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SafeMoon Wallet: Update 2.4.7/2.57

The SafeMoon Wallet continues to evolve as highly requested features from the community are added.

Update 2.4.7/2.57 - In this update, you will find:

  • Avalanche C-Chain added

  • Send, receive, and import tokens

  • View Collections on Avalanche-C

  • Interact with dapps on Avalanche-C via Walletconnect

  • Updated send screen for Collectibles

  • Updated chain selector and add contact screen

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Avalanche C-Chain

Update 2.4.7/2.57 brings the integration of the 2nd wallet change integration. Following the recent addition of the Polygon chain, the SafeMoon Wallet has now integrated the Avalanche C-Chain.

After updating your wallet, you will find that you can switch between all the chains from the home page of the SafeMoon Wallet.

UI Improvements

With the Avalanche C-Chain integration, Avalanche's NFT platforms have also been integrated into the SafeMoon Wallet collections tab allowing you to see all of your NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain.

Keeping the same design as it previously had on the wallet's home screen, you will now find the ability to switch between chains. This was necessary since more chains were integrated within the collectibles tab.

And More...

Along with bug fixes and additional improvements, you can now purchase AVAX on the Avalanche C-Chain right from the wallet by using the Buy Button via MoonPay. And as with all updates, there is more to unpack.

Check out the full SafeMoon Wallet Update. If you're new and want to download the SafeMoon Wallet, click your device's specific store below.

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