going to go ahead and dive into the next section, Ryan, where we talk about the wallet features. So, key product updates and today’s PUSH.


Ryan: Yeah, so one thing was chart restructuring. We heard you loud and clear. We always heard the community [with questions such as]: Why are the charts down? Why aren’t they pulling the data? A lot of that was growth and some of that was the APIs that we depended on. What we did was completely restructure the charts so they are a lot smarter in how we display them to the users and we also brought TradingView in.. Some people said they wanted candle sticks. Some people said they wanted a little bit different charting. Well, we gave it to them. So now we have TradingView charts in there as well as some legacy charts that we have for tokens in addition to importing your private key, importing your 24 and 12 [word] seed phrase, like we already went over. We also have the ability to create multiple wallets and label your wallets. That was a big feature that everybody wanted. We made sure we implemented that for everybody and it seems like people are loving it already. We also have a faster SWaP. There were some swap issues with the last build. This new build should really fix a lot of swap issues that we had before and should make it lightning fast. We had to build some custom software for that in the backend but we are able to tighten up the swap, make it a lot faster; and now when we start adding more swap partners, the calculation time should be a lot faster for you guys. So, really exciting stuff!

John: Yeah, I love the new update. I was playing around with the charts and I’ve already moved over my other wallets into the SafeMoon Wallet. I was really excited about this update. I’m glad we got it out. I’m glad V2 is there and now I’m looking forward to hearing “Wen v3. What do we have on the proverbial roadmap for features on the wallet?


Ryan: Yeah, so another thing we have coming down the road that we already started on guys, is Wallet Connect. We are already starting on Wallet Connect and that way you can start bringing DApps into your SafeMoon Wallet. We’re also adding another feature within the SafeMoon Wallet that will allow you to cut your connections after 30 minutes of no use. Our aim is to make sure the wallet is extremely safe for everybody. A lot of people, when they use DApps, they’ll leave connections open; and leaving a connection open on a DApp lends you to more risk. It lends you to more hacks and other things that can happen with your holdings, so we’re putting a feature in there that will automatically cut the connection with any DApp that you have if [this feature] is set to on/[enabled]. So, we’re working through that right now. There are some other features that we are working on that.. are a little bit more surprise features but we’ll let you guys know as we come into those. ‘But that’s the big one, Wallet Connect for DApps.


John: I kind of wanted to go into a recap of 2021. You know, it’s definitely been a crazy 9 months. I covered a little bit of it in my keynote speech that I gave in Malta, but we’ve done probably seven years of growth and scaling in nine months. With everyone that has been brought on the team, the restructuring that took place, the filings that we’ve been having to do internationally when it comes to some of the regulations and compliance that we needed to get done for our exchange launch as well as a few other products that we have coming out. We’re really excited for those. We’ve also been working on something that you guys have been asking about which is OPERATION PHEONIX. So, our people over at DarkMoon, working out of AREA32 which is what we call it, and it’s definitely some awesome stuff. So, I talked about wind turbines. Wind turbine technology has kind of hit its limits in terms of what it can do. At the end of the day, it’s wind creating kinetic energy and then we harness that kinetic energy. Well, how do we push it further? To put it bluntly, nanotechnology. So, our team over at AREA32 has been working on applications of hydrophilic and hydrophobic nanoparticles to increase the efficiency of these wind turbines. What’s the reason why? Well, this is the first implementation into our macro IoT and our large infrastructure stuff that we’re doing and the data that we’re seeing from the wind turbines would allow us to further the innovations in other industries. So, we’re really, really excited about that; however, I’ll cover [this] more in-depth later this month. The other thing we’re working on is a true web3 telecommunications network that uses proprietary technology that outperforms what’s currently available right now. We’re tying that into our SafeMoon blockchain so it’s a truly decentralized internet. The hardware aspect is pretty much done. Now we’re just working on the blockchain application. It’s a mesh network system that has a broader distance than other mesh network systems. We have an on-switch, here’s the box, here’s the hardware but we can’t turn it off after it’s there. Then, of course, the blockchain - we’ve been talking about that. We found limitations of the Binance Smart Chain and we will be building a smarter chain with our blockchain. So, the purpose is to bring the future to now. With all these innovative technologies that we’re working on, it is to bring the future to now. It is to change lives and it’s to push the boundaries of where technology is at. Applying blockchain is just one step of it. Applying the other items into a blockchain is where you get true innovation and amazing macro IoT infrastructure. This is what we’ve been working on, kind of in the back and I will cover more of what Operation Pheonix is in its own moment later this month. Sorry to drop that bombshell on you but you guys asked. I said I would cover a little bit on SafeMoon Sunday. So that’s what we’re working on. Those are some key pieces of Operation Pheonix.

Ryan: Yeah, that’s a lot to unpack, too.

John: It is a lot to unpack, ya know? The memes are going to be hilarious! You know the one that was brought up about the nano machines from Metal Gear Solid. So, I highly expect that meme to fly out there. So, yeah.. We are focused on changing the future. I mean, we definitely have a focus on green energy but we’re really excited about Operation Pheonix and again, I’ll cover that later. It’s a lot to unpack, so I can’t wait for the memes! Ryan, let’s kinda go into some of the plans for 2022. I’ll start off. So, of course Operation Pheonix is a big piece of 2022, ya know? As I covered with the wind energy and the wind turbines and nanotechnology. We’re talking about this web3 telecommunications network that we are working on as well and getting those all deployed. Just like with V2, it does take time and sometimes we can’t give you the exact launch date but 2022, we want all of these technologies to be either 1) installation beginning or 2) installation complete. So, we’re really excited about that! And then Ryan, from your side, what’s your 2022 lookin’ like?

Ryan: Ok, so 2022- We have, obviously the exchange. We’re already high tailing that. That’s going to be exciting. We’re working on the encryption as well. So, the encryption piece is really going to tie into a lot of our different products. We’re working with an amazing encryption team that will allow us to have, kind of like, a single sign-on in a sense for different products. Also, SafeMoon Connect, which is going to be huge. We’re going to be unveiling that and through SafeMoon Connect, that encryption piece is also going to be there. So, when we start tying in this ecosystem, we’re going to have the SafeMoon encryption. Also with 2022, we’re working on, basically, SafeMoon Rewards. There’s going to be a SafeMoon Rewards smart contract that we’ve already built that we’re going to be implementing with all of our different products. So, that way, as people share the different products that they are using with their friends or family, they’ll be able to share in SafeMoon rewards. As they purchase things from our ecosystem, as they purchase NFTs or things of that sort, they are going to start getting SafeMoon rewards out of that. I think I just hinted at NFTs there. We’re also going to be implementing something very exciting with NFTs. We already have a great partner lined up, ready to rock and roll. I don’t wanna get too much into that but it’s looking really good and you guys are going to be really excited [about] what we’re going to be doing for that as well. A piece of that, I should say, will also be working with SafeMoon Connect. So, yeah. I’m really excited !

John: One of the other final points was that V2 was very important for our continued evolution because it allows us to work with some of our e-commerce partners that we have lined up. So, with a more comprehensive smart contract, it allows us to use it in more comprehensive ways, especially in the e-commerce space. We have to put out a little bit of a factoid regarding how big the e-commerce market is and the fact that they are starting to transition to taking crypto and soon to be taking SafeMoon as a way to get products, whether it be, I wanna get an iPad or computer with SafeMoon, a gaming PC with SafeMoon; a lot of tech stuff but there’s other items, too. So, we have a lot of that stuff rolling out in 2022 as well. As we implement the infrastructure that we need; and V2 was one of the critical components needed for us to start integrating and executing on the e-commerce side of things.

Ryan: Exactly. Yeah, This was like, the major dependency. It was the dependency even for our swaps. I don’t know how many people understand how swaps work but when we bring on partners, they have smart contracts that also benefit SafeMoon in a different way as well, sometimes. So, the ability for us to be able to say, hey, this exchange or this partner might have a 3% or 4%; that helps us maintain, and not just maintain but also get new partnerships for our ecosystem. So now their contract is more flexible. Now we’re going to be migrating over to something that is “go-forward plan” and can always be the go-forward plan. We can start now building onto our ecosystem, onto SafeMoon Connect, onto our wallet..

John: [and] bringing into the macro IoT infrastructure. So, as these pieces are rolled out, they start getting tied in and you start seeing a more complete picture of what’s going on. I’m really excited for 2022. We’ve got a lot of stuff rolling out. We’ve got a lot of work but we’ve got the team now.. After this restructure, it’s put us into a fantastic spot. We’ve got a solid foundation from the tech side of things with the rollout of V2 and our swap and wallet.. We’re in a fantastic spot to launch this rocket again into 2022. So, to kind of close this SafeMoon Sunday out, upcoming SafeMoon Sunday dates: Sunday, the 9th of January is going to be our next SafeMoon Sunday and then the following one will be the 23rd of January of 2022. So, that’s when you’ll hear from us next on a Twitter Space or a YouTube live stream. We’re always evolving, always looking at changing formats for the better to put more information out. So, the closing remark from me. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! For those of you who don’t, Happy Holidays! From me, the CEO, [as well as] Ryan and the rest of SafeMoon company. I want to thank the brilliant moderators for all of the work that they have done. I want to thank the entire SafeMoon team and the SafeMoon company, our employees and partners for the amazing work that they’ve done in 2021. I want to thank the community for being amazing. We definitely deserve that award. We have a lot of exciting stuff that has happened in 2021 but a lot of exciting stuff coming in 2022, so thank you everyone! I’m John. I’m the CEO of SafeMoon.

Ryan: And I’m Ryan, the Global Head of Products at SafeMoon.

John: We are SafeMoon. We’re Family. Thank you for listening. Have a fantastic day, night or afternoon!

Written by Sir Burns Edited by MomoKombat

SafeMoon is the Evolution.

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