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SafeMoon Website Sneak Peek

The SafeMoon website is getting a new look & more!

Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming refreshed website.

Content has not yet been applied to the examples. You will find holding text and also information that is to be adjusted before going live.

Key highlights

  • SafeMoon Education fully integrated into the main site

Click image to expand.
Click image to expand.
  • Including full mobile compatibility (something we know you’ve been asking for on

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  • More frequent and higher quality updates with a new database architecture

  • More behind the scenes and product news updates in a new News Room section

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  • Entirely overhauled product ecosystem

  • Interactive product navigation

  • See how products connect with each other

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  • Quick access to key features such as tax rates, recent updates, upcoming changes, and product progress

  • You will be able to use links straight to all the educational content that includes simple walk through guides on each of our products.

  • More competitions and giveaways as well as highlights of ongoing and upcoming events

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  • New branding Colour Palette section

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Status and Timeline update

  • The website is entering beta testing with the community team at the start of May

  • Around the same time, the content from the current site and the education website will be ported over into the development version

  • Select community members will be invited to provide feedback and ask questions about the new site (estimated around mid May)

  • Following a final round of changes and polish, the updated website will be made live for the entire #SAFEMOONARMY

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