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SafeMoon Pulse - (November 2022 Recap)

Updated: Jan 19


Table of Contents:


1. SafeMoon Products: SafeMoon Wallet & SWaP | SafeMoon Orbital Shield

2. Partnerships: SafeMoon Partner Stories

3. SafeMoon Education: MoonCast - SafeMoon Lowdown Milestone - Pulse - Episode 4

4. SafeMoon Gaming 5 SafeMoon Networking Opportunities


🗣️November Communications🗣️

SafeMoon CEO John Karony


MoonCast | SafeMoon Security Awareness | SafeMoon Pulse

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SafeMoon Service Status | SafeMoon Career Opportunities | SafeMoon SWaP | SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Card | Captain's Log | SafeMoon Key Moments

This SafeMoon Pulse edition recaps the month of November.


1. SafeMoon Products

SafeMoon Wallet & SWaP

Taking another step in the development of a more meaningful ecosystem for distributed financial technology (DeFi) SafeMoon added a new patent pending feature that solves the existing Defi inconsistent fee paradigm for tokens on multiple Decentralized Exchanges.

They partnered with "Blockchain and AI expert Dr. Adel Elmessiry to help solve the inconsistency. Labeling the invention "Tokenomic Supervisor," they explain that it operates in 2 steps:

  1. Token Registration

  2. Token SWaP

On November 10th SafeMoon upgraded their DEX to V3 and implemented the Tokenomics Supervisor.

If you'd like to read more about the Tokenomics Supervisor, SafeMoon published an article on View the article here. The article was also published on Yahoo! finance.

SafeMoon Orbital Shield (SOS)

Powered by SafeMoon

This month SafeMoon expanded their Orbital shield BETA tester allocation inviting more users to "experience the next level evolution of wallet security" with their "patent-pending Orbital Shield technology". They announced that with this expansion they would also be launching a bug bounty program for the developers!


2. Partnerships

SafeMoon Partner Stories

Two SafeMoon Partner Stories were uploaded to the SafeMoon Official YouTube channel this past month.


On November 4th SafeMoon published the interview SafeMoon Sales Director Hayden Wing (@SafeMoonWing) did with SafeMoon Moon Partner Mirror Protocol's Managing director Roland Arevalo (@GOTTI_MProtocol).


And then on November 28th SafeMoon published the interview Hayden Wing had with SafeMoon Hyper Launch Partner Metamerce Token Cofounder Aaron Golden (GoldenMMToken)

3. SafeMoon Education


SafeMoon Education Manager Cats hosted another MoonCast this month, this time with discussions around SafeMoon's patent-pending security technology product Orbital Shield. You can listen to it by visiting the SafeMoon Education YouTube Channel or you can view the transcript and timestamped video sections by visiting the Official SafeMoon Education Twitter account @SFMInsider.

SafeMoon Lowdown Milestone

A huge milestone for the SafeMoon Education Team was hit this past month. The daily Lowdown article reached 365 times published making that 1 article a day for an entire year. Thank you to all those that have contributed over this past year and to all those who continue to support the Education Team reading the daily updates.

Pulse - Episode 4

The SafeMoon Education Team released another video-style format of SafeMoon's Monthly Pulse recap last month. If you missed last month's visit the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel or you can view the video along with the corresponding Pulse article by visiting

4. SafeMoon Gaming

The SafeMoon Gaming Team created an event calendar for scheduling monthly gaming events. You can now view December's and all future scheduled gaming events on the SafeMoon Gaming Twitter account @SFM_Games or on the Official SafeMoon Gaming Discord in the announcements channel.

What is SafeMoon Gaming?

In its very beginning stages of development, currently SafeMoon Gaming is a way for gamers inside or outside the SafeMoon community to enjoy playing games with friends. Some games that have already been scheduled include League of Legends™️, Rocket League™️, Call of Duty™️, and World of Warcraft™️. The team is always looking for more suggestions for future scheduled games. If you'd like to suggest a game or would like to participate in the fun, join the SafeMoon Gaming Discord and follow them on Twitter. All gaming skill levels are welcome!!

Want to be involved in the next Community Gaming Event?

Join the Official SafeMoon Gaming Discord and watch for announcements of

upcoming events.

Don't want to play but would like to watch?

Tune into the Official SafeMoonGaming Twitch's live streams.

5. SafeMoon Networking Opportunities

SafeMoon CEO John Karony had the opportunity to meet Dustin Plantholt, the Forbes Monaco Crypto Editor, host of the Podcast, and well-known Global Crypto Advisor while he visited Lisbon, Portugal. Dustin shared an image of he and John Karony having dinner adding the text " Dinner with two brilliant CEO NFT Blockchain buddies in Lisbon".

Dustin Plantholt

"Dinner with two brilliant CEO #NFT #Blockchain buddies in #Lisbon" - Dustin Plantholt

It looks as though SafeMoon Director of Sales Hayden Wing was up to some SafeMoon Networking this month as he shared an image at an airport and Tweeted an airplane emoji "🛫". 🤔💭


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November Communications

SafeMoon CEO John Karony

"Folks have told me that the #SAFEMOONWALLET is the easiest wallet to use…that was before #ORBITALSHIELD. It’s now even more accessible. Special thank you beta testers for the feedback! Looking forward to full release. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!"
"I believe the ever evolving SafeMoon Wallet is the easiest crypto / defi wallet to use. With SafeMoon Orbital Shield it will get a whole of a lot easier. Data breaches are scary, but so is losing your passphrase. #accessibility #Security"
"There are more things we are currently planning for the wallet. But, right things in the right order."
"Security (safety), quality and accessibility."


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MoonCast is an educational podcast that will air during times when discussions and explanations for SafeMoon products or partners are needed within the community. Stay tuned to SafeMoon Lowdown/Pulse articles and @SFMInsider for upcoming scheduled MoonCasts. Below you will find all the Mooncasts held over the month of October.

October's MoonCasts

MoonCast #57 (Orbital Shield)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

SafeMoon Security

As a top pillar for SafeMoon, security is a priority. Be sure you are up-to-date on these security awareness articles and educational guides on tips to keeping your assets safe.

Security Awareness

Asset Safety Tips

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SafeMoon Pulse

Every month there is a SafeMoon Monthly Overview published called SafeMoon Pulse. This overview includes the prior month's reveals, releases, and communications as well as SafeMoon resources for education, information, and news. Video formats of the Pulse article have been a great new addition. Below you will find August's and September's video formatted Pulse overviews.

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