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SafeMoon Swap LP Removal

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

A simple guide on how to remove the liquidity that you placed into the SafeMoon Swap liquidity pool.


If you are reading this, it is essential to note that you must remove liquidity before 22nd March 2022 as SafeMoon is completing a router upgrade to SafeMoon Systems. If you do not remove them before this date, you risk losing your funds as the contract will become unsupported.

We are aware there are current issues in regards to the removal of liquidity. We currently advise that if you're looking to remove liquidity and are experiencing issues, try Metamask via a PC/Desktop.

(Updated: 19th March 2022)


Step 1: Connect your wallet

The first step is to connect your wallet via the method you typically use to connect to a DApps. This can either be through the SafeMoon Wallet or other methods such as with Meta Mask or Trust Wallet.

Step 2: Choosing the correct Removal tokens

Once your wallet is connected, you'll need to click the Pool tab, which will bring you to the token select screen. You will then need to choose the originally paired tokens into the liquidity pool. In most cases, this will be either SFM + BUSD or SFM + BNB.

Step 3: Approving and Removing

Once the token pair you wish to remove is chosen, you must approve the contract. This will require a small amount of BNB (estimated $0.10 to $0.50 worth) Once approved, you can then select Max. This will automatically set your removal amount to the maximum amount. Then you can tap Remove. This will cost an additional bit of BNB (estimated $0.10 to $0.50 worth)

Step 4: Done!

When you approve the transaction on your Wallet/Connection Method, that will submit the removal request. You will then be deposited with the amount of liquidity shown previously before selecting removal.

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