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SafeMoon Pulse - (October 2022 Recap)

Updated: Dec 26, 2022


Table of Contents:


1. SafeMoon Products: SafeMoon Wallet | SafeMoon Orbital Shield

2. Partnerships: 🆕New Partnerships | Current Partnerships

3. SafeMoon Education: New Articles | Pulse - Episode 2

4. SafeMoon Team Twitter Accounts: Sales | Gaming

5. SafeMoon Internal Staffing: Internal Promotion | Career Opportunities 6. SafeMoon Networking Opportunities: Algarve Classic Festival | World of Web3 Summit | Utah Blockchain Coalition | Polygon Munich Guild Event


🗣️September Communications🗣️

SafeMoon Orbital Shield | Internal Company Leadership | Community Concerns


MoonCast | SafeMoon Security Awareness | SafeMoon Pulse

SFM Insider | SafeMoon Lowdown | Mod-Hosted Twitter Space |

SafeMoon Website | SafeMoon V2 Contract Address | Exchange Listings

SafeMoon Service Status | SafeMoon Career Opportunities | SafeMoon SWaP | SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Card | Captain's Log | SafeMoon Key Moments

This SafeMoon Pulse edition recaps the month of October.

1. SafeMoon Products

SafeMoon Wallet

The SafeMoon Wallet team is hard at work on the SafeMoon Orbital Shield Beta wallet updates. However there was a small update pushed last month for iOS fixing some bugs, improving features, and also incorporating some backend performance-enhancing upgrades. Below is the bullet-point list of the update pushed last month.

  • Viewing balance for "all chains" is now working as intended

  • Transactions after swapping are now displaying properly

  • Calculator improvements

  • Collectibles UI improvements

  • Fixes an issue with Binance-pegged ETH token history

  • Fixes an issue when selecting max amount in the SWaP on some tokens

  • Backend upgrades for improved performance

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

SafeMoon Orbital Shield (SOS)

Powered by SafeMoon

As SafeMoon mentioned in September, Orbital Shield is going through beta testing. SafeMoon shared some results with the community last month about Orbital Shield's ongoing development mentioning that after the completion of a third-party program that tested for any vulnerabilities in the security of Orbital Shield, no system or data compromises occurred!

In September SafeMoon also shared that external beta testers were slowly being invited to test the Orbital Shield Beta. The external beta testers selected were given the okay to share their ongoing beta version updates and screenshots with the community.

"Companion Wallets - Pressing this will link all of your loaded wallets to your SafeMoon Master Wallet - Pressing this will link an individual wallet to your SafeMoon Master Wallet. If you move to a different device, you will be able to bring all of your Companion wallets to the new device by logging in with your unsername and password. Your recovery Phrases or Private Keys are never stored or sent anywhere"

So much exciting information was shared. One of the community external beta testers, Danology, captivated Orbital Shield's security features by creating a list mentioning the 256-bit encryption used, the zero data storage due to the real-time decryption of anonymized data, the patent-pending seed phrase regeneration, 2-factor authentication, 24-word seed phrases, and more!

Some screenshots also circulated which answer the question of how to know SafeMoon Orbital Shield is a quality security product you can trust.

The answer provided reads,

"This security has been integrated and developed by experts within the industry. These experts have worked with many high-level companies and individuals, including the US government. The technology is backed by years of development to ensure that it is as secure as it can be at the time."

Towards the end of the month, SafeMoon shared some gratitude to the BETA users and QA Engineers for the many improvements added mentioning that these will enhance the ease of use and fluidity of SafeMoon Orbital Shield.

To learn more about SafeMoon Orbital Shield take a look at the October 8th edition of the SafeMoon Lowdown by heading over to


2. Partnerships


Shido FInance

Shido was announced as a SafeMoon Comet partner and added to the SafeMoon SWaP on October 26th. Shido tweeted about the new partnership saying their partnership with SafeMoon is long-term and spans over several areas and that Shido is now available for purchase on the SafeMoon SWaP.

"Shido officially partners with @SafeMoon! Big long-term partnership for Shido that spans over several areas. $SHIDO is now listed on SafeMoon Swap and Wallet. Shido have upcoming Twitter Spaces with the SafeMoon Community and much more to come. 🔥"

- Shido

The Shido Ecosystem started to take shape during the Fall of 2021. The Shido team's mission is to introduce and create a safe entry to crypto for investors. With their already live NFT marketplace and multi-chain wallet, Shido plans to release their Exchange and debit card by the years end and continue to develop their P2E gaming platform.

To learn more visit



BBTF SafeMoon Partner Stories

Another SafeMoon Partner Story was uploaded to the SafeMoon Official YouTube channel this past month where SafeMoon CEO John Karony interviews Block Busters Tech CEO Don Bailey.

SafeMoon Partner Billboard

The BBTF Official Twitter account also shared that their Partnership billboards with SafeMoon "are going up nationwide!"

SafeMoon HQ Neighbors

Block Busters Tech COO Troy Smothers announced that the new BBTF headquarters is located next to SafeMoon's HQ in a video while dropping off some of their Merch to SafeMoon Sales Director Hayden Wing and SafeMoon's Sales and Growth Manager Jonas Harmer.

3. SafeMoon Education

New Articles

The SafeMoon Education Team published two new articles this past month.

The first article dives into slippage, what it is, how it can affect your experience within DeFi, and how SafeMoon's SWaP has the ability to help with the often confusing task of setting the correct slippage You can view the article by clicking here or by visiting

The second article looks at gas fees explaining how gas fees work on the Binance Smart Chain by briefly describing the differences in blockchain mechanisms and explaining Gwei.

Pulse - Episode 2

The SafeMoon Education Team released another video-style format of SafeMoon's Monthly Pulse recap last month. If you missed last month's visit the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel or you can view the video along with the corresponding Pulse article by visiting

4. SafeMoon Team Twitter Accounts

Two new SafeMoon Team Twitter accounts were announced this month. A new account for the SafeMoon Sales & Partnership Team (@SafeMoonSales) and a SafeMoon Gaming account (@SFM_Games).

Want to be involved in the next Community Gaming Event?

Join the Official SafeMoon Gaming Discord and watch for announcements of

upcoming events.

Don't want to play but would like to watch?

Tune into Official SafeMoonGaming Twitch's live stream.

5. SafeMoon Internal Staffing

Internal Role Change

After serving as SafeMoon's Vice President of Operations for just over a year, Joshua Chilcutt revealed that he has been appointed to the role of SafeMoon's Chief of Staff! Congratulations Josh!

Career Opportunities

SafeMoon continues internal expansion! SafeMoon's Head of Talent Acquisition Andrew Woodle shared 2 new job listings last month. One for a SOFTWARE ENGINEER and another for a Sr. Full Stack Developer.

SafeMoon reminds everyone to be on the lookout for consistent new career opportunities as they continue to "expand [their] blockchain technology and ecosystem!"

You can view new listings by heading over to

6. SafeMoon Networking Opportunities

Some of the SafeMoon staff took part in some events and networking opportunities this month.

Algarve Classic Festival

SafeMoon CEO John Karony posted some images from the Algarve Classic Festival in Lisbon, Portugal where he "met some amazing people".

World of Web3 Summit

He also stopped into the World of Web 3 Summit while there.

Utah Blockchain Coalition

On October 19th SafeMoon's Chief Of Staff and Utah Blockchain Coalition Executive Board member Joshua Chilcutt joined in on discussions about Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto with political crypto supporters and Senators Mike Lee and Cynthia Lummis.

Polygon Munich Guild Event

SafeMoon fellow educator, Gandalf represented SafeMoon at the Polygon Event in Munich, Germany in support of SafeMoon comet partner One_Immortl. In a tweet after the event, Gandalf shared that he "spread the word of SafeMoon and met some awesome people, companies, and investors."


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September Communications

SafeMoon Orbital Shield

SafeMoon CEO John Karony answered a few questions the community asked about Orbital Shield last month and shared some thoughts on Twitter about Orbital Shield. He reminded everyone that Orbital Shield is being implemented into the SafeMoon App first and also shares that he is "considering opening up SOS [Safemoon Orbital Shield] to other Web3 businesses to license and use" for their security.

John's Quotes

"...Orbital Shield is being implemented into the SafeMoon App first, however many companies/industries could utilize Orbital Shield to improve the security of their products.🙂"

"...Security frequently takes place in an applications background. Wish we could have added cool sound effects, but we elected not to do that at this time."

"I believe Twitter and other platforms should use SafeMoon Orbital Shield (SOS) as its user credentialing system. Nobody likes mass data breaches. I am considering opening up SOS to other Web3 businesses to license and use."

Internal Company Leadership

Chief of Staff Joshua Chilcutt popped in on a Twitter Space last month to converse with the community. He shared a little about himself, SafeMoon's company leaders, and working with CEO John Karony.

Joshua Chilcutt
"All of the senior leaders that are around John are amazing individuals in their own right. I shared with John a couple weeks ago that I am envious of the 40-year-old John because he's been surrounded by such ... high-quality and high-caliber leaders and he has a willingness to learn beyond any CEO I have ever worked with."

Community Concerns

Global CM

SafeMoon's Global Community Manager, Veno addressed some community concerns with the goal of providing as much transparency as possible in a long heartfelt message this past month on Reddit. You can read his message in this month's corresponding Pulse article.

Hey SafeMoon Reddit, let's talk. Hey SafeMoon Reddit. Veno here, SafeMoon Global Community Manager. I wanted to stop on in and say hello as I have not yet had the pleasure to sneak on in here and chat with you all, and introduce myself. I was previously a CM in our extensive discord network, and now I'm overseeing the other platforms like reddit and facebook as well. So I wanted to touch base with you all, mention a few things that may be on your mind, and answer what questions I could. Not very 'AMA' style as I'm still getting my footing with all the moving parts in several situations, but as close as I can get I suppose. 😎 Wall of text, incoming! 🪦 'We're being censored!' 😶 No of course nobody wants to censor you. The moderators here are always looking to simply enfore standard rules to protect the community. When controversial things are posted, sometimes the staff/mods here look for guidance, and yesterday my guidance was to remove some of these styled posts, knowing some of you would be upset at the action. The goal here wasn't censorship, but to protect the atmosphere. Now I already know that won't fly with some of you, because it sounds so generic. But these decisions are made with a lot of consideration, information, data, and understanding of every angle of issues, actions, and results. These decisions are made carefully and thoughtfully, looking for what's best in any given situation. I know that answer will be twisted into a weapon by some, but so can be almost everything anyone says. I believe the effort to communicate with you is important, because I know some of you just want to understand a situation in any way possible. If there is any request I see at the top of all other's it's calling for transparency. So this is my best effort towards that end with what little I can say. I'm an analogy person, so let me use one for this example as to why we make the decisions we do. With a lot of things in consideration (extreme patience for products, condition of the markets, world events, state of the economy, concerns of your own personal investments, etc), I feel we know the general mentality of our audience and community day to day, even if you don't think we do. These mentalities can be similar to a room filled with fuel. When controversial things are posted, it can be similar to bringing a torch into that room filled with fuel. Even if you think it's going to light the way, the outcome will likely be combustion, chaos, and more frustration, and not the outcomes you are hoping for either way. 'SafeMoon is Silent!' 💤 The complexity is mountains more than you could ever know, especially when you involve anything in the hands of a lawyer or court. When a conversation even touches the land of legal anything, I hand out the usual 'no comment' responses and advise all the teams to do the same. It will continue to be this way, and is fairly standard business practice. The Secret Sauce, ain't so secret. 🍅 It's no secret that we are aiming to guide our community towards a calm, respectful, and more positive mindset. This isn't some kind of trick, these things actually have a measurable impact. Having decades of experience between many of us in these matters, I cannot even begin to express how important a calm and collected mentality can affect change. If you've ever heard the saying that a 'first impression' is everything, it's more true than you know. There's a reason businessmen ask for an 'elevator pitch', because you should be able to pitch your idea to them in the time it takes an elevator to go up a tall building, and sometimes that's all the time you'll ever get. When someone new discovers SafeMoon, the clock starts ticking. For many, they will make a judgement in their mind based on what they see fairly quickly, on if it's worth their time to explore further or move on to the next thing. Our goal is to showcase not just what SafeMoon is, but our community. You're an incredible community, and a lot of you have given a lot of time and energy towards us and your fellow holders. That has meaning. That effort has real meaning. Most importantly, that effort can be easily undermined if not cared for. We care for this community just as much as many of you do and the decisions we make each day are towards that goal. More analogy time! If you provide a plant the right atmosphere of water and nutrients, it's being allowed to grow and bear fruit. Really, what I've typed is just a fancy complicated way of explaining that we're human too. We do care, and we are in-fact trying to always do our best. Yes, we're actually human. 🥴 Behind the words on your screen are real people, who have lives and families, foods we love, activates we enjoy, and jobs we work hard at. The non secret of our species, is that humans are prone to mistakes, regularly. Try not to chase us down with pitchforks over mistakes while we're trying to juggle a few hundred spinning plates while dancing on hot coals (yay analogies!). There's a lot of multitasking and ambition that leads to minor bumps along the way, as is human nature. I solve a lot of these confusions and concerns with communication, and I believe that's the best way to solve the concerns on this board as well. So Thank you, for those of you always so patient and calm and respectful to our teams, moderators, and fellow community members. Sometimes it's a challenge, but I know many of you try, and I'm so grateful for that. So this is where I'll turn it over to you: 🙏 Before any questions, keep these key points in mind: - If it's about any safemoon product, I won't have answers or timelines for you. Sorry. If the product is out or teased, turn to our official sources or education website for more info. - If it's about anything that even remotely near anything legal related at all, I'll not respond to it. - If you ask about things outside of the scope of my position, I may be unable to give a proper answer, and have to move past the question. I've been managing communities for most of my life. I like to be down here with you all, comunicating and understanding , and acting as a bridge between the core team and company, and all of you who support us. Don't set the bridge on fire, let me keep using it for peaceful and maybe some fun communication with you all.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

SafeMoon CEO John Karony addressed the FUD with a "Thank You".

" To the FUD, Thank you for feedback and information. We look forward to you falling in love with our products 🙂"

SafeMoon CEO John Karony shared this on his IG while networking at the Algarve Classic Festival. "Scooting past the FUDers."


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MoonCast is an educational podcast that will air during times when discussions and explanations for SafeMoon products or partners are needed within the community. Stay tuned to SafeMoon Lowdown/Pulse articles and @SFMInsider for upcoming scheduled MoonCasts. Below you will find all the Mooncasts held over the month of October.

October's MoonCasts

MoonCast #53 (MetaMerce)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

MoonCast #54 (Mirror Protocol)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

MoonCast #55 (RareFND)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

MoonCast #56 (Pawthereum)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

SafeMoon Security Awareness

As a top pillar for SafeMoon, security is a priority. Be sure you are up-to-date on these security awareness articles below.

Yearning for more learning??? To view more educational articles visit

SafeMoon Pulse

Every month there is a SafeMoon Monthly Overview published called SafeMoon Pulse. This overview includes the prior month's reveals, releases, and communications as well as SafeMoon resources for education, information, and news. Video formats of the Pulse article have been a great new addition. Below you will find August's and September's video formatted Pulse overviews.

September Article

August Article

SFM Insider

Have you followed the SafeMoon Official Education Team's Twitter account yet?

Education is a passion we share, and we would love for you to give us a friendly SafeMoon Army follow. SafeMoon Insider

SafeMoon Lowdown

MomoKombat & SafeMoonPulse continue to combine their efforts to provide the community with daily SafeMoon updates and education through the SafeMoon Lowdown.

Mod-Hosted Twitter Space

SafeMoon Sanctuary is a SafeMoon mod-hosted community Twitter Space held every Saturday at 3 P.M. EST/ 7 P.M. UTC. Feel free to DM @SFMSanctuary or their hosts with questions or future topics.The SafeMoon Sanctuary Twitter Hosts are @Safemoonizen, @1nekowa, @GlennHasABeard, and @picipicisfm.


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SafeMoon Website

Looking for SafeMoon's current website? Visit

New Design Status: The new website design is complete. The backend is in final preparations for the extremely high traffic volume expected.

Have you seen the sneak peek?

SafeMoon V2 Contract Address

SafeMoon V2 Contract Address: 0x42981d0bfbAf196529376EE702F2a9Eb9092fcB5

Exchange Listings

To view a list of all the Exchanges SafeMoon is currently listed on visit

SafeMoon Product Status

Did you know SafeMoon has a page where you can view the online operating server status of SafeMoon's products? You can view this anytime by going to

SafeMoon Career Opportunities

Visit SafeMoon's Careers section to see what career opportunities are available.

SafeMoon SWaP

How to Apply

Want your token to be listed on the SafeMoon Swap?

Click here to apply to list your token or ask the team questions about the listing program.

Partner Page

To learn more about SafeMoon's partners you can visit SafeMoon's Partner Portal at


SafeMoon Exchange

The SafeMoon Exchange is still currently in the internal testing phase of development. The most recent update was given last month here.

SafeMoon Card

The SafeMoon Card has been delayed due to SafeMoon's new innovative security technology SafeMoon Orbital Shield (SOS). Security within the wallet needs to be tested before implementing the Card. In August more information was shared about the SafeMoon Card by SafeMoon Partner Baanx and in September here.


1. Use your SafeMoon and other cryptos for your purchases. (Instant conversion to FIAT at the time of spending)

2. Securely manage your SAFEMOON card within the SafeMoon app!

3. Prioritize and choose the order you use your crypto assets for spending!

4. Globally Accepted! You can use your SAFEMOON card online or in-store!

5. Virtual card available in-app! (In addition to the physical card)

6. Freeze and unfreeze your card

7. Download Statements

8. Google Pay at launch

9. Only 2.5% fee on transactions (1.5% processor fee, 0.2% burn, 0.4% reflections, 0.3% liquidity pool, 0.1% growth)

10. Borrow against your USDT and ETH crypto assets. (CryptoDraft)

Check out the Augmented Reality Card

Did you sign up?

Captain's Log

SafeMoon Key Moments


"Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast."


That's a wrap for this month's SafeMoon Pulse recap.

We'd like to give a special shout-out to the community members who continue to support the SafeMoon daily Lowdowns and the monthly SafeMoon Pulse. Also to the community members who continue to share SafeMoon content, and who continue to provide clarity and solace to those who express SafeMoon fear, uncertainty, and doubt while we patiently wait for the SafeMoon team to innovate, iterate, and build. We are proud to be a part of the best community in crypto. Let's continue to be an example, leading with kindness and understanding.


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SafeMoon Lowdown SafeMoon Education's Official Twitter

Disclaimer: Please be advised that this is meant to be used for informational and educational purposes only. All information should be used as such and not be treated as financial advice. Before making any financial decisions, it is important to complete your own due diligence.

Thank you.

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