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SafeMoon Sunday (Feb 13th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

CEO John Karony, Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga,

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing and Guests



The SafeMoon team invited all token listing partners to talk about their plans on SafeMoon Sunday! Two were able to make it.

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing introduces:

Enhance V2 (CEO Chase Coleman)

BEP-20 Token Launched Jan 2022

- Giveaways

- Military Mental Health

- SFM rewards (11% for every buy & sell)

- NFT lines

- More projects incoming

Shibnobi (CEO Cliff Fetner)

ERC- 20 Token Launched November 15th, 2021

- Promoters of Education and Safety

- 3 product Launches coming in 2022 (DEX DojoSwap, Katana Wallet, Kusari Blockchain)

- Metaverse planned for 2023 (Dojoverse)

- For more info they've created a SafeMoon Army FAQ section



Hayden (SafeMoon Director of Sales and Partnerships)

- Going through back log of applications.

- Hayden will reach out to those who qualify. 🚨Make sure it is the right Hayden as scammers have already started making fake Hayden accounts.

- To apply go to



- Upcoming update to include COLLECTIBLES

- ERC-20 side first (OpenSea integration)

- SafeMoon NFT lines to come after Collectible integration complete


- Customized default slippage applied for each token listing


- Insuring the treasury and inside the treasury we’re insuring the liquidity pool. Not insuring holders individual wallets.

- Important for Security of SafeMoon and its holders as well as Compliance.


- SafeMoon Swap is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) SafeMoon already has an Exchange

- Working on the CEX side. CEXs (Centralized Exchanges) require more from the compliance and regulatory side.


- 100 million requests and 27-28 million unique visitors! Rebuilt and ready for SCALABILTY to prevent future technical debt! Will be complete next week!!!

This is going to allow the addition of:

- Partner Portals

- Education Portal (SafeMoon Education)

- News Portal

SafeMoon Ecosystem

- Merch portal (shopify until we outgrow)

- Point of Sale System

" it’s going to allow us to bridge the gap of mainstream products and services and allow those products and services to be sold through our Swap partners and to the crypto-curious and crypto-core. Really exciting stuff that we’re working on." - Ryan "To sum it up, it makes it easier for mainstream companies to sell products using crypto." -John


- Thanks to the Education team and community management teams on Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Web2


Table of Contents:

Enhance with CEO Chase "Ace" Coleman

Shibnobi with CEO Cliff Fettner

SafeMoon Updates


John: Welcome to another SafeMoon Sunday! Shoutout to the Superbowl, Rams and Bengals are playing.

Ryan: Oh yeah, that’s going to be an eventful one.

John: *mumbles* Should be, I don’t know. To be honest I don’t really pay attention to those teams.

Ryan: The playoffs, for me, are here in the SafeMoon ecosystem’s “fishbowl” as we call it. This is the innovation layer that we’re working on so… but hey, those that do watch the Superbowl, more power to you.

John: Goooo… sports! Just ride the fence on that one - go sports!

So as you’ve seen on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and our website, we have our February Listing Frenzy going on! We’ve listed a lot of different tokens and we’ve brought a lot of people into the SafeMoon Galaxy. And Ryan… huge…

Ryan: Huge! Because these people that we’re bringing into the SafeMoon ecosystem, and we’ve said it before, they’re going to have benefits for whenever we develop our ecosystem with other partners, like mainstream companies we’re bringing in. These Swap partners that we’re bringing in are going to basically get first dibs on being able to connect with these other ecosystem partners through [SafeMoon] Connect.

John: Exactly. Great reception, a lot of hype around these listings. Let’s go ahead and give them a warm welcome to the SafeMoon Galaxy and the SafeMoon Family! On that, we’d like to welcome our new moon partner.

Enhance with CEO Chase “Ace” Coleman

Hayden: Hey SafeMoon Army! My name is Hayden Wing and I’m the Director of Sales and Partnerships with SafeMoon. Today we have Chase [here] and Chase, I know you have a lot of names so I’m not sure which I should use but go ahead and give us [your] introduction.

Ace: Let’s do this! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second greatest show on Earth. I am your host, the CEO of Enhance Token. My real name is Chase Coleman but I go by many names. Some call me Ace Boogie, some call me SafeMoon Ace, some call me Chasin’ Glory, some call me 50 Cent of Cryptocurrency, but whatever you want to call me, at the end of it, all you need to say is “long live the SafeMoon Army.”

Hayden: Hey man, I like Ace Boogie. It’s preferred. But yeah Ace, this is your second time here. The first time you were here to sign a contract [so] tell us about that experience.

Ace: So the first time we were here I brought my whole team, Rio McFarland, Matthew Hudson, Justin Gosselin and Zee Ahmed. That is our five-man squad there, and then we have our right hand Mr. Megatron. Everyone knows who Megatron is, I love all of those guys. [Megatron and Zee] couldn’t make it out there. We came out here to sign our official token partnership. I wanted to come back out here today because I like the atmosphere, man. I like to be in the building because I need the energy. So we’re here!!

Hayden: I feel it, I feel it! Explain who you are, how Enhance came about, also your roadmap for Enhance. So if you want to just dive into that for us, that’d be great!

Ace: Absolutely! This all started for me being #1 a SafeMoon diehard. I come from a sales background, [found my way at home during covid with not a lot of work], [and] fell into stocks. After getting my butt kicked [by the stock market] a few times, I fell over to Doge, and after Doge I fell into this thing called SafeMoon. It instantly struck me and just took me to this place that I hadn’t been in in a long time. I got this really good vibe about it and after I started doing some digging, I looked at all the people and I like to buy into people, too.

So I see John and Ryan and what they’re doing and it really took me from being a SafeMoon diehard to saying “I want to know how I can better assist.” I had a group of guys that [I] had been talking [with] and working on different projects, just trying to get our way in and I brought this idea to them. I said, “Guys, I want to create the #1 SafeMoon enhancement squadron to ever exist.” I would like to say that I feel like we can be the #1 contributing contract to SafeMoon. These guys were like, “Let’s do it.” We got together, put the plan together, and before you know it we were off to the races and a few short months later we’re signing an official token partnership with SafeMoon. It’s just been a blessing, I can’t say anything different.

Hayden: Totally. Since we have come together as a token partnership, what are your goals for Enhance and how you can integrate SafeMoon?

Ace: We want to be able to utilize the SafeMoon ecosystem as much as possible, which is why we have 11% SafeMoon rewards.

Hayden: You want to do a repeat on that? What’s the percentage?

Ace: 11%! 11% of every single transaction that is spent goes directly to buying SafeMoon out of their charts and rewarding our holders. It makes sense, right? Every single thing that we do, whether you buy a product, buy or sell Enhance, buy an NFT, anything like that, we buy SafeMoon! My numbers aren’t exactly correct here but I know that since we launched on the SafeMoon Swap, we’ve purchased over $600k worth of SafeMoon directly to their charts.

So yeah, we’re continuing to follow behind you guys as you pave the way. You’re making it easier on us to assist you “safely to the moon.”

Hayden: That’s great! So tell us a little bit more about - you said NFTs. I know you have some NFTs that have just been released and you’re planning on doing some more. You told me a pretty cool story about somebody in an ambulance - let’s talk about that story because that kind of blew my mind! Tell me about it.

Ace: So we’re leading up to a big project called the Enhanced Apes project. Leading up to that, we decided to do a couple of rounds of a raffle and get some presale Apes in there as well so we decided to launch this mask collection and call it an ‘unmasking event.’ We released the first one and it took about 5-7 days to sell out and somebody won $25k worth of SafeMoon. Immediately after that happened they started asking “Wen round two? Wen second round of the masks?” We decided to do another one, gave people a 50/50 shot of having the Enhanced Apes, and we gave out three different prizes [which were] 5 million SFM each. The second round sold out in 36 hours and I told people, “Hey, whenever it sells out we’re going to get into a Space and we’re going to give out all these prizes.” So we started to do that, one of the masks got called, and it just so happened that this guy had something happen and he was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital as we called out his mask number! He came up on a Space just the other day and gave his story about how he’s been able to help himself, help his mother, and really change their lives for the better.

That’s what we’re about. If you’ve been in some of our Spaces, [you’ll know] we’re about enhancing DeFi. We’re about bringing the community together, strengthening the community, and marching forward with a positive note. We’re going to continue to do that and that’s what’s got us this far so we’re not going to change any of that up.

Hayden: That’s awesome, man. We really appreciate you coming in. Let’s give a big welcome to the Enhance team, SafeMoon Army, and we’ll see more of you soon.

Ace: Absolutely! Let me just finish up with a few things that I want you guys to be on the lookout for. First thing I want you to do is go to That is going to tell you every single thing that we’re working on. We’ve got a project called the Enhanced Apes that’ll be coming out in a few weeks, we have our token on there obviously, we have other Enhance NFTs, we have our SES which is our SafeMoon Enhancement Squadron which is like a military-type thing. We have to get vetted-out and you can join that group via Megatron. We do a lot of things in the trenches and those guys go hard for the token. [We also] have a division called 22 Enhance. 22 Enhance is a division of mental health for military veterans. We want to make sure that mental health [of veterans is addressed.] It’s very serious and dear to our hearts, as well as the military community as [a whole.] For us to be able to put those two things together is really exciting.

So yeah, go check out our roadmap as well as the Enhanced Apes at We’re doing a lot of things. We just started the Enhanced Burn Project. We started with a $25k Buy and Burn and we plan to do $1 million of Buy and Burn throughout 2022.

There’s so much coming! I can’t get it all out in this little amount of time. Maybe we can always come back for a round two.

Hayden: That’s true! Well, thank you guys! We’ll talk soon.

Ace: Absolutely.

Shibnobi with CEO Cliff Fettner

Hayden: For our second token partner of February Frenzy we have Cliff Fettner who is the CEO and co-founder of Shibnobi, better known as SHINJA. Hey Cliff, how’s it going?

Cliff: It’s going really [well.] Glad to be here. Thanks for having us here.

Hayden: Yeah, no problem! So Cliff [and I] were talking before this and we were saying, “Hey, our team has been checking you out, looking at SHINJA for the last month and a half, and we were really impressed with the project.” When we reached out and talked to you, we thought this would be great for the SafeMoon Army. Could you dive in and talk about yourself, your team, the roadmap of Shibnobi and where you guys are looking to take yourselves in 2022.

Cliff: Sure! Again, my name is Cliff Fettner. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Shibnobi. My partner is Elsie. He and I started this up on November 15th. It has grown really fast! A lot faster than we had originally expected. It has been a really amazing journey even up to this point for us. The community that we’ve put together is just amazing. I know you guys are familiar with that because, I mean, look at the SafeMoon Army. You have an amazing community as well. We hope to be what you guys are some day. Community is super important to us and we truly feel that everything we’re doing has been possible only because of the community that we’ve put together.

We are working on an ecosystem of products, the focus in mind [being] to make things easier for crypto-enthusiasts that are coming into the space to be able to navigate, have tools at their fingertips that they can use easily instead of having to go out and find information, and then also focus on trying to make things safer because we all know that this space is full of people who are trying to scam people when they come into the space and they don’t know a lot about it at first. We’re trying to make things a little safer and then a big part of what we’re trying to do is education because obviously if we can educate people - a lot of that safety comes from the individual starting out. Those are the big things. The ecosystem of products that we’re putting together, our first product that we’ll be releasing in about a month is our Dojo Swap, our DEX. It is a multi-chain DEX. To start we’ll be on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. We will probably add other chains later as we continue developing. With that product we are trying to make [people] a little safer by requiring tokens that are going to list to go through a listing procedure. We are also making them KYC, so we’ve actually created a partnership with Certik International and we’re going to have [potential listed tokens] go through Certik’s KYC process [and] they will provide us a certificate showing us that the token project has passed before we let them on our Swap.

We took a little different approach. A lot of times different exchanges charge a fee to get [listed,] but we are not going to charge a fee. We are more about making sure that people have the same values, they’re trying to make the space better, to hopefully get better caliber projects into the ecosystem. That’s how we’re going to go after that.

The next project we have in the ecosystem is our Katana Wallet, which is a two-factor authentication wallet with biometrics. Again in that safety aspect, there will be an option in the wallet itself that you can turn on the function for biometrics and 2FA for every single transaction so this way if someone were to get ahold of your wallet they can’t really do anything without having your phone or something to authenticate against. It’ll be an option because if some people don’t want it [they] can turn it off, but we hope that everyone will try to be a little safer because that’s what it’s really about.

The next thing we’ll be releasing is our own blockchain which is our Kusari Blockchain. The Kusari Blockchain will fall under the same kind of premise as what we did with Dojo Swap. Today, anybody who is able to write a solidity contract can go out there and launch a project whenever they want. Anybody will be able to use our [blockchain’s] testnet but when it comes time to actually deploy and go to mainnet, they will still have to KYC with us prior to deploying. We’ve all seen how many rugpulls are out there. It won’t necessarily stop somebody from rugpulling but the concept behind it is that if projects know coming in that they have to go through this procedure to get on there and they have to KYC, so if they rugpull the information’s going to get out to the public. It’s going to make people think twice about it.

That’s our third product going into the ecosystem and then the fourth that we’re going to be working on, which actually isn’t going to be out until 2023, we’re going to have our own metaverse - what we call Dojoverse. What we’ve done with the Dojoverse is we’ve got DojoDiscs so you’ll come into our main DojoDisc to enter the Dojoverse and there’ll be directories and things like that to navigate where you’re going in the Dojoverse. There will be additional DojoDiscs so that people can buy plots of land and build businesses and things like that in there. We’ll have a bunch of other things like what we’ll call “Poppy Fields'' where you can farm, stake and things like that. Galleries for NFT artwork [can be found in there] or taverns where you can sit down and play a game of poker and P2E where you can earn tokens back. That kind of gives you an idea but the possibilities with the metaverse are endless. We’ll be continuing to build that out for a long, long time.

Those are on our immediate roadmap but as we check off things we’ll continue to build functionality into those products that I already talked about and continue to develop them out but also we’ll be keeping up with technology and the new things that are coming out and trying, like we all are, to stay one step ahead of the curve and developing other products. That’s kind of it in a nutshell.

Hayden: That’s awesome. So four products, and one that’s potentially coming out in 2023, that’s quite the roadmap. We’re super happy to have you in the SafeMoon Army and SafeMoon Family, Cliff. Just to wrap everything up, is there anything you want to guide the SafeMoon Army and also new people in the Shibnobi Army, where do you want to guide them to get more information on our partnership together?

Cliff: Sure. If you go to our website, on our website we’ve got an FAQ section and we actually built part of that FAQ section specifically for the SafeMoon Army. They have a little bit of a welcome area and a quick overview of what the project is. [We also] have our full blown FAQ document on the website. What we’ve been doing with our community is as people have questions we’re collecting the questions, trying to put answers to them and trying to put it back into the FAQ. There’s a static FAQ at the bottom of the website and there’s also a Help button in the bottom right hand corner that is more interactive. You can actually ask questions and it’ll pull up documents from the Knowledge Base and interact with you. The website’s also in multiple languages so you can click on the Language Selection button to choose [your language.]

Hayden: SafeMoon Army, if you want you can check that out on Shibnobi’s website. We also have a place on our website where you can find out about our partnership with Shibnobi and other tokens. Cliff, thank you so much for getting on with us today. We’ll be seeing you soon.

Cliff: Appreciate it, thank you.

SafeMoon Updates

John: Hayden did a great job! That was his first time on camera. For those of you who don’t know, Hayden is our Director of Sales and Partnerships, so if he reaches out to you on Discord, Twitter, or Telegram, yes that is Hayden and yes he does work for us! We’ve actually run into a few things where it’s been like, “Leave me alone, scammer!” and Hayden is like *sighs* But hey, good looking out and good being safe.

Ryan: I think someone already created a Twitter account with his face on it, too and it needed to be taken down. So make sure it’s the right Hayden! Because you want to be listed on the SafeMoon Swap, not the SafeMoom Swap. *laughs*

John: That’ll have to get approved. *laughs*

Anyway, there are a number of the SafeMoon Galaxy partners that couldn’t join us but we also want to welcome them. It’s a combination of our communities. The SafeMoon Galaxy is other communities joining the SafeMoon ecosystem. It’s really awesome to see. There have been a lot of applications and a lot of demand. Hayden is going through those backlog of applications. If you meet our requirements, he’ll be reaching out. And Ryan, how would you go about applying?

Ryan: If you are a company of a token or you have clever tokenomics and really want to innovate in this space, feel free to send us an application [by going to] If you meet our requirements, you might as well get ready because Hayden will be reaching out to you.

John: Let’s just dive into some of the big features… COLLECTIBLES!

Ryan: Huge feature! You guys have all been waiting, we’ve heard you, NFTs are coming to the SafeMoon Wallet. This is a huge change. This is something that the team has been working really hard on [and] is going to set the foundation for all of SafeMoon’s new NFTs that we’re going to start coming out with. We’ve already talked about the Naughty Nauts and we’ve talked about different series of SafeMoon NFTs that are going to be coming out. We needed to have this in place so that when we start rolling out with those we have a module that can handle that. When we start, we’re going to start with OpenSea integration on the Ethereum Network but soon we have plans to start expanding on that. We’ll get into that in a later AMA.

John: Yeah, especially when we start crossing the chains.

Ryan: Absolutely.

John: We’ll leave that one alone for another time.

Ryan: Oh, another change is slippage! So basically what we’re also doing with the SafeMoon Wallet is [making] it easier for newcomers and beginners in crypto that are using our wallet. Every SafeMoon Swap partner that comes onto our wallet, we’re actually setting out slippage settings to be set as default. Anyone who comes into the wallet and, [for example,] wants to swap BNB for any other swap partner that we have in the wallet, those slippage settings will be automatically set within the wallet.

This makes it so much easier because we’ve noticed that what happens is they don’t know the slippage settings, they don’t know how to set it up, the transaction doesn’t go through, and then they’re really upset. So we’re going to take that step out of it and make it a lot easier for our users. That’s just going to add to our user experience.

John: What is it? Accessibility, security and quality. This is an accessibility thing. Now, touching on the security pillar. As you’ve seen over the past few days, we’ve been moving our treasury around (LP is a function of treasury). What we’re doing right now is putting our treasury inside a more secure system that comes with insurance. That way we’re protected and our users are protected. For clarification, because there was some confusion with the Twitter post, we’re not insuring other people’s wallets. We’re insuring the treasury and inside the treasury we’re insuring the liquidity pool.

Ryan: It’s a huge peace of mind for users knowing that we’re taking all of the necessary steps that we possibly can to ensure that everything is secure and safe.

John: And compliant. Compliance is a big thing. You know, that’s something we’re working really heavily on right now are the compliance checklist and regulatory items, that way we can release the SafeMoon centralized exchange. I don’t think [people] realize that there’s already a SafeMoon Exchange. You have a decentralized exchange, which is a DEX, and when we say CEX we mean centralized exchange. So the SafeMoon Exchange already exists; we’re just adding the centralized aspect to it which requires more compliance and regulatory frameworks.

Anyway… merch! So we’ve been working on merchandise, getting that back up. We’ve been dealing with the supply chain and dealing with the logistics behind it, so you’ll be seeing some new items.

Then the website. We have, [the community] doesn’t actually get to see it but from our side it’s a huge deal with the amount of work with the backend.

Ryan: Oh, the backend dashboard is absolutely insane. So what we’ve noticed is whenever a lot of companies, especially startups, when they start up - what happens is that the company will scale to get much bigger but then you have all these backend systems that you’re working on or software products that you’re working with. Typically when a company gets really big you have to go back, and this is what they call legacy systems. They have to pull out the legacy systems and then build their own dashboard.

We’ve built that within SafeMoon so that dashboard that John’s talking about will basically allow us to onboard Swap partners much faster, it’s going to allow us to comb through applicants much faster, it’s going to allow all of our departments to work cross-functionally, and it’s going to allow all of our ecosystem partners, through a portal, be able to start adding all of their products and services into our ecosystem faster. We’re really tying this in and making sure we’re doing everything right from the beginning so later on we don’t have so much technical debt.

John: And the backend of the website. You guys did a lot of work to get more efficiency. We had 100 million people hit the website in December alone.

Ryan: A hundred million requests and 27-28 million unique visitors. Absolutely astronomical.

John: When our backend IT team reaches out they’re like, “Heeeey, we have a problem here.” I mean, it’s a good problem.

Ryan: They’re like, “What is this?” And the thing is too guys, is that what we’re doing on the backend - you guys might not notice or see this, but this is part of growing as a company. We’re also completely rebuilding the SafeMoon website and we’re rebuilding it in a better techstack. We’re very particular and organized in how we build our tech, so by doing this we’re going to optimize the website more so that way whenever we scale all of our products and services, that website’s all ready to rock and roll, it’s already for scalability, and as we start adding more portals and more entry access for other partners, [etc.], it’ll be [ready.] And by the way, that should be done next week.

John: Fantastic. Speaking of new portals, we’ll have a partner portal, a news portal, and an education portal being added to the website.

Ryan: We’ve already been working on beefing up the website. Now we’re going to be ready to start connecting our SafeMoon Education, connecting our merchandise… How are we going to do merchandise, by the way? We’re going to do it through a Shopify store… *pauses for confirmation*

John: Yeah, yeah, Shopify. For now, until we outgrow that, in which case, we move forward. Just from a scalability aspect and the fact that [we have] priorities of work, Shopify does the job.

Ryan: Correct, but then there’s this thing called the SafeMoon ecosystem where our merch will also be sold.

John: Exactly. Point of sale system, Ryan.

Ryan: Ah, a big one. So basically what the point of sale system does within the SafeMoon ecosystem is it’s going to allow us to bridge the gap of mainstream products and services and allow those products and services to be sold through our Swap partners and to the crypto-curious and crypto-core. Really exciting stuff that we’re working on.

John: To sum it up, it makes it easier for mainstream companies to sell products using crypto. Very simple.

Ryan: And I’d add a little detail to that: A lot of these mainstream companies don’t have the resources or the know-how or the knowledge of blockchain. We make it much easier for them to do so through our ecosystem.

John: And more convenient. Here’s an API plugin, done.

Thank you for joining us on this SafeMoon Sunday. I want to thank the community, I want to thank the education team - shoutout to them for their hyper-frequent updates. I want to thank the community management team, Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Web2! I want to thank the web2 community management team *laughs* Anyway, I want to thank the community management team for being amazing and being our frontline. I’m John, I’m the CEO of SafeMoon.

Ryan: And I’m Ryan, the Global Head of Products for SafeMoon.

John: Thank you for watching.