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SafeMoon Pulse (May 2022 Recap)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Table of Contents:

Networking | Exchanges | Swap & Evolve | Merch | SafeMoon Company Expansion

SafeMoon Wallet | SafeMoon V1 LP | SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Studio

SafeMoon Website | SafeMoon SWaP | Reminders | SafeMoon Education | Captain's Logs

SafeMoon Community | Closing | Monthly SWaPDATE by Hydra

Quick Overview

Welcome to another SafeMoon monthly recap where we pull together all of the main events, product reveals, releases, new partnerships, and updates that have taken place over the past month for SafeMoon.

This Pulse edition recaps the month of May. It's been quite the month! Sneak peeks, networking, community meetups, new announcements, and even some community giveaways!



Can we do return on investment before return on impact?

"It is not an "either-or" situation there. They live symbiotically together. That is in the context of what I spoke about at Fund Launch Live."

-John Karony

Fund Launch Live

Fund Launch Live Presentation Summary

SafeMoon CEO John Karony delivered a presentation at Fund Launch Live in Las Vegas at the end of April and last month shared his transcript for those who weren't there. In his presentation, he discusses the "factors that determine success".

One of these determining factors was the "strength of your model". He gives an example of how this is integrated with SafeMoon. Explaining that SafeMoon building a synergistic ecosystem powered by the SafeMoon Blockchain layer allows "all the parts and all the verticals within our business" to rise together due to the ability to iterate and scale immediately as needed.

The other factor he states determines success is the "power of your tribe". He explains that the power of a community is extremely valuable. Listing some of the benefits he's already seen within the SafeMoon community, The SafeMoon Army:

  1. Additional resources or replacements for traditional manpower

  2. Ability to carry the word of your products into the marketplace

  3. Ability to market your products directly

  4. A ready-made hiring pool, making you the employer of choice

  5. A ready source of ecosystem partners as the Return on Impact economy grows

  6. An instant source of feedback on your products.

  7. The ability to enact migrations near-instantly

"Nurturing and supporting your crowd is a non-negotiable....Prioritize your tribe and community. And they will prioritize your company in return."

He continues on discussing the value of using entropy as a pathway to deciding what products would provide the most return on impact and relieve the most friction in a human-focused way. Explaining that failing to see the value in working with entropy rather than against it is the reason most venture business models are unsuccessful. SafeMoon is involved in a number of industries and plans to tie them all together. A few of the industries Karony discusses include but are not limited to Real Estate, government (model evolutions), telecommunications, and energy. He explains that while these are separate industries, SafeMoon will tie them together with a "common thread", the SafeMoon "blockchain operating system".

He talks about venture philanthropy acting as "our North Star" and devoting 99% of all efforts to impactful projects rather will create sustainability and will allow expansion "possibilities to levels we’d never imagined before... with the involvement of people and resources from all over the world."

John then concludes the presentation:

"In that respect, what are you investing in? Is it in products or people? How can I help you do both?"

-SafeMoon CEO John Karony

CEO John Karony with Dan Young CEO of Xidax PCs and PC Laptops at Fund Launch Live 2022


SafeMoon's director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing, and SafeMoon Sales & Growth Manager Jonas Harmer attended the WEB3 Cryptopia Event in Utah. Some of the SafeMoon community flew in for Cryptopia and stopped by HQ to visit.

Photo from SafeMoon Watercooler Twitter Space Host Jeremiah just flying into Utah

SafeMoon Studio Manager, Jonathon "Sketch" White, and SafeMoon US VP of Operations Joshua, Hayden, and Jonas with those in the SafeMoon Army who flew over for the Cryptopia event.

@CryptopiaSLC @TroySmothers3 @CptPoundTown @DreamingSFM @safemoonstacey @JEREMIAH1SFMWC @DeFi__TJ @LeetCoins @CryftWizard @DonBaileySpeaks, @stefskye

Brainstorming Innovative Solutions

CEO John Karony had dinner with some other individuals interested in creating a bright future for crypto and Blockchain technology. John mentioned some brainstorming occurred on the topic of Blockchain scalability.

Partner Meetings

SafeMoon Director of sales and partnerships met up with the CEO of Enhance, Chase Coleman. "What it looks like when SafeMoon X EnhanceToken are putting the Future plans and Utility together…" - Chase

Image credit to Chase Coleman

UTAH New Blockchain Bill

Utah Gov Cox signed a new crypto/blockchain bill last month!

This is significant for SafeMoon's Networking. Not only is the SafeMoon HQ in Utah, SafeMoon CEO, John Karony won the Utah Business CEO of the year award last month.


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Mandala Exchange opened the trading of SFM on May 10th! Currently, they offer Local SFM Tokenomics. The Mandala team confirmed that there is still a dedicated team working on the implementation of Global Tokenomics.

Mandala Community Manager confirmed the date of the first SFM local reflections snapshot. "...we are going to take the local Reflections snapshot on June 1st and then continue with the 1st and 15th thereafter..."

To read more about the SafeMoon x Mandala partnership, associated fees, reflections, SafeMoon Spin-Off, and more, click here to view the article.

Exchange Poll SafeMoon posted a poll this month asking the community to choose the exchange they prefer SFM to be listed on next. The choices were Kucoin, Huobi, and OKX.

Final results: The Twitter poll ended with a total of 17,202 total votes with Kucoin acquiring 82% of those votes. Huobi came in 2nd with 12.5% of the votes. It's clear to see out of those choices what exchange the Army would love to see SFM listed on next.

To view a list of all the Exchanges SafeMoon is currently listed on visit


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SafeMoon Swap & Evolve

SWaP & Evolve is now live!!!

Video Credit to @Hypafly1

On May 29th SafeMoon announced that Swap & Evolve - a function within the SafeMoon contract- was officially live! Swap & Evolve is an innovative solution to building the SafeMoon underlining token value (Liquidity Pool-LP). Simply put Swap & Evolve does this by taking a collected set value of BNB, buying SFM on the open market, and putting it into the LP.

Click the image below for the simplified explanation of Swap & Evolve



Click the image above for an in-depth technical breakdown of Swap & Evolve

Swap & Evolve Flowchart


Basically Swap and Evolve is the evolution of Swap and Liquify.


Meme credit to @SafemoonSpyros


First S&E Trigger

SafeMoon announced on May 31st -shortly before the first Swap & Evolve triggered- that they triggered an additional Swap & Evolve in advance for final testing purposes.

"As part of our rollout, we have completed the final stages of our pre-flight checks on Swap and Evolve. That means the #SAFEMOONARMY got an extra S&E ahead of time! The one that you've been tracking will continue as planned as well! Happy Tuesday!"


SafeMoon Merch

SafeMoon merch is back! The SafeMoon Creative Team was busy! SafeMoon introduced the SAFEMOON Space Capsule this past month and made it available for pre-order! The capsule was only available for pre-order until May 29th, 2022. Congratulations to all those who purchased the very first SafeMoon Space Capsule Edition.

SafeMoon's merch is selected to be high quality and eco-friendly!


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SafeMoon Company Expansion

SafeMoon listed many job opportunities in May indicating continued company growth. Within the announcement of the most recent job opening, "Customer Success Agent", SafeMoon reveals the team's willingness to take on the challenge of creating a human-based "empathy-driven" approach to Customer Service.

Technical Project Manager Deadline: 07/15/2022

Director of Product Management Deadline: 07/15/2022

Executive Assistant Deadline: 07/15/2022

Tier 2 Customer Success Agent Deadline: 05/31/2022

Change & Release Manager Deadline: 05/26/2022

QA Specialist Deadline: 05/26/2022

UI/UX Designer Deadline: 05/26/2022

Link to Twitter announcement


Visit SafeMoon's Careers section to apply.

If what you'd wish to apply for isn't listed please feel free to reach out via email!


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SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon pushed some maintenance updates and additions to the SafeMoon Wallet this month.

🤖Android & 🍏Apple Update:

📲Price now displays for LCP V2 and Cryft Coin

📲Clicking on "est. before fees" in the swap gives more info

📲QR Code Scanner fixed for Coinbase addresses on erc-20

📲Stability and performance improvements

📲WYRE Widget update

➕"My Tokens" partner list token balances now appear in the SWaP.

➕Slippage popup on/off toggle added

➕Token contract addresses added to token info popup!

UI Theme In addition to the updates, SafeMoon shared a behind-the-scenes look at a UI redesign theme idea for the SafeMoon Wallet.

Dollar-Cost Averages (DCA)

SafeMoon CEO John Karony asked the community for their input about a feature the team is considering adding to the SafeMoon Wallet and SafeMoon Exchange.

"What are your thoughts on displaying your dollar-cost averages (DCA) within your SafeMoon Wallet and on the SafeMoon Exchange as a feature? No promises, but would like to hear your feedback and thoughts." - John Karony


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SafeMoon V1 LP

Another announcement this month was that SafeMoon will be working on migrating BNB still held in the SafeMoon V1 liquidity pools over to SafeMoon V2 by periodically acquiring it from the open market.

""In connection with the migration of SFMV1 to SFMV2, SafeMoon is seeking to migrate BNB held in LPs associated with SFMV1 into LPs associated with SFMV2. In connection with that migration, SafeMoon may from time to time acquire SFMV2 in the open market, subject to market conditions and other factors."- SafeMoon

SafeMoon Exchange

SafeMoon CEO John Karony reminded everyone this month to manage expectations and not speculate on the Exchange release date.

"We won't be giving dates just yet. But it is sooner than some would think. To manage expectations, do not speculate on the timing or release, please. I still have to get my final "hands-on" inspection, once that step is completed, final preparations for release will commence, and you, the SafeMoon Army, will know its launch date/launch window.🙂But the official word and more information will come from official channels. So in the meantime, sit back, relax and let the team, work."

And in the meantime, SafeMoon reminded us of the sneak peek that was shared in March. Did you miss the SafeMoon Exchange sneak peek? If so you can check it out here.


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SafeMoon Studio

SafeMoon Studio Manager, Jonathon "Sketch" White has been busy. SafeMoon gave us a tiny sneak peek of SafeMoon's new studio build in progress.

SafeMoon Website

In April SafeMoon gave a sneak peek of the SafeMoon website refresher currently in development. This past month SafeMoon announced that the revamped "site has progressed to the internal testing & review stage with the community team" and mentioned that, in the coming weeks this will progress to the next stage where the SafeMoon Community will be invited to navigate the refreshed website.