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SafeMoon Sunday (Oct 31st, 2021)

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

John Karony - CEO, Ryan Arriaga - Global Head of Product

and Thomas Smith - former Chief of Blockchain



• Over 500k SafeMoon wallet users in less than 50 days

• New SafeMoon wallet update with reflections tracker, charts, and SWaP pairs (SHIB-ETH, AAVE-ETH and LINK-ETH)! Today's update is for Android only but iOS will come soon!

• The ability to hold BTC and Doge is coming in the next update. BTC and Doge SWaP pairs will come later on.

24-word seed phrase imports and multiple wallets in the next update!

• SafeMoon now has a very clear path for the regulatory items for the exchange.

• SafeMoon Exchange is looking to be integrated into the wallet as ONE app!

• There is an exchange that the team is finalizing agreements with for listing, and they have a second one, "quickly in the wing, in the background".

DarkMoon: It’s where they work on the products (Where Macro IoT lives)

• Partnership with UniCrypt

Google Chrome wallet extension: Not in the immediate pipeline but something coming in the future

• “We've got a lot of great innovations coming down the line, especially in the macro IoT space" - John

• Because of competition, the team hasn’t fully agreed on how they are going to handle the roadmap so that they can protect their IP but also give the SafeMoon Army information • The team can’t really give any timeline for the blockchain but they’re still looking at December.



John: We’ll go ahead and kick it off. Alright, I’m John the CEO of SafeMoon. We’ll be having Ryan and we should be having Thomas joining us here shortly as well. We’ll be talking about the new wallet update and the wallet, briefly go over what DarkMoon is, talk about some wind turbines because everyone’s wondering about that, and then discuss exchange progress and take it from there. First off, I want to congratulate all the new members of the SafeMoon Army. Congratulations, we grew by over 100,000 new holders. Now why is that important ? Well, the SafeMoon Army has an obligation to educate everyone about cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. Blockchain should be as common knowledge as movie references or brands of potato chips.

Alright, hey Ryan.

Ryan: I am here guys! Twitter needs to make it a little easier. I send the request like 20 times and I think you guys don’t get it on your end or there’s some kind of lag but, man, so excited to be here John. Let’s kick this off.

J: Awesome. So Ryan, go ahead and introduce yourself. We have 100k new people so go ahead and introduce yourself and what you do at SafeMoon.

R: Absolutely, so I'm Ryan Arriaga. I am the Global Head of Products here at SafeMoon. So all of the new exciting products that we are launching, chances are I am either in charge of that or I touch it at some level. So - John brought me on not too long ago. I'd say - what is that, three months already?

J: Three months.

R: We’re having fun, huh?

J: Yeah. Wallet out and, well, do you want to say it? You know, I'll just say right now - over 500,000 users on the SafeMoon Wallet in under 50 days since release.

R: Amazing.

J: Other companies - it usually takes them at least a year if not more. We did that in 50 days and this is just the beginning. So, you know, to all the fudders out there, I laugh in Android and iOS wallet. 500,000 downloads. Millions of volume through the SWaP. Like I can go on and on about the achievement but -

R: Yeah and I think that a lot of people don't understand the Web 3 dynamic because I think that when people think “Oh, it's just an app.” No, no. When you mix Web 3, which is more of an emerging tech, into what we're doing and we did that in the amount of time that we did that, it speaks volume to what we're doing here at SafeMoon. So really excited. I mean, we're going to keep pushing forward obviously. And as a matter of fact, John, you know what we should do?

J: What should we do?

R: Something a little different today.

J: What are you thinking?

R: I'm thinking we should just go ahead and launch the Android update right now. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go ahead and send a push notification to the over 200,000 users that we have for Android, and I just click the button and we just went live. So now everybody who is listening to this SafeMoon Sunday, you're going to be the first to know before this push notification goes out, that you now will have the option to download the newest Android app and have the long awaited reflections tracker that everybody has been waiting for, with charts and new SWaP pairs, and that's going to be going live on Android in the next about a few minutes.

J: Fantastic, I'm excited.

R: I just sent the push notification to over 200,000 users and they're all going to get that right now and it's probably gonna start hitting their phones. So iOS (inaudible). So once that's out there, going to be pushing that.

J: Awesome man. Just so everyone knows, the new SWaP pairs, these are just the first of many on SWaP – is SHIB-ETH, AAVE-ETH and LINK-ETH. So these will be ETH pairings And then BSC will quickly follow. So for those who don't know, BSC is Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum is Ethereum Chain. These are two different blockchains with different consensus algorithms, et cetera. So I - for those who are new to cryptocurrency, I recommend you look up the difference between the two. Also, speaking of education, look up “on chain” and “off chain transactions as well. That should be a good little read. There's a lot of YouTube videos out there, and if you need , hop into the discord and there's thousands of people who are more than happy to help educate you.

And then Ryan, correct me if I'm wrong. We've got BTC and Doge coming up as well.

R: Yep, we're going to be working on that on the next update, so people will start being able to hold Doge and BTC in their app as well as some other features that we're going to be working on. Do you want to talk about those as well?

J: Yeah, yeah so. We’re adding the 24-word imports and then multiple wallets on the next update.

R: Exactly. So we heard a lot of stuff from the community. Everybody's been chiming in and they love the ability to import their 12-word seed phrase. But people are like, “Well, what about my 24-word seed phrase?” We're thinking, you know what? Let's go ahead and add a feature where people can have an option to also import their 24-word seed phrase. So we're not just doing 12, we’re also going to do 24-word. And John, we’re also going to be doing multiple wallets because everybody said that they wanted multiple wallets on the Twitter poll. We gotta listen to the community, so we're doing that as well. After this update goes out, the very next thing we're going to be doing is multiple wallets, import your 12 or 24-word seed phrase, and Bitcoin and Doge holdings. And some other features, but we'll announce those as they come.

J: We will talk about those later. Alright. Kind of diving in, a lot of people have been asking about the exchange and you know my response is always that it's not - from the technical aspect it is not hard. Like, doing off chain transactions is just basically a piece of paper, you know, with extra steps. Matching buys and sells in an order book.

But the hard part is the regulatory side, and I'm proud to announce that we now have a very clear and very set forth path for those regulatory items that we have to check off. And while that's being done, Ryan and his team and the exchange team will be building up the tech side, so great progress has been made. But that deserves its own moment. We'll talk about that in a future SafeMoon Sunday.

One of the questions I actually got regarding the exchange was is it going to be a separate application or is it going to be tight into the wallet? Well, Ryan, you know I've been discussing this. Ideally we’s just tie it into the wallet as a separate tab. But you know, we have to work through the regulatory because it even comes down to how you separate the code and everything else in regards to the regulation. And realise, we're not just doing this for the United States were also doing this for all of our international jurisdictions as well. We’re working hard. We’ll let you know when we have more information.

But Ryan, correct me if I’m wrong. The actual exchange part is easy.

R: The actual exchange part that we're working on, aside from the regulatory stuff because that's always like waiting on a third party time ten, right? So the the actual exchange part, the technical side, we’re very excited with the progress that we've had and obviously we're not going to any timelines yet but I think we're getting closer to the point, John, where maybe the next AMA or an AMA after that possibly we can possibly, we can actually start maybe talking about soft timelines for that because we're actually making great progress.

J: Oh yeah, I'm excited. Fantastic progress has been made, you know, just talked to the team yesterday about it and it's great. I'm excited. You know, kind of little side note. Funny joke, I was watching Blade last night. Happy Halloween or belated Halloween to everyone and there was an individual in there. They're like, “Oh you're human”. He's like “No, I'm not. I'm a lawyer”. So little lawyer joke right there. Anyway. *laughs*

We’re dealing with lawyers right now, so that's what we have to work through.

So yeah, the exchange is well underway. We're excited about the progress there. Ryan’s working on his stuff and when we have more information, we’ll push that out.

So a lot of people have been asking me about Dark Moon. So what is Dark Moon? Well, Dark Moon’s basically where - all the crazy stuff that we work on, we work on it there because, you know, there's IP involved and other stuff. And then as soon as it's ready, for public release and public consumption, then it comes to what I call the Light Side of the Moon. But we've got a lot of great stuff. Now people are asking “What do you work on in Dark Moon?” The hints are all there. You know, how many times do I talk about macro IoT.

Yeah, so we can go into the like - how blockchain can tie into energy grid telecommunications and the efficiency that can be created there. And there's no industry that couldn't benefit from blockchain integration. Anywhere from tracking produce, from the point of dirt where it came out of all the way to the supermarket in five different foreign countries.

Imagine an NFT assigned to each one of those batches and it gets tracked every single time. As soon as it hits the truck, as soon as it hits X, as soon as it touches the supermarket, you scan the QR code like, “Oh! This is where it was grown. This is, from the time of picking to the grocery store, you can see the exact date. I could go on and on about -

R: Yeah, every transaction verifiable via blockchain and allowing the ledger to provide transparency of that check-in, of that event, and of “That shipment arrived at this area and this person boom scanned in at this time at this date”.

Boom. Everything verifiable through blockchain. And when people are listening to this, like wrap your head around all of the things that - transferring from the traditional system to the blockchain system and having a verifiable and transparent system, that's where the thought process needs to go.

J: Yeah, that's going to be a lot of education at that we need to push out when that's ready for release and everything.

So we got Thomas up here. Welcome Thomas!

R: Is that Papa? Welcome, Thomas. Yeah, it's the wizard.

Thomas: Some technical difficulties. My bad. As it turns out, there's a special link for inviting and joining the space normally does not help.

J: Yeah, well, when you're sifting through thousands, you know it's easier just to invite, but -

Yeah, Thomas, I'm sure you'd back me up about how there is no industry that can't benefit from blockchain technology. You know what I mean?

T: As of now, no. It's almost too late to not be considering the watching strategy heard for any business so -

Yeah, I see it all over real estate right now. Massive pushes over there. Traditional financial tools are getting an overhaul. You’ll see large waves of these old money investors getting involved now. It’s very exciting.

J: Ohh yeah. Blockchain, I believe personally and I’m sure, Thomas, you do as well, and Ryan, that blockchain is the future or at least a system like blockchain. You know, whatever the next innovation is. So, that kind of ties us into a little bit of the next thing. Thomas, SafeMoon blockchain, you know? We talked about DLS or Distributed Ledger Systems and how those can work in conjunction with blockchain. You want to go into that a little bit?

T: These ledger systems, the nodes, each individual full wallet holder is in the network or typically in a blockchain network where every single node is comprised of everybody’s balances together, you share them together. And you validate blocks together. That's how the network is formed. So this is where you see decentralized governance come into play. Some other very interesting features of this encryption so.

Yes, that's pretty much what that is. All of the nodes together comprise a very large collection of balances.

J: Yeah, it's a network of networks all speaking with each other, so you know, there's some great stuff that Thomas is working on right now in the background. You know, a lot of architecting, a lot of testing, a lot of processing. I'm sure you've seen his uh - what do you call it, Big Bertha or whatever?

T: Oh, the server. Honestly, I don't have a nickname for it yet. Bertha sounds pretty cool. I was thinking of The Gibson. I might invite attack though *laughs*

But the server, our first cluster is open and it's three blades. These are the best commercially available blades. We can do high volume data processing with it. I'm going to be providing a lot of very interesting tools along the way post-blockchain.

So a lot of that stuff you'll see pop out of Dark Moon. I don't want to expose too much yet.

J: Yeah, we don't talk about that yet. Ryan, we’ve got a lot of partnerships to include - all i will say this, there is an exchange that we’re finalizing agreements with for listing and then we have a second one quickly in the wing, in the background.

And then Ryan, you know, we've been working with UniCrypt quite a bit and I just have to say they're fantastic to work with, you know. A lot of folks right now are trying to use other services for launching their own projects etcetera, but UniCrypt, honestly, in my personal opinion, is the way to go.

They're open innovation and, this isn’t really an advertisement, I just want to give a shoutout to a great partner that we've been working with this entire time, from the initial locking to migrations to whatever else that we need… They are a great partner so -

R: And that's why we were so confident about talking about the partnership and also confident about being on the tail end of our migration and getting closer to consolidation, because we were working with UniCrypt. And everything that they were doing for us and helping us with, I mean, it's very comprehensive. It's very tedious work. You know, it's very meticulous. But they're helping us do it right and they're helping us make sure that it's very secure. There's talk out there like, “Well, is it safe? Is it going to be secure? Is it going to be done right?” Yes, we’ve partnered with great company that is helping us do exactly that so that whenever the migration is completed and the consolidation starts we're going to be in great hands, guys. So that's why (inaudible) great partnerships.

J: Yeah, they're a fantastic partner. We’re very selective with who we work with. You know, there's a lot of noise out there sometimes regarding other projects or whatever, or they say, “Oh, we're associated with SafeMoon.” Listen, if it doesn't come from our main Twitter, come from me, come from Ryan, you know, from the team... especially not the main Twitter, that partnership hasn't happened yet. You know, Thomas, I and Ryan. I've run into this a lot where people will DM us and be like, “Hey, look at this thing I’m working on,” and a literal phrase, and Thomas, you’ve experienced this, is like “oh, that’s cool” gets blown up into SafeMoon is now partnering with us. You know, us thinking something is cool doesn't mean that there's going to be a partnership there, so just want to provide a little clarification for you know those who are new and those who have been part of the SafeMoon Army for a while now.

T: Yeah, but if I have a conversation with you, if you're running a project, the last thing that we want to see you do is start, you know, with the screenshots and the posting before we're ready with our media cycle to be talking about that, it's a great way to end those conversations. Entirely.

J: Yeah. Um, let's open it up to the floor now. Get people talking. Let's have a discussion. So. Just waiting on the host to get a few people up on stage.

Again, I want to - for those of you who are just joining, yes, I am in an airport. I have to go to a lot of meetings all over the place. Busy day in the life of John. But if you hear anything in the background, I am in an airport so, apologize for that.

So. Alright, first speaker! How's it going?


Questions from the Community

SafeMoon Tom: Hello.

J: Hey.

R: Hello.

Tom: Yo, this is - how many people here. How's it going, guys? I just wanted to say I'm privileged to be on here. I just wanted to ask about the wallet. Is there going to be a Windows version available? Is it solely just going to be on phones?

J: And we are looking into a desktop version right now, but Ryan, if you want to go a little bit more into that.

R: Yeah, So what we're looking at is if we do any kind of desktop, it would actually be a Chrome, so it would be a Chrome plugin or a Chrome app that you can install onto your Chrome browser and then use it within other browsers. So that's what we're looking at. We've actually already had those talks, but we want to make sure that all the technology that we have on the app is secure and ready to rock and roll before we start. Actually extending that to other browsers and other means of accessibility, but that's definitely on our radar and something that we've discussed already.

Obviously with that. There's other products and, not going to talk about what they are, but there’s other products that we're going to have, that are also going to be functioning within the Web 3 space.

And so having that plug in as well is going to be a lot easier for people to connect our wallet with those products as well. So, that's just in addition to what I was saying about us already having those discussions. So we're thinking about how we're going to do it, but that's not right now in the immediate pipeline, but it will be something that we're going to be exploring here pretty soon.

Tom: Alright, cool. That’s literally the only question I had, but thanks for having me on.

J: Yeah, and you know, we're always looking at ways to improve quality, accessibility and security.

And so that's a conversation we have all the time internally with the team. Why does, you know, whatever provide a more accessible, higher quality and more secure experience for the SafeMoon Army.

R: Yeah, and I'll tell you, a chrome extension will be a lot easier to build than web3 on Swift for iOS or Java, so I'm pretty excited about that.

J: We've got Watcher Guru on. How are you doing today?

Watcher Guru: Hey, how's it going? First of all, I'd like to say Happy Halloween from the team and I and then second of all I have a question.

Could we be seeing the SafeMoon Wallet be integrated into Google Chrome extensions in the new future? I'm not sure if that's been asked before, but that's what we have for you today.

T: Hey, I could probably hit that one really quick. I love Chrome extensions. I think what Ryan was just talking about was exactly that.

It'll be webkit compatible, like the stuff you build for Google Chrome will likely also work like Safari and Firefox and Brave. They use the same kind of extension mechanism.

Watcher: Perfect guys.

R: Yeah Brave is actually Google Chrome. It's just rebranded. It’s the same browser.

Watcher: Great to know because I know that a lot of crypto people tend to use their laptops or PC most of the time. So with introducing a Chrome extension we will expand the growth and the people we can reach. So thank you for answering the question and have a good day.

R: Yeah, thank you.

Watcher: Welcome.

J: All right, Rojas.

Rojas: Hey, how are you guys doing today?

T: Great.

J: Not too bad.

R: Great, how are you doing?

Rojas: I'm sorry, I'm in the car wash right now. I don't know if you guys can hear all that noise. I'm about to be - give me 30 seconds. I’m about to be done here, okay?

J: Alright, well, then uh, while you're going through the car wash we’ll go ahead and pass it off to Mr.Crypto.

MrCryptoTechNik: Hey guys. I have two questions.

First of all, on the SafeMoon Wallet, very happy to see the Buy Button. Any plans on a fiat off ramp in the near future?

J: That involves a lot of regulatory items and we have to talk to our partners regarding that. Ideally, yes, a fiat off ramp would be ideal, but again that comes down to a multi-jurisdictional, not only just in the United States, from state to state, but also internationally. Rules in Switzerland are different from the rules in the UK, and each one has a different regulatory body. So yes, we would love as many features as we can put into the wallet. However, that specific one does come down to what the regulations are, depending on the jurisdiction.


Will you guys release it per jurisdiction as you do have compliance or will it be like -

J: As I said before, we'll explore that when we're through the regulatory process in regards to the fiat off ramp.


And the second question, Ryan, AMA you gave kind of a soft timeline for consolidation as weeks not months. So are we still on schedule? Any update on that yet?

R: We are still on schedule. So in the AMA I said within a month. Last AMA was two weeks ago, so we're actually on the tail end of it. We're getting very close. Our whole partnership with UniCrypt is what's basically putting us in ludicrous speed right now. So it's allowing us to finish everything much faster, but also making sure that we’re not rushing anything, that we're doing it right. So yeah, we're getting very close to this last very, very last part of it. And once this is done, then we can start consolidating, meaning we can start rolling out the SWaP feature that will allow us to, or at least the users to consolidate their V1 to V2. We are very close and this has taken months, by the way, so when I say tail end - and I want to be very clear with people because I saw a lot of quotes on Twitter like “Oh right, you know Ryan said this.” When I say tail end, I mean the tail end of how long the entire process takes. So the entire process took months and we're on the tail end of that. So we're on the very end of that. We're getting very close. I'm not going to give an exact day or timeline, but I'm saying we're so close I can feel it. I'm just going to say that alright. And then whenever that's ready to rock and roll, then you guys are going to have the options to start swapping from your V1 to V2. But we're very excited about the partnership with UniCrypt and that's exactly what's allowing us to move at the speed.

MrCrypto: Awesome, well thank you very much.

Will UniCrypt be supporting the SafeMoon blockchain? Is that kind of the road map of the partnership?

J: No. So right now they are the locked liquidity provider, so they're working through the migration with us in that regard. Any future details regarding the nature of partnerships, we don't discuss that until our partner clears us to. So the nature of NDAs are the nature of NDAs.

MrCrypto: Ah yes, legal legal. I forgot about that. Well, thanks guys for answering questions. Keep going, it’s awesome. I love shilling to new friends as they get into SafeMoon. They learned so much in the first couple of days and weeks and they get so addicted to it. So, I love the coin, love the community. Keep it up.

R: Thanks a lot.

J: Appreciate the kind words.

Rojas: I'm off the car wash now, do you guys mind if I ask my question now?

J: Go for it.

Rojas: Alright, so um, hope you guys are having a fine Sunday. I'm new to the crypto world. To be entirely honest with you guys, I'm usually into stocks and stuff, but I'm one of the new buyers, I guess. One of the new holders with all the - think you guys said like 100,000 new holders just recently or something like that. Well, I'm one of them. And I did my homework a little bit. You guys honestly seem like a pretty legit team. I like everything that I see. And I think all of us were buying right now.

Honestly, seems like we're pretty early considering everything that you guys are saying you want to do, all the features, all the other things that you want to do apart from the coin or the token itself. So I'm pretty happy with my investment right now. I just wanted to ask you guys, what do you consider to be the thing that sets you apart the most from other tokens out there? Why, if you were to sell SafeMoon to someone, how would you sell it? If you could sell it to me right now, how would you go about doing that?

J: So I'll say this right here, we never talk about price action, never. I don't, that's not what our focus is. Our focus is providing a quality, accessible and secure experience for our users. Now in regards to being early, the innovations are just coming in. You know, this is just the start. I'll talk about it from the product side all day long. But in terms of price action, that's something I'll never discuss

That's one of the big no-nos. The other item is, you know, we are a fully doxxed company with a physical global headquarters in multiple jurisdictions, we focus on making sure we do things the right way versus asking for forgiveness. That's an error I see with a lot of projects where you know they’ll go out and say “Hey, buy X. Buy Y.” Your product should speak for itself. You should be providing more than just a token. The token is a piece of our ecosystem. While it's a very important piece, there are more items to it... the wallet being one of them.

And the SWaP being one of them, the liquidity pool being one of them. So we've got a lot of great innovations coming down the line, especially in the macro IoT space. As well as the wallet, exchange, and blockchain.

I'm really proud of the company and all the progress that we've done in such a short amount of time and the speed and the efficiency in which we use and what has been thrown at us. You know, I'm really excited for the documentary to come out because you guys will get an inside peek into everything that the team has been through to get to the point that we're at right now. Anyway, those are just my thoughts and my words. But Ryan and Thomas.

R: Yeah, absolutely. The way that I would say it is to your friend, especially if they have, you know, no knowledge, even of the crypto space. The way that I would, I would convey this idea is hey you understand, like how there's different tech products out there right now and they all use regular fiat currency as their fuel, right?

That's their fuel and how the other products work with each other, right? That's how the other products are paid for. Well, with SafeMoon, we are mirroring those products, so we're mirroring different products, and we're not going to - I wish I could say some of them, but I'm not going to say with those products are because when they start coming out then you guys are going to start seeing “Oh I've seen this product before. It's very similar to this other product in the tech space”, but now SafeMoon has their own. And that product is working specifically with the blockchain and it’s working on the blockchain. This is the migration that a lot of these big tech companies are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to get into because they're trying to make the shift from regular traditional tech and saying, “Huh. How can we get our product to work with the blockchain so we can now call it an emerging tech or a blockchain product? How can we do that? How can we take”, this is just an example, “How could we take Facebook and make Facebook on the blockchain? How can we make it so that all of these likes or posts are decentralized or working within the blockchain in a certain way that you know they’re decentralized so you have files out there, like filecoin for example, that allows you to decentralize your data so that it can never be censored or taken down?” These are just examples, but all these companies are trying to make that push and SafeMoon, what we're doing is we're releasing a suite of products that do just that.

So that's how you would want to probably convey that to your friend if they don't have any knowledge about the about the crypto space.

Rojas: I like that a lot, man. I recognize that most most successful entities, they are successful because they don't only have one product, they have a whole ecosystem like you guys are talking about. So to me that sounds very, very promising man like honestly, I am praying and I'm hoping - I believe in you guys. Don't think I'm doubting you, but I'm really hoping you guys deliver all that and I'm really excited to see SafeMoon being listed in other exchanges and stuff. I'm really excited for those. I know, Karony, I know you're tired of people asking when that’s going to happen so I’m not even going to bug you with that.

But um, yeah man, I'm really excited about that. Also, all the features that are going to come out. I'm still waiting on more updates in the iOS. I hope we can get that update that the Android guys just got. I hope we can get it soon. I’d like to have all those features as well. But yeah man, I'll keep looking into everything you guys are doing and I'm pretty happy I'm gonna stick with you guys for a pretty long time. It's at least that's what it's looking like. Congratulations guys.

R: Thank you.

J: Appreciate the kind words. Hey everyone, so I've gotta hop off. I will leave you guys in the capable hands of Thomas and Ryan. I've got to board my flight so thank you everyone. It’s awesome to join you guys. I'll see you guys on the next one.

T: See you later, man.

R: Yep, safe flight. Alright, so let's go ahead and get another question up here.

Vico: Hey Ryan, this is Vico. Just quickly, two questions.

One would be any idea when the roadmap is going to be uploaded onto the website? I think that's going to help out a lot of the thousands of new investors we've gotten this week alone.

R: Yeah, so we've been discussing how we're going to - it's a fine balance because there's things that we’re coming out with that we want to make sure that it's not out there for the world completely, because then we have to think about competition and we have to think about all these other things that are getting coming down that that could steamroll our launch and we want to make sure that we're doing it correctly. But we also want to make sure, obviously, that you guys see a road map of different products and things to look forward, too.

We have been discussing this in the back end and how we're going to approach that, how we're going to go about it. We just haven't fully, I would say agreed on what we're going to display to the public and what's going to be shown. So when we do that, it's going to be things that are maybe a little bit more, I would say softer, like maybe not going into full detail, but doing it in such a way that it doesn't completely let the cat out of the bag. But we're still deciding on how we're going to do that, so we will give you guys an update whenever we do launch that and whenever we get that on there for everybody. We're just trying to figure out now how we do it in such a way that we're making sure that we protect our IP, too, before we launch.

Vico: Fair enough. My last question is regarding marketing. This is something that's been brought up in a lot of these spaces that I hop on a weekly and, in terms of as a company itself, is SafeMoon thinking about doing any marketing strategies with like sports events such as Super Bowls, NASCAR events, what have you?

R: Yeah, there's a lot of things that are happening on the back end with our marketing team. They get so many people reaching out for different sponsorships, you know, or different airtime. That is completely with marketing. I personally am not working with that team. I'm on product so I can't really answer that, but I will say that I do know that on the back end there's a lot of stuff that they're working on that I don't have access to, unfortunately. I'm not Privy to that on the product side, but I do know that, yes, definitely. That's already something that marketing is working on.

Vico: Awesome, thank you. That's it. I'm going to hop off as a speaker, maybe someone else can hop on.

R: Yeah, thanks a lot man.

Zack: Hi guys. Firstly, I'd just like to show some appreciation. We want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the project. We truly appreciate it.

R: Absolutely thank you.

Zack: So my question is regarding the wallet, potentially in a future update. Some background, myself and I'm sure a few other folks originally created our wallet through MetaMask. I had an existing MetaMask and created a second wallet within that. That being said, that second wallet that holds my SafeMoon does not have a seed phrase. It only has a private key. Will we have the ability -

R: Ahhh. We’re already on it, buddy. We're already on it. I know what you're going to say. You're going to say the ability to import a wallet with a private key, right?

Zack: Exactly.

R: Yep, we're already on it. That is going to be our next update we're working on. It's going to be bip39. It's going to be a 12-word seed phrase, 24-word seed phrase, being able to import your wallet and then also the ability to import by private key in multiple wallets. So that's going to be all wrapped up into a nice update, and that's going to be the very next thing that we're working on because you guys ask for it. And, well, that's what we do, we deliver. So yeah, it's so funny you said that because even with my MetaMask it's the same problem. I had the same exact thing. You set up several accounts and then you have that one private key in there and then that's like your main one. So yeah, we're going to have that as well.

Zack: Yeah, I didn't even realize that was a thing until I tried to import when the wallet released. So that's awesome to hear. Thanks so much.

R: Yeah, absolutely.

Arjay: Hey guys.

R: Hey Arjay, how's it going?

Arjay: Good man, thank you so much for having me. I got two questions here.

First and foremost, with all the projects you guys are currently working on, I just wanted to see if the blockchain is still on track for December release and the second question is one from the community and they were saying once we're on our own blockchain will Swap and Liquefy still buy 50/50 SafeMoon and BNB or will it be only SafeMoon for the liquidity pool?

R: Yeah, definitely so I can't comment on the timeline because blockchain that's a huge undertaking, but I think you know as far as the last, more technical part, I think Thomas you probably speak to that.

T: Yeah sure, so with regard to any kind of timeline, we always want to be careful with it. Still looking at December if that changes, we're going to let you know.

So once we move to our own chain we’ll be using SafeMoon as gas, so it will be like a primary, kind of like how BNB is. So when you're talking about liquidity pools with regard to our actual chain and tokens that may be on it. We're going to have a SafeMoon token on the SafeMoon chain. There's no reason not to make that bridge. It's going to be fun, but in the end, what you'll see are liquidity pools in SafeMoon-SafeMoon or SafeMoon-Other tokens. So with regard to that mechanic, Swap and Liquify still heavily under debate, because you know, it’s been identified that Swap and Liquify does have to liquefy, right? That puts a little bit of a hint of downward pressure so.

Um, we're still looking at that. I want to be careful with how I answer that, but as far as the liquidity pool goes and the chain you'll be seeing SafeMoon instead of BNB.

Arjay: Super cool, thank you so much.

T: You're welcome

R: Thanks Arjay for your question. We’ll take I believe two more questions. Anyone else?

SantiFinesse: I'll ask my question really quick.

R: Awesome yeah, go right ahead.

Santi: Alright, hello everybody. My name is Santi. First of all big shout out to Ryan, Thomas, and John who is not here. Love you guys, love everything you guys do since day one. You guys just showed so much support for the community and I just got a quick question about something coming up on the wallet.

R: Sure, shoot.

Santi: Alright, so I know you said in the next update that's coming there will be BTC. You will be allowed to have BTC holdings? Will we be able to use BTC to swap for SafeMoon? Because I live in New York and we can get Bitcoin directly from multiple places. But to get Binance coin, there's a lot of hoops to go through so if BTC is going to be able to be swapped for SafeMoon in the future update, that’ll really, really help to make the process of acquiring SafeMoon for people who are new. I think that'll be like a tremendous help. So I'm just wondering when you say BTC is going to be able to be a holding, will it also be able to be used in the SWaP feature?

R: Yeah, totally valid question. So BTC and Doge, what we're looking for as just to start in the new update, you'll be able to hold them in your wallet.

It will not have a SWaP feature where you can swap Bitcoin for SafeMoon, however, we are looking into that. We understand it's very important. Obviously the more coins that we can get onto our wallet the better, because that goes with John’s point of accessibility. So totally understand. We are definitely looking at ways to do that and when we do it we have to be careful because we have specific chains that our SWaP can work with as a multi-chain very more easily. When you get into different chains like Doge or Polkadot or others, they're just different. So the way that I would answer this question is yes, it's on our radar. It's definitely something that is gonna be launched eventually, but it's not going to be in this next update.

T: Speaking on that very quick. Just from what he was saying, because there's no virtual machine component in something like the Bitcoin and Dogecoin, it's much easier for us to integrate with tokens and other smart chains and things like that.

But I can confirm it is entirely possible. There's a bunch of ways to do this. It's all through the RPC calls and how we manage in a way or two. I'm just backing him up, totally can happen.

Santi: Alright guys, awesome. Thank you so much for answering my question and as always we appreciate the hard work you guys do. God bless you all and thank you for answering my questions, seriously. Have a good day. Enjoy the rest of you guys’ weekend and holiday, wherever you're at.

R: Hey you too man. Thanks a lot. For coming up here and asking the question as well. Appreciate your contribution. Alright, I think we're going to take one more question.

T: So really quick shout out to everybody listening. I think you're all fantastic.

R: So cool. These people have been through the thick and thin with us. I see all your one-hundreds and respect. Respect back, guys. All right, we got Paul.

Paul: Hey Ryan, question for you guys in regards to V2. Does that have anything to do with us not being listed on any of the T1 exchanges? And I'm sorry for asking that because I know it's a pain. I've seen John's responses, but just wanted to ask that real quick.

T: I've been involved with most of those discussions. No, I don't think there's anything really holding us back. It's an application process, not unlike any other. And really, when things are slowing down, we can focus on those applications and those meetings and things. But the product comes first. I'm sure that Ryan would agree.

R: Yeah.

T: So there's really nothing negative holding us back that we're aware of.

Paul: Okay, thank you guys very much.

R: Thanks Paul for your question. You know what we have one more minute. Let's go take one more. One more question.

ChrisXP: Alright, thank you guys for taking my question here. Thank you so much.

My question is as far as the SafeMoon company - not not the audits that you guys have done Certik, I meant like as an actual company. Or do you guys plan to do like an audit of the actual LLC company of SafeMoon? Every company does like - I used to work at a bank and we had an audit that the government would come in and do. They would make sure everything was running perfectly, that there was no underhanded stuff… and I get you guys are legit, I’m not saying that at all. I’m just asking if that’s something that the company SafeMoon is actually planning to do?

R: That’s something John works with and they are very, very particular about making sure that everything that they do as a company is 100% regulated in 100% following all policy and guidelines. So that goes with everything from tax to where we incorporate how we are abiding by the laws in those different jurisdictions. All of that, 100%. And our tech as well. So even our tech on the product side, for example, I have invoices already from cyber security that we have security assessments on our tech. And then as we grow we're going to be beholden to even more stuff that we're going to have to do as far as compliance goes. So yes, absolutely. Everything that we do, we're very by the book, So bad that there are certain things that we’re like, “Oh, this would be a great feature.” And they were like, “No, we can't do that because in this jurisdiction, or because in this country,” you know XYZ.

So we're very particular about that and we want to make sure that we're always following the proper guidelines, following proper policy especially in this new space because one little slip up can hurt a company so we're very particular about that. T: That easy. You could tweet the wrong thing and it would be bad.

R: Yeah, even tweeting, like even our tweets are like “Oh don't do that because that's something that you're gonna be stepping on toes” or or not good for the space in general or good for what we're doing so we're making sure that we're doing everything the right way 100% and there's a lot of stuff going on in the back end as far as following those policies, making sure that our noses are clean, basically.

Chris: Okay, thank you guys. One last question, I'm very quick. I know you’re short on time, but I know we're with the projects that are going on right now in the Gambia.

Is Gambia, not to sound like it's like the only one but, is that more like part one of other other countries that might be looking to incorporate what SafeMoon is doing in The Gambia?

R: *laughs* Can’t answer that. Or I should say I won't answer that because that would probably give too much information, so I'll leave that up to John as to, you know, when he wants to talk about that kind of stuff. But yeah, I'll leave it there. But thanks a lot for your question.

Chris: Alright, thank you guys.

R: Yeah, thanks a lot, man. Really appreciate it.



R: So yeah, I think that concludes our SafeMoon Sunday. Thomas, did you have any last minute ammo?

T: Um, I mean, I don't have too much extra and I'm just so glad that everybody's here and following along with us. We have a lot of very interesting things coming up over the next few months. Some things you know about, some things you don't know about. Dark Moon is gonna be huge. Operation phoenix is progressing. Wallet, exchange, blockchain, like let's go! It's time to do things.

R: Yeah.

T: Yeah, very excited.

R: And I think that whenever we start doing more products too, Thomas, like whenever we start releasing more different products, not just like you know, your average blockchain products like we have with the wallet or those kinds of things. When we start adding on new products on this ecosystem, I think at that point it's going to be kind of the catalyst for people saying like “Oh wow, this is the direction they are taking. This is really exciting!” So yeah.

T: Absolutely. For us, it's easy because we get to see the full scope.

R: Yeah exactly yeah yeah so it's easy for us to be confident and be like “Oh yeah, you know, don't worry.” Everyone else is like, “Well, we want to see! We can't see!” But there are reasons for that.

T: I wish we could share everything but...

R: And in SafeMoon connect, I mean, and I'm selfishly always amping up SafeMoon Connect because I'm so excited about it. But that's just one of so many other things that we have in this ecosystem that we're going to be launching. So a lot of great stuff. And, you know, thank you all so much for tuning in. Thank you so much for your questions. guys. It really means a lot. Your contribution to this team. to our vision, and to the entire SafeMoon Movement is amazing. It's absolutely amazing, and we wouldn't be here without all of you. It takes all of us to do this together, so.

T: Yeah.

R: That's all I have Thomas, including if you have anything.

T: No, that sounds great. I'll see, I'll see - Well, actually you know I do have one thing. See you in Miami in a few weeks.

R: Ohh yeah that's right yeah

T: We'll talk about that more soon, yeah?

R: Alright guys, well thank you for tuning in. I'm Ryan, Global Head of Products of SafeMoon.

T: Thomas, Chief Blockchain Officer.

R: Thank you so much for tuning in and we’ll see you in the next AMA.

T: Have a good one, guys.

SafeMoon is the Evolution.

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