Updated: Jun 15

About Shibnobi

Shibnobi focuses on developing a user-friendly multi-chain swap in the DeFi ecosystem.

What vision does Shibnobi have for the future?

Shibnobi will be adding these key features in the very near future: DojoSwap: is conceptualized to address the lack of user-friendly tools across EVM-compatible networks in DeFi. DojoSwap will be built on a decentralized AMM system leveraging liquidity pools powered by users to enable seamless crypto trades across multiple chains. Kusari blockchain: Shibnobi's proof-of-stake blockchain, hard forked from the Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain will offer cheaper gas fees than Ethereum and faster transactions than the Ethereum block. It consists of Kusari mainnet and testnet, and the Kusari Explorer. Dojoverse: Enter the Shibnobi virtual reality Metaverse. When the user arrives they will find themselves on the DojoDisc. From there, the user will be able to explore all things #ShibnobiStyle and find directories of establishments on other discs in the Dojoverse. Katana Wallet: Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Wallet will require a code entered from their authenticator app on the phone before any transactions can occur out of the user's wallet.


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15 June 2022

"Our Focus is Innovation, Transparency, & Trust in the #Crypto world. Join the community today! #Shibnobi"


13 June 2022

"THE WAIT IS OVER! SHINJA BSC IS NOW LIVE !!!🥷 We're delighted to announce that we've officially launched #SHINJA /BSC and that the contract address is THE SAME as the ETH CA: 0xab167e816e4d76089119900e941befdfa37d6b32 BUY YOUR #Shinja_BSC NOW ON SHIBNOBISWAP & PANCAKESWAP!🔥"


12 June 2022

"We are evolving our brand to better align with our commitment in the Crypto world. The bold logo & transparent slogan are now our identity. Check out our rebranded products. And stay tuned to witness how #Shibnobi continues being your source of Innovation, Transparency & trust.💪"

"With #Shibnobi_Bridge you can trade tokens listed on #Dojoswap between chains and easily swap #Ethereum for #BNB or #Matic. New coins/tokens listed regularly so make sure to keep checking back!🔥 ➡️ ⬅️"


08 June 2022

"Round 2 of the @Shib_nobi #BSC Presale has begun. The top 10K address holders in #Shinja #ETH have now been added to the BSC #Whitelist! If you didn't make the round 1 whitelist here is your second chance."


06 June 2022

"Who's ready for the @Shib_nobi BSC Presale.... It will begin in a little under 2 hours from now. You can go check if you made the first round whitelist at this link: Connect your wallet and check #ShibnobiBSC #Shinja $Shinja #Shibnobi #BSC @cz_binance" - Shibnobi


05 June 2022

"#SHINJABSC TOKEN EXCHANGES: Cliff announced that he has already begun talking to two exchanges to list our #BSC token soon after launch!🥷" - Shibnobi