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SafeMoon Pulse - (September 2022 Recap)

Updated: Nov 15, 2022


Table of Contents:


1. SafeMoon Products: Orbital Shield | SafeMoon Wallet

2. Partnerships: 5 New Partnerships | Current Partnerships

3. SafeMoon Education: New Article | New Video Format


🗣️September Communications🗣️

SafeMoon Exchange - SafeMoon Card 💳 - Orbital Shield Beta


SafeMoon Sanctuary - MoonCast - SafeMoon Labs

SFM Insider - SafeMoon Lowdown - SafeMoon Pulse


SafeMoon Gaming - SafeMoon Security Awareness - SafeMoon Website

SafeMoon Exchange - SafeMoon Key Moments - SafeMoon SWaP - Captain's Log

This SafeMoon Pulse edition recaps the month of September.

1. SafeMoon Products


Powered by SafeMoon

In the Captain's Log SafeMoon CEO John Karony released in June he made statements about SafeMoon's dedication to security.

"...Our security technology is a priority from the inception of any new product or service we seek to bring to life. It remains a pillar upon which SafeMoon will grow."

John Karony

SafeMoon CEO

He continued on in the log announcing that SafeMoon created "patent-pending, world-leading security technology" and that it will be incorporated into all of SafeMoon's fintech offerings!! Read more here.

This past month SafeMoon released a short clip revealing the name and branding of this security product. Orbital Shield powered by SafeMoon.

Branding Process

SafeMoon also posted a behind-the-scenes video on the branding creation process of Orbital Shield sharing that a lot of collaborations, discussions, and imagining were involved during the brand's development.

Since the Orbital Shield reveal a few updates have been released. You can view them in the "Progress Update" section below.


SafeMoon Wallet

The team continues to improve on, iterate, and build upon the SafeMoon Wallet. Along with updates, and improvements you can now send, receive, and import tokens on both the Polygon and Avalanche Chains!

📲Polygon Chain added (Send, Recieve, Import)! 📲Avalanche Chain added (Send, Recieve, Import)!

SafeMoon Education Manager, Cats published two new articles elaborating on the updates incorporated this past month. To view the articles visit or click one of the images below.

Below is a full list of all that was done with the SafeMoon Wallet this month.

  • Polygon Chain added (Send, receive, and import tokens)

  • Interact with DAPPS on Polygon using Walletconnect

  • Hide Collectibles feature added (Choose Collections to hide or unhide from view)

  • Avalanche C-Chain added (Send, receive, and import tokens)

  • View Collections on Avalanche-C

  • Interact with dapps on Avalanche-C via Walletconnect

  • Updated send screen for Collectibles

  • Updated chain selector and add contact screen

  • Bug fixes and improvements

2. Partnerships


SafeMoon announced five new partnerships this past month! Mirror Protocol (BTC Mirror), Vanity, Rarefind, and, Hyper launch partners, MetaMerce & XStudio. All five new partners' tokens were officially added to the SafeMoon SWaP.

BTC Mirror (Mirror Protocol)

Introduced as a SafeMoon Moon Partner the latest reveal Mirror Protocol's BitCoin Mirror was added to the SafeMoon SWaP on September 28th.

The first of its kind peer generated Blue Chip Diversification Platform. The mirror protocol allows individuals to elect their primary reward and stake to participate in a peer based staking ecosystem.

The Mirror Protocol is an innovative ecosystem of tokens that reward token participants for their possession of the token. This reward is predominantly given based on the volume of the token on a distributed ledger. This volume-based rewards strategy allows individual token participants in possession of the token to benefit via a 4% fee on each transaction. Learn more.


Vanity was announced as a SafeMoon Meteor partner and added to the SafeMoon SWaP on September 20th.

Vanity is one of the first tokens released on any blockchain to provide Custom Wallet Addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Litecoin, and Dogecoin Chains as either collectibles or functional with their Split-key Technique. The split-key technique is what makes Vanity addresses so safe. Using only the public key of the customer, the team is able to generate a partial key that is useless for anyone except the owner of the Vanity Key. Using both keys, the owner is able to merge them together and create the new Private Key to import the Vanity Address into any wallet. Learn more.

" WE ARE LIVE! @safemoon x @vanitytoken! We are officially a Partner of Safemoon! ...Now available on Safemoon SWAP! We're so proud of this achievement and worked really hard.

- Vanity



RareFind was announced as a SafeMoon Comet partner and added to the SafeMoon SWaP on September 26th.

Rare FND wants to ensure that the innovators amongst all of us are given the best opportunity to make their ideas a success! Helping startups and charities reach their goal on their zero commission crowdfunding platform utilizing Give2Earn!

Crowdfunding with the speed and flexibility of crypto! The first and only platform to offer a cryptocurrency-based fundraising program. Contribution rewards can be delivered in minutes, not months using our revolutionary NFT fractionalization and steganography technology – a first in the cryptocurrency and crowdfunding space. Offering fiat-based payments as well using credit and debit cards for those less tech-savvy individuals. Learn more. Join their active🗨️telegram here.

"We are delighted to share the start of a long term partnership with @safemoon.... Did you hear about the Safemoon debit card FND will be in yet?"

"🚨 NEW LONG TERM PARTNERSHIP 🚨We welcome the @safemoon Army to join us in helping startups and charities reach their goal on our zero commission crowdfunding platform utilizing Give2Earn!!"

- RareFnd



Trading went live for SafeMoon Hyper Launch Partner XStudio on September 30th exclusively on the SafeMoon SWaP.

XStudio seeks to empower artists via a curated marketplace. Already a familiar Australian brand The XStudio was the early broadcasting location for Amazon’s Audible and Kids Disney and primarily focuses on existing and emerging artists. The XStudio is also a go-to venue for labels such as SONY, Warner Music, Universal, EA Games E-Sports, and more. For additional information visit

"We have loved working closely with Ron Creevey and his team getting them ready to enter [the] SafeMoon EcoSystem🔥🎶"

Hayden Wing

SafeMoon Director of Sales



On September 22nd, trading went live for SafeMoon Hyper Launch Partner MetaMerce token exclusively on the SafeMoon SWaP.

MetaMerce, an ERC20 deflationary token, aims to revolutionize the secondary goods industry by partnering with the nation’s largest retailers, utilizing reverse logistics programming, and creating a virtual reality e-commerce platform within the metaverse sector, a MetaMerce market.

Their vision is to become a global distributor within this expected trillion-dollar market. Learn more.

"Feels so surreal! We here at @MetaMerce_Token are truly blessed! #SAFEMOONARMY us #MetaMercenaries are proud to be a part of the #SAFEMOONFAMILY"

- Ron Medeiros

MetaMerce CO-Founder

MetaMerce team co-founders Brian, Aaron Golden, Adam S., and Ron Medeiros at SafeMoon HQ.



Another partnership upgrade took place this past month. SafeMoon announced that Block Busters Tech has "evolved" into a SafeMoon Moon Partner. Adding to the announcement that the Block Busters Tech team "continue to focus on their ambitious plans and we're happy they choose to call the SafeMoon SWaP a home."

Click here for all SafeMoon SWaP listings, how to apply, and more.

3. SafeMoon Education

New Article

The SafeMoon Education Team published an article breaking down a SafeMoon SWaP transaction. The article looks at the public blockchain beginning with the initial transaction, then explaining the SafeMoon SWaP & contract fees, to the final token delivery. A special thank you to SafeMoon Senior Discord Moderator, Explorer. You can view the article by visiting

New Video Format

The SafeMoon Education Team collaborated and released the first video style format of Pulse last month. If you missed last month's recap you can view the video along with the corresponding Pulse article here or by visiting the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel.


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