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SafeMoon Wallet: Update 2.4.6/2.49

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The SafeMoon Wallet continues to evolve as highly requested features from the community are added.

Update 2.4.6/2.49

In this update, you will find:

  • Polygon Chain added

  • Send, receive, and import tokens

  • Interact with DAPPS on Polygon using Walletconnect

  • Hide Collectibles feature added

  • Choose Collections to hide or unhide from view

  • bug fixes and improvements

Polygon Chain

Update 2.4.6/2.49 brings the integration of the Polygon Chain. The SafeMoon wallet has operated only with two blockchains since its release. We have expanded on that list of Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Chain to include Polygon.

After updating your wallet, you will find that you can switch between all 3 chains with simplicity from the home page of the SafeMoon Wallet.

Hide Collectibles

With the last update of the SafeMoon Wallet, we brought major updates to the collectibles tab to make the viewing experience of your NFTs more enjoyable however you can also view NFT dusting attacks. For example, upon opening the collectibles tab you may have noticed NFTs you'd never seen or heard of before which may have caused you to panic and question the security of the wallet.

While we can strongly state that dusting attacks are normal and mostly harmless, IF you interact with them, they could compromise your wallet. If you are unfamiliar with what a dusting attack is, we recommend reading up on them here. With this current update, we have provided a way to hide these NFTs so that you do not interact with any dusting attack you might have received. After updating the wallet, cycle through your collectibles tab and hide any NFTs you are unfamiliar with.

How to remove a collection?

  1. Click the eye icon in the top left of the collectibles tab.

  2. Select Hide Collections (Choose See Hidden Collections if you're looking to unhide a collection)

  3. Press the new eye icon on any of the collections that appear in the bottom right of any collection you want to hide

  4. Confirm that you want to hide

  5. After confirmation, It will disappear from sight. Note: The hiding feature stays active until you disable to option

Please understand this feature only affects the visual of the collections on the wallet application. All NFTs still exist at a blockchain level. Think of this as the out-of-sight, out-of-mind option.

And More...

Along with bug fixes and additional improvements, you are now able to purchase both MATIC & USDC on the Polygon Chain right from the wallet. All by using the Buy Button via MoonPay. And with all updates, there is more to unpack. Check out the full SafeMoon Wallet Update. If you're new and want to download the SafeMoon Wallet, click your device's specific store below.

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