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SafeMoon Pulse (March 2022 Recap)

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Table of Contents:

Branding Evolution | Website Domain | 0% MoonPay Fees | SafeMoon Wallet Update

Cross-Chain SWaP Reveal | Router Upgrade | SWaP Monthly Volume | Hire Reveals

New Exchange Listing

NETWORKING - SxSW Event | Africa Trips | Good Day Interview Fund Launch Live | CEO of the Year

UPDATES & REVEALS - SafeMoon Exchange | NFTs | SafeMoon Card | AI Face

Generation | Mandala Exchange | SFM Blockchain w/ John

SAFEMOON COMMUNITY - SafeMoon Trends | SafeMoon Education | SFM

Labs | Mooncast

What an exciting birthday month! One could call it a month of change, bringing with it SafeMoon branding evolution, a new domain, a router upgrade, sneak peeks, wallet updates, and more! We've had lots of SafeMoon networking, some sad farewells, and some incredible hire reveals.

The month began with an overall sense of excitement for what it would bring. Many birthday wishes were shared throughout the SafeMoon community, and delightfully, we were introduced to the new video format for product releases and reveals, now called SafeMoon Specials.

So what's new?

Branding Evolution

This month we were introduced to the first SafeMoon Special, titled "Thank you, SafeMoonArmy!" The video revealed SafeMoon's new branding evolution and the overall sentiment from this new branding change has been very positive!

"The creation of a brand that can encompass various aspects of a business is often the key to its success. When a single company pushes out different products, it's important that people can recognize they belong to the same system that shares the same ideals and goals." SafeMoon Reddit u/EveningCandle1025 states. "Brand awareness is the way in which consumers recognize and remember your business. The greater the brand awareness you have, the more audiences will be familiar with your logo, messaging, and products." Below is a slideshow of the new branding.

This image shares some insight into the creation of SafeMoon's new brand.

Website Domain

SafeMoon has relocated its domain to, the global standard in domain names.

"Some context around this gift. There was a massive amount of work that has gone into getting the .com. Lawyers, private investigators etc all went into getting the .com back into the hands of SafeMoon. In this case, it wasn’t as simple as going to a website and buying the domain. But we are glad we did, and are excited to share this first gift during our birthday month. More to come :)" - CEO John Karony

0% MoonPay Fees

On March 3rd SafeMoon announced 0% MoonPay fees for fourteen days in a tweet with the video below attached. This took place from March 5th to 19th.

Wallet Update

The SafeMoon community has had so many unique feature ideas since the release of the wallet. So the team decided to implement these features as a gift for SafeMoon's birthday month and announced it on March 4th.

The update included:

  • Press and hold balance to view the selected chain or all chains

  • Press and hold the calculator multi-token button for native or custom tokens.

  • Press and hold the multi-purpose calculator bag button for balance and more

  • Info page for NFTs for collectibles module

  • Hold and drag collections, and NFT’s to re-arrange

  • Link to individual token charts for CMC and Tradingview

  • The default currency value of each token now appears on the main screen and in the transaction history.

  • Upgraded “Manage Wallet” page

  • The bottom field in the swap is now editable.

  • Join community page added in settings

Cross-Chain Swap Reveal

SafeMoon revealed plans for the implementation of a cross-chain swap.

Ethereum ➡ BSC ➡ Ethereum

SFM token will be the middleware.

2% for every trade, broken down as follows:

▶1% Reflections

▶0.5% Liquidity

▶0.5% burned

SafeMoon's mission pillars are security, quality, and accessibility.

For those that do not know how to use bridging DAPPs, Cross-chain will allow them to participate by providing a simple, easy way to directly swap funds between blockchains. This promotes ease of use and accessibility.

SafeMoon CEO John Karony

"I am personally excited for the cross-chain. Meaning the ease of use when bridging from BNB to ETH. Super beneficial towards the accessibility pillar. A lot of folks don't understand how to use bridging DAPPs, so this makes it easier for folks to participate and helps remove a little bit of a knowledge barrier for some others."

"BSC and ETH are just the first two chains. We will cross many more."

Router Upgrade

The SafeMoon Swap router went through an upgrade this month in preparation for the cross-chain feature and the future innovation and growth of our Swap.

SafeMoon Swap Listings

SafeMoon welcomes two SafeMoon Swap listing partners.🤝Reflex Finance on March 7th and Pawthereum on March 17th!

Please note: Reflex token will be temporarily unavailable for trading on the SafeMoon Swap. During the router upgrade, token listing partners had to remove their LP and then reseed it after the upgrade was complete. Reflex token is currently preparing for a V2 upgrade and has communicated that they will not be reseeding their LP until their V2 migration is complete.

Swap Volume

Shout out to Hydra, who’s provided the community with a daily swap volume update for over 50 days!! Thank you, Hydra! Here’s a summary of this month's SafeMoon Volume!

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Hire Reveals

VP of Research and Development, Jake Hammock

  • CEO of Selu Technologies, a company focused on patent-pending environmental innovation.

Director of Technology, Robert Spraggs

  • CTO for both Aegis Systems and AKCode.

  • "AKCode has been protecting data and communications in the U.S. Government for over 15 years."

Director of Cryptography, Lynn Spraggs

  • Chairman (for ten years) and founder of AKCode.

  • Received his Doctorate of Philosophy - Engineering and Mathematics from Stanford.

  • Owner of Aegis Systems Canada Inc., a cybersecurity company.

To learn more about Jake, Robert, and Lynn, click here.

SafeMoon Studio Manager, Jonathon "Sketch" White

SafeMoon has added a new studio manager to the team. Jonathon "Sketch" White!! According to an article written by Business Wire, Sketch has joined SafeMoon after 20 years of experience as a studio manager with Goal Line Productions to "expand production of SafeMoon's video content including SafeMoon podcasts and all varieties of educational production."

To learn more about Sketch, click here!

Sketch preparing the studio at SafeMoon HQ

SafeMoon Special timestamp/transcript here.

New Exchange listing

SafeMoon Official has also announced that DIGIFINEX will soon be listing SafeMoon!

"Perhaps one more gift for the #SAFEMOONARMY wouldn't hurt! We are delighted to announce that #SAFEMOON will very shortly be listing on @DigiFinex! Thank you to their amazing team for making this happen! Additional exciting details to follow in the next few days!"


John and the team have done a lot of networking this month!

Grit House Daily Event - SxSW - SafeMoon Saturday

On Saturday, March 12th, John Karony participated in a series of panel discussions at the Grit House Daily during South by Southwest. Major topics discussed there revolved around return on Impact and the crypto space's impact potential. John met "with community members and big industry hitters."

Top Left - BroadArrow and CEO John Karony, Bottom Left - CEO John Karony with SafeMoon Discord Mod Zoomin's FREE REBIF sign Top Right - VP of Operations Josh Chilcutt and Texas_Safemoon_Busa. Texas said, "I also had the pleasure of meeting our VP of Operations @JoshuaChilcutt. #SafemoonArmy when I tell you just from interacting and speaking to him, I can assure you we are in good hands. Thank you for everything Josh #SXSW@GritDaily"

What is Impact Investment?

Investopedia explains it as "a general investment strategy that seeks to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental impact."

Particularly excited about the adoption of this strategy! Below is an infographic you may find useful to help you understand a little more about impact Investing and how SafeMoon will measure impact return.

Here are the panel discussion topics that involved John Karony.

Panel 1: What is Venture Philanthropy?

Panel 2: Fast Launch - How to Create (and Sustain) a Giant Community

Panel 3: How to Engage the 'Crypto Curious'

Panel 4: Impact's Next Era: Impact Everywhere

Panel 5: What Does It Truly Take to Create Effective DeFi?

Block Telegraph wrote an article titled, "SafeMoon Advances the Broadening Conversation on ‘Return on Impact’ at SxSW." To read what they had to say, click here!!

Africa Trip(s)

SafeMoon CEO John Karony has had multiple trips to Africa this month.

"I just had to drive 8 hours through Sub Saharan Africa. I’m exhausted. Don’t read into my comment too much, it was for BD stuff." John Karony said in Discord on March 30th.

In the SxSW interview on March 12th with former Editor of PC Magazine Robin Raskinduring, John mentioned he was in Africa a week before it.

"Tell us about I know you're working on a project in Africa." - Robin

"Yes. Yeah. I can't really discuss the details of that right now. But I can say that I was there last week." - John


"Throwback, but not that far of a throwback. Excited about the continued progress of 2022" John Karony on IG March 11th.

Good Day Interview

Fund Launch Live

Coming up:

March 4th Co-Founder at Investment Fund Secrets Bridger Pennington posted this photo on his Instagram with the comment, "CEO of SafeMoon @john_karony is speaking at Fund Launch Live….” Fund Launch Live will be held in Las Vegas on April 28 - 30.

"Spreading the word. Was invited to speak there. This is a more mainstream audience, so being able to educate is good for SafeMoon and the crypto as a whole." - John Karony on Discord.

CEO of the year

Utah Business nominated CEO John Karony as one of their CEO honorees of 2022. On March 31st, they gathered together at The Grand American Hotel to celebrate the honorees. "...Join us in one last round of applause for these accomplished individuals, and get to know a bit more about each of them [in this article] here..."

Written by: Mekenna Mala @kennamalan

Photographed by: Everett Fitch @everettfitch

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MandalaEx had an update at the beginning of this month, and in the most recent SafeMoon Special, some exciting insight and sneak peeks of the SafeMoon Exchange, NFTs, and Card were revealed. The SafeMoon Special transcript, subcategories, and timestamped videos are available here.

SafeMoon Exchange

"To operate our software, you have to have the right licenses, and those licenses are many and varied globally. And when I'm talking licenses, I don't mean software licenses. I mean regulation and operational licenses to actually transact in different locations around the world.

But we're well ahead of the game now, and we're certain you'll be happy with what we have achieved by the time the exchange does launch. But all of that is a behind the scenes process. You can't really sink your eyes into that. So shall we talk about the design more?"

-SafeMoon Special

Please note that the features and settings in the following images are not final and are subject to change before release.

Also revealed was that the SafeMoon Exchange will have full mobile compatibility on day one of its release! And the SafeMoon Exchange will launch this year!

SafeMoon Special, Exchange sneak peek video timestamp and transcript here.


In the most recent SafeMoon Special, we were given a sneak peek of the SafeMoon NFTs in development.

"I'm pleased to report that the NFTS are underway. We're using a fantastic team to develop them out with lots of concepts and thinking instead of just doing what everyone else has done. We're taking very intentional time to sculpt and work in a 3D environment because ultimately the NFTs are not necessarily the final destination of this work."

- SafeMoon Special.

SafeMoon Special NFT video timestamp and transcript here.

SafeMoon Card

Introducing the SafeMoon Card! The actual design was also revealed in this week's SafeMoon Special.

"Yes. The SafeMoon card is so close that you can see it floating in front of you right now. We are tremendously pleased to say that we are on track for delivering the SafeMoon card in Quarter 2 as planned and wanted to give you the very first look at the launch edition as part of this birthday month."

Augmented Reality Card

SafeMoon Special reveals the SafeMoon Card! Video timestamp and transcript here.

AI Face Generation

"Moving forward, the placeholder people images we use within our products for our prototypes and mockups will not be real people. They will be 100% artificially intelligently generated." - SafeMoon Sunday Special.

Check out the AI Face Generation timestamped video and transcript section here.

Mandala Exchange update

Mandala CTO Zach Daniels

"SafeMoon Update:

We have isolated the issues that caused the SFM launch to be delayed and have scheduled the work to resolve them.

The SFM listing was a bit more complex than usual due to the custom tokenomics involved, which ultimately caused us to delay. We work in very measured software development schedules(weekly sprints, they're called) and had to fit this work in alongside everything else we are currently working on and leave time for testing, as well.

We have a tentative timeline of early-mid April to have everything fixed and tested.

We'll keep everyone updated as we progress and let you know if anything changes. Thank you for your continued patience and support." -Z

Thanks for the update Mandala Team!

Mandala community team leads have since communicated that the above announcement still stands.

SafeMoon Blockchain Insight

John shared some insight this past month on the blockchain.

2019-2020 I spent 20 bucks to fill my car up….50 now minimum.

“Imagine having to pay gas fees to just pay for gas with your ETH... This joke will go over some folks' heads.”

John had mentioned that they had built testing blockchains strictly for experimentation at the Grits Daily event.

"We are exploring a "witness system." Similar to proof of coverage, but not. Meaning users would be the validators to an extent. We still might go another route, but it depends on the final hardware specs we are working with. We are experimenting with a few different consensus algorithms. Just wanted to share a little nugget with ya."

"But not proof of work. The intent is to be green and have the blockchain semi-hosted off-grid in a decentralized fashion. We are combining a few different concepts together, which requires experimentation."

"This is just where we are at right now with the experimentation. It's part of the prep work process. I don't consider this actual coding, however. Could we end up using parts of what was "coded" during final production? Yes."

A bit of both or a totally new algorithm?

"That is what we are exploring right now. There is some special sauce we are putting in regardless, we are experimenting if we need to make a new one, or pick pieces of existing and combine it into a recipe of success.

It's like a good stew, beef is beef, carrots are carrots etc., but when combined in different amounts, you get different results. Again, we are in the prep phase right now. So we are testing different items out to determine the best course of action."

Proof of history?

"Proof of time? One of the concepts we were exploring was around how to pick validators. This was when we were exploring that "witness" aspect in proof of coverage. Meaning, that if a wallet was active more than 100 days in a row, it would be eligible to be a validator.

But I don't think we are going down that route. But it was a fun little brainstorming session to talk about the possibilities around that kind of model.

The other item we are looking at is the decentralization of the actual hardware. Yeeting a blockchain onto AWS or something isn't ideal, we may do something like that in the beginning, but the intent would be to have the hardware decentralized. Meaning completely off-grid and running on its own power.

Which then raises the question of how large of a footprint do we want or need? I mean we could build a beefed-up system and put it in a shipping container, or we could aim to host it on smaller devices. With that in mind, now we have to account for the supply chain in our development timeline. These are all items we are exploring, as I said previously, there is a hardware component to this whole thing."

How small of a device is it something we could buy hook up to a solar panel or something?

"Well, then that leads into some more schools of thought. IE heavy nodes vs. lite nodes."


"We are aiming for as fast as possible. And are building it to handle a massive amount of transactions. We don't want to release something that is not robust."

19 MAR 2022


SafeMoon Trends

An Official SafeMoon Discord called "Trends" was made and opened up this past month! It was made to provide a way for the SafeMoon community to become involved with SafeMoon marketing and branding! The goal is to get the community working together in unity and assist SafeMoon in becoming a household name. For more information, click here.

Veno's Crossword

We had some community fun with crossword puzzles! On Discord Veno explains how you can participate. To see the current crossword puzzles visit Veno's Twitter.

SafeMoon Education

The SafeMoon Education Team has officially onboarded Gandalf to the education team!! We couldn't be more thrilled! Congratulations again, Gandalf! We are so grateful for all you do! 💗

SFM Insider

Have you followed the SafeMoon Official Education Team's Twitter account yet?

Education is a passion we share, and we would love for you to give us a friendly SafeMoon Army follow.

SafeMoon Insider 💙🙏

SFM Labs

SafeMoon Labs is a live Twitter Space discussion or "laboratory think tank" on various topics led by Official SafeMoon Educator Gandalf.

March's SFM LABS:

1. Scam Awareness Origin and Explanation of Scams - For the live recording and corresponding article, here.

2. Community in the Digital Age- For the live recording and corresponding article, here.

3. Liquidity & Liquidity Pools in DeFi - Listen to the live recording and corresponding article here.

Gandalf's Twitter Space Thinktank is hosted every Monday at 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT/8 PM CEST. If you have any questions regarding these topics, feel free to reach out to Gandalf here!


What is MoonCast?

MoonCast is a SafeMoon Community podcast held on SafeMoon's Official Discord and then live-streamed on the SafeMoon Educator YouTube channel and in the Official Facebook Group 3 pm 3 pm EST every Sunday. These podcasts usually involve Community Q&As, weekly recaps, education, updates, and fun discussions.

6th March 2022 Episode 29

13th March 2022 Episode 30 (SxSW Event)

20th March 2022 Episode 31 (CEO John Karony)

27th March 2022 Episode 32

You can now listen to MoonCasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well!

SafeMoon Lowdown

SafeMoonPulse and MomoKombat continue to combine their efforts to provide the community with daily SafeMoon updates and education through the SafeMoon Lowdown.

SafeMoon Pulse

SafeMoon Monthly Overview.

Miss last month's Pulse update? Click here.

Educational Articles

How to Create an NFT

Learn how to create an NFT using the SafeMoon Wallet and how you can see them directly from the Collectibles tab within the wallet.

SafeMoon Wallet: How to connect to OpenSea

How to connect to OpenSea via the SafeMoon Wallet to view and create your NFTs

Swap and Evolve

Understanding Swap and Evolve, a Swap and Liquify replacement

More educational articles here


Knowledge base -

Have you checked out the Knowledge Base section within the site? This is a section in which you can search for common topics. It is compiled of the answers to the most common questions.


Until next month, I will leave you with this quote from SafeMoon Sales and Growth Manager Jonas. 💙👋

"Imagine if SafeMoon:

-Only had 2 announcements/year

-Didn’t Tweet

-Didn’t do AMAs

-New products would often be simple refreshes of current products

Imagine the FUD? In reality, I’m describing Apple, the most valuable company in the world, and a gold standard for tech.

The issue with being a BLOCKCHAIN TECH company is that investors in the crypto world are impatient, and forget it takes time to do things right. We go 2 days without an update and people say 'it’s quiet'. You know what else was quiet? Tesla taking 18 YEARS to be profitable.

[Do] you know what was loud? Amazon stock losing 90% of its value 20 yrs ago. Love or hate them, I’ve just named 3 of the most innovative and successful companies in the world. SafeMoon will change the world but we won’t get there overnight. I suggest you buckle up and enjoy the ride."


SafeMoon Sales and Growth Manager


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