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SafeMoon Special (March 31st, 2022)

Updated: May 25, 2022

Welcome, SafeMoon Army to a brand new SafeMoon Special.

Now, we hope that you're all faring well and finding more new friendships and ways to enjoy life. Let's cover this straight out of the gate. We had hoped to hang out a few more times in March, but as can happen, the timeline shifts due to just how many different components are in play at any one time. I said, why don't we take a few moments to quickly run through all the great things we did get ass SafeMoon March Birthday Gifts.

SafeMoon Birthday Gifts

So first of all, we did get to enjoy the first-ever SafeMoon Special and get a look at the new branding. If you didn't catch our video yet, do be sure to seek it out. We also got to relocate our main home on the internet over to We're really happy that we now have the global standard in domain names, and we're working hard on building out the content and services that would appear there soon.

We were really thrilled to have MoonPay work with us. We managed to offer 0% fees for part of March. Now you really all seem to love it, and we're going to keep working to bring more opportunities and offers like that to you all in the future.

There were some SafeMoon Wallet updates and improvements that were released. We also have new swap listings on the SafeMoon Swap. Alongside that, we had the swap router upgrade, which we'll go into a bit more detail in a bit.

And we were finally able to announce some of the new recent hires, including our VP of Research and Development, a Director of Technology, and Director of Cryptography. All high-caliber individuals that really build out our team. More importantly, they're impact-focused, they're kind, and they're community-minded individuals. And at SafeMoon, it really is all about the greater good, however possible, and having more people on our growing team that share philosophies and can collaborate on ideas is not just hugely valuable for us internally. But that type of work and approach will show up in the work we do, which ultimately is for all of you.

Insight and Overview

Time Stamp 02:04

That experience matters to us because it matters to you. Yes, sometimes plans can change. A lot of the items we have been actively working on involve other key aspects, such as legal literature, privacy terms, data handling policies, data storage policies. There are also other aspects too, such as the creation of brand assets, support materials, handbooks, and staff guides. And then, you have to factor in multiple versions, translated languages, cross-platform.

You get the idea. And this is all before other new things come along to try and claim priority of our attention. What we do when we find new priorities start to impact any of our existing processes is actually to turn to our internal hiring team and get them on the case. They are brilliant at seeking out incredible new talent for us, and it's really important that we do this.

Many young organizations will try to get everyone wearing many hats, and for those that aren't familiar with the term, a hat in this context is like a position or a job or a role. What that means is you might be wearing, say, the marketing hat, and then suddenly you're also asked to wear the sales hat. We aim to notice when any of our team are having to wear an extra hat and actually look to bring the right person into own it fully and then subsequently hit it out of the park.

This means the best job is done at its highest quality, and there is always a short crossover time on this because the hiring process takes a little bit of time. But the process overall is now starting to serve us very well. So yeah, this month got a little quieter than planned in the middle, and that certainly wasn't the intention. Now, let's rewind and just take a moment to think about the brand reveal video.

We kicked off the month with one of the most well-received videos we've put out so far, and what has been most amazing is the community reaction. We truly, deeply cared about the content we were going to release in that specific video, and we really wanted you to be delighted with it. But we deeply underestimated just how much you were going to love it.

Stories of people rewatching it many times, Zeus saying that his heart rate was fast after and he was lost for words. We even heard stories of people sending it to their parents who listened to it in the car. The bit that we really loved was where we could include mentions of you, the community, showing how some of you have adopted the brand so far over the first year.

And because we didn't want you to have nothing after the video, we spent some time putting together some wallpapers. We figured a few people might like them. Boy, were we wrong. You loved to them! And within an hour, they were everywhere. You were creating new avatars and banners and putting them on your computers and on your Apple watches. It quite honestly exceeded all possible expectations. And what a relief it was because it's a huge risk to change the look and feel of a brand.

Granted, this was less of a change and more of an evolution, but it was still important to us that you would love what we were doing and not feel alienated by it. Needless to say, the relief and the joy we all felt after it was great, and watching you all enjoy the content was beautiful. The very first direct message I got as soon as it finished airing was one simple word: goosebumps.

We're now working hard, evolving the first set of branding into additional assets and features. And in the longer term, it will also show up in our interfaces and products as well. This isn't simply a case of running a brush over a canvas; the assets we produce are created within a 3D space with very intentional lighting and camerawork to create the right feeling, the mood.

The effect is to represent the values we talked about in that first video, that being future and space and technology, but also organic and life-giving. We also teased a screenshot of the upcoming SafeMoon exchange. What we didn't anticipate was a placeholder avatar that we used from an Adobe tool to be a problem. People start thinking that the person in there was part of what's going on.

AI Face Generation

Timestamp 06:26

That isn't the case, but it does give us another opportunity to show how we evolve. Moving forward, the placeholder people images we use within our products for our prototypes and mockups will not be real people. They will be 100% artificially intelligently generated. None of these people you are looking at are real. They are created by an AI face generation system.

Our system is a web-based tool, and other people do use them. So we would never say it's 100% impossible for them to show up somewhere else because, ultimately, it's drawing from a shared set of information, but at least they won't be a real person. And this is just one of those ways we're always looking to involve different approaches and new technology into what we do.

We could have just changed the avatars to start using solid colors, but we decided what might be a more interesting way to solve the problem? Now, we want to take just a moment to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to our amazing branding and design team. They have been really knocking the evolution of the SafeMoon branding out of the park, and we cannot wait for you to see what they have been working on since that initial reveal very soon.

We also saw John appearing at South by Southwest for a full day of panels and talks, and SafeMoon also held a full SafeMoon Saturday at South by Southwest, meeting community members and industry big hitters to talk about the space and its impact potential. The key topic was very much all about return on impact, and those talks are available on YouTube and via the SafeMoon Education site if you're interested in hearing them.

SafeMoon Swap Upgrade

Timestamp 08:02

Now, we would love to talk to you about the SafeMoon Swap upgrade. Now, this upgrade was focused on adding even more features and flexibility to the SafeMoon Swap, laying the ground for cross-chain and even more opportunity for us to evolve the system and bring more utility to it.

Now, as soon as we can, we will also be deploying Swap & Evolve and cross-chain swap on top of the new technology there. You can find out more about Swap & Evolve by asking in our communities that connect you with the details and the educational articles in the best format for you. The biggest message really, though, is to say thank you for your patience.

Thank you to all of you in the community and to the community team and the development team and the core team. This was the first time this had been done, and a lot was learned. We've already started debriefing as a team, and we will also do so with our partners. We're producing new process guides and information gates for the future, and this will mean that if we ever have to do this again, we'll be significantly more optimized in the process and can mitigate all of the scheduling items that we encountered on this first time around.

As I think we've mentioned before, hypothesize, test, pivot. We want to give a particularly giant special thanks to all of our incredible partners who were flexible, friendly, and quite simply brilliant throughout the whole process. It's so reassuring to work with those that understand this is new tech in an evolving space. There isn't an instruction book. Things don't always go as planned because reality exists. And when you all understand that, it makes it easier to collaborate and to work through anything that comes up.

So please do remember to check out the partner section on and get familiar with all the brilliant teams that helped get this new Swap upgrade live alongside us now. Now, we also mentioned a few times about wanting to ensure the month ended with some fireworks for you all, and that's why we're really here, right?


Timestamp 10:15

So shall we begin? A very quick conversation around NFTs. I'm pleased to report that the NFTS are underway. We're using a fantastic team to develop them out with lots of concepts and thinking, instead of just doing what everyone else has done. We're taking very intentional time to sculpt and work in a 3D environment because ultimately the NFTs are not necessarily the final destination of this work.

We have some very exciting plans that will come off the back of it. And I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek behind the scenes here. But really, one of the things we most want to do is thank you, the SafeMoon Army. So we worked with Hypa to put together this short birthday video just for you. Truly, the message is a giant intergalactic thank you for being the very best community.

Upcoming Competition

Timestamp 12:00

We get to be a part of that community alongside you, and it really feeds us at our core. Now, talking about community, we're going to be bringing more competitions and giveaways soon because that's something you've all been asking for. And we would love to share a taste of what's ahead.

Today, we are pleased to announce the first of our new bigger scale competitions that's going to be with you very soon. We will shortly be launching a competition to design the next New York billboard, and that will go on display in Times Square. This is a huge value prize and an opportunity for the creators in the community to potentially get their work on display in one of the most famous locations in the world.

And as well as your work being on display, you'll win SafeMoon tokens as prizes. And there will be runner-up SafeMoon prizes for those that don't quite nab the winning spot. We'll be launching a competition page with all the details soon, as well as a portal for submitting your entries. And while it's not confirmed yet, it is possible we may also be accepting video billboard entries as well.

We can't wait to see how creative everyone gets. Now it's not all about billboards. We're also working on some truly wonderful collaborations behind the scenes to put together some custom items for the community. One such collaboration is with the incredible Kemper. We're working with them on some custom snow product projects, and we'll share more as we get closer to those being ready to show off.

Limited Edition SafeMoon Computer Timestamp 13:39

In the meantime, why not check out their website and enjoy how much they really strive to bring fun into snow sports with their retro colors and striking designs. Now, next up, let's talk powerful computing. We have another collaboration in the works with a detail-focused and amazing team over at Xidax. They have taken the time to build out a limited edition SafeMoon computer.

There are only three. They will be signed by John and they will have a connected NFT with them, too. The pictures we're showing here are of the actual machines. They are built and the builds were completed at the start of this week. They're currently pending their final customization, which would include SafeMoon decals and then, finally, John's signature.

We will soon share how you can get your hands on one of these amazing machines, as well as information on some further collaborations coming in the future. And we would like to give a huge thank you to Xidax for working on this with us, for you, the community. It is an absolute pleasure collaborating with them. So you can see we really are now looking at more ways for you to engage with us and for us to play together.

And speaking of playing, don't forget we have a gaming Discord where our gaming community hangs out. John even drops by from time to time to play games with the community, too, and we hope to have more gaming-related news in the months ahead.

SafeMoon Exchange Sneak Peek Timestamp 14:55

Sitting on these things and having to wait to tell you is tough, but we hope you agree it is worth it. We have more coming in April and May because updates got a little pushed out (thanks, reality), but it does mean there is still more to look forward to, including the new SafeMoon website and new website feature sections. Now, it isn't all about competitions, giveaways, and collaborations, although we do enjoy them. We know the products are important, and today feels like a great time to give you more of a look at the SafeMoon Exchange.

One of the reasons this process takes as long as it does is that it's not simply a case of deploying some software. To operate our software, you have to have the right licenses, and those licenses are many and varied globally. And when I'm talking licenses, I don't mean software licenses. I mean regulation and operational licenses to actually transact in different locations around the world.

But we're well ahead of the game now, and we're certain you'll be happy with what we have achieved by the time the exchange does launch. But all of that is behind the scenes process. You can't really sink your eyes into that. So shall we talk about the design more? You may recall in the video at the start of March, it was noted how there has to be an order to things.

When it comes to visuals, we really wanted to ensure that you were happy with the direction we were taking for the branding. As covered earlier, it seems like you were very delighted with the path taken. So we have since moved on to evolving those assets and starting to apply them to our products.

While the majority of the exchange functionality is good to go, the process of ensuring that it's matched with a user experience and design that makes the product a joy to use is important to us because, ultimately, that experience is important to all of you. So a quick disclaimer: the screenshots we're sharing today are the designs that the code team are now implementing, rather than screenshots of the live in-development exchange because ultimately those views aren't quite finished yet.

We want you to get a better idea of how the final product looks, rather than something that's halfway done. So please keep in mind that what you see in the following shots are not necessarily final features, final pairings, final wording, final terms, you get the idea. Everything is ultimately subject to change, but we didn't want that to result in you waiting even longer to see what you can expect.

So if you promise not to take everything 100% literally, let's have a little peek, shall we? Can you say dark mode? We have developed with dark mode as the priority design approach. We know it is important to you all after the work on the wallet. And we made sure that that's where we started from for the SafeMoon Exchange. Here you can see how we've taken our SafeMoon color palette and used the expanded range to really allow us to avoid looking like a sea of green and black.

And it was really critical that we had additional colors to make the interface clear and easy to read. But we're SafeMoon, and we also felt that wasn't quite good enough because, as you know, we're impact-focused. So one of the questions we asked ourselves is how might this color scheme impact those with red-green color blindness, something we have seen mentioned in relation to other exchanges out there.

So we are capitalizing on a theme engine that will allow you to switch to different color schemes and perhaps even configure your own themes in the longer term. That way you could create a scheme that best fits your needs. You might even develop a light mode if you're feeling a bit cheeky. This means we can create super-high contrast versions, font-sized versions, and do more to improve the usability and accessibility of the entire exchange for our entire user base for you.

Let's run through a few other shots while I talk about some of the other ambitions we have for the exchange and how we're approaching it. We really want to build a product that goes beyond what is expected of an exchange. All too often, you see the same widgets and controls and acronyms, confusing buttons. It can be especially daunting to those who have never done trading or used an exchange before but who really want to get into it.

Our first version will mimic these classic design approaches because they are expected by the people who already use exchanges. And we feel that is the best way to serve those of you that want those tools. But as we move further into our development stages after we go live, we're going to go beyond that. #EVERYONEPROOF Timestamp 19:28

We have a mission that will guide the next few years for SafeMoon, which we are calling "Making Things #EveryoneProof." This is SafeMoon's core value to break out of the complexities of terminology that keep the space locked away from regular users and provide a much more friendly and understandable suite of products and services that everyone can use confidently, never feeling confused about what they're looking at or why they're looking at it.

This will mean not just developing an interface toggles and components in the user journeys. We believe it will mean fully redefining the terminology of the entire market, creating a more accessible and common sense approach to the features and functions of exchanges and crypto products as a whole.

And we fully understand that this is not going to be a simple undertaking. We're looking at a number of routes to achieve that goal. One of those will be to collaborate with all of you, the community. Perhaps even creating an open-source project to define and develop these terms and approaches. Think something similar to the Mozilla foundation or the HTML foundations and how they defined those standards for the market.

In addition to this, as we build out the new version of our main website at, we're looking to integrate all of the education content into a feature-rich database. From this database, we will create an API connection. And for those that don't know, this is a type of connection that lets different digital tools and products talk to each other behind the scenes.

The outcome is that we can then look to bring the educational content directly into our exchange interface and we can display it at context-sensitive times. That means the right info in the right place at the right time. We don't plan to stop education content. We can bring in the information and news about the tokens and coins being looked at, our partner statuses, what their tokens are around, and even the community conversation, so you can really get close to the talk about the tokens and coins.

Part of the way we make this work is by taking advantage of a design and development process called BDD. Now, this stands for behavior-driven development. The approach itself relies on having lots of conversations, and we do that throughout the development and QA process to catch and evolve elements all the way through. The reality of development projects is that it is incredibly difficult to get every last detail figured out before a project starts.

But you don't want to wait until the end of a project to find surprises. So taking this intentional path, which factors that reality in, means we can quickly iterate the right products based on the true needs of users instead of assumed ones. Now the real value of this approach will start to show up in the world probably around version two or three of the exchange, once we get the expected version released for those who are already familiar with what an exchange is and how it works, because we don't want to delay the delivery because of that bigger vision. We're very pleased to report that the exchange is under active development and it will be released this year.

As you know, we don't really do dates now, but we will do updates between now and launch. There will also be a Captain's Log about this soon, too, with more details on the process. Oh, and did we mention that the entire exchange will work on mobile from Day 1? We'll leave you to decide if that or dark mode is your favorite feature so far.

Now, what might we possibly talk about after the SafeMoon Exchange, which is probably why a lot of you are here? Well, this one isn't a product, but it has been super hard to keep secret. You may have noticed that our video format has changed just a bit, evolved if you will. Well, the thing about evolution is that it generally doesn't stop. It keeps going.

Studio Manager

Timestamp 23:18

Part of what we want to do moving forward is [bring] more exceptionally high quality, real-world video content, creating the stage for incredible discussions with even more incredible people. To bring this vision to life, we also have to bring on the right people. In fact, the best people. So today, we are jump-up-and-down excited to reveal that joining us is the Technical Director for football legend and studio owner John Madden, Sketch.

And yes, we're talking about that John Madden: Madden Sports Center. Sketch also comes with a historical personal recommendation from John Madden himself. Sketch is already hard at work, shaping and developing the revised SafeMoon studio, as well as our approach to live video content, our content platforms, and the future of our video and audio unit.

We are so, so thrilled to have his wealth of experience and tremendous kindness on our team to evolve the video future of SafeMoon for us all. So how did you enjoy all of that? We did say we had some fireworks for you. I guess this is the point where we say, "See you next time for another SafeMoon Special," or at least it could be.

What if it wasn't? What if we might have one last big final firework to set off? HODL up. Check this out.

SafeMoon Card & Closing Timestamp 24:49

Yes. The SafeMoon card is so close that you can see it floating in front of you right now. We are tremendously pleased to say that we are on track for delivering the SafeMoon card in Quarter 2 as planned and wanted to give you the very first look at the launch edition as part of this birthday month. This will be a limited-run card only for the first-ever users, and it will never be produced again in the future.

We really hope that actually once your cards hit their expiry date, maybe they become collector's items. Maybe you frame them. Who knows? Now, you might also spot something else. There are no personal details on the front. This means you can take pictures of your card and share them about without any worry of your details leaking.

And we have some plans for why we've ensured this is possible in the future. More on that at a later date. There are a number of features coming with the card itself, such as being able to securely manage it within the SafeMoon mobile app. We have an additional secret, very surprising features that we're not quite ready to announce just yet, but we do know that they're going to wow you.

We hope you are excited by this design. We really are. And we're very, very excited to get it into your hands very soon.

You'll also see some more from the Captain's Log and, at the right time, another SafeMoon Special. Until then, be kind to each other. Actually, one last thing: last time we gave you some wallpapers as an instant going away gift. So we asked ourselves what might we possibly give you that is even more interesting than the wallpapers?

Today, shortly after this video, please head into the communities, where the community team will shortly be able to point you to an augmented reality version of the SafeMoon card. Yes, it is a bit of a novelty, but it's also a bit of a technical test for some future plans. So have fun with it because, when all is said and done, shouldn't we always be having a bit of fun? Life really is too short not to.

Thank you for joining us today as we start ramping up the delivery phase. We hope you agree that saving these times we meet for when we really have some special things to share is more exciting. But as always, we love to hear your feedback in the community, so we continue to improve what we do because, as you know, we do this for you, with you, together. Because we are family, we are SafeMoon.

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