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SafeMoon Pulse (June 2022 Recap)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022


Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Security & Card | SafeMoon Customer Success

SafeMoon World-Class Video Production Studio | SafeMoon Podcast | Table 32

Networking | Consensus2022 by CoinDesk | Fund Launch Live Articles | SafeMoon Wallet New Hires | Compliance Officer & Chief of Council | New Director of Products SafeMoon Community | SafeMoon Sanctuary | SafeMoon Education SafeMoon Security Awareness | MoonCast | SafeMoon Labs | Reminders | Closing

This Pulse edition recaps the month of June.

June Edition Captain's Log

SafeMoon Security & Card

In the most recent Captain's Log SafeMoon CEO John Karony announces that SafeMoon has created patent-pending and world-leading security technology!!!! This tech will be incorporated into all of the SafeMoon fintech offerings!!

"From the beginning, I’ve taken the bold position of establishing SafeMoon first and foremost as a technology company. Our security technology is a priority from the inception of any new product or service we seek to bring to life. It remains a pillar upon which SafeMoon will grow."

You can expect to see this new security first implemented within the SafeMoon Application. Since the SafeMoon Card will be within the app, it is imperative to test this new security out with the SafeMoon app first; for this reason, the SafeMoon Card will be postponed for a little longer. Delays are inevitable in a company trying to innovate new tech.

Public test versions of this new security technology and a video explaining further details will be delivered shortly.

"What if the seed phrase (a weak link) existed and didn't exist at the same time? 🤔 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #CRYPTOSECURITY"

-SafeMoon Official Twitter

SafeMoon Customer Success

In June's Captain's Log SafeMoon CEO John Karony shares that the goal is for SafeMoon to create an above-average empathy-driven approach to SafeMoon's Customer Service for all current products and releases.

Using empathy mapping and a guide to assist when writing replies to customers.

  • Is it kind?

  • Is it empathetic?

  • Is it helpful?

  • Is it reasonable?

  • Is it necessary?

John also shared with us the draft of the team's current customer service flow map explaining that this is not finalized but that he wanted to show the "thinking and work that has gone into making our customer experience first class."

© 2022 SafeMoon - all rights reserved

SafeMoon World-Class Video Production Studio

John Karony also mentions the launch of the NEW SafeMoon Studio.

"We’re also formally launching our world-class video production studios within the coming days, so watch for that additional news and ongoing content as well."

Some images were shared throughout the month of the studio progress!!

"Amazing work from the team. This is what good looks like! What Sketch has been able to achieve since his starting less than 3 months

ago is exceptional."

Jonathon White SafeMoon Studio Manager

Jonathon "Sketch" White SafeMoon's Studio Manager had 20 years of experience as a studio manager with Goal Line Productions (the largest sound stage in Northern California) for Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach John Madden (RIP).

“There is no job too big or too small...when something needs to be done around our company, the first reaction is usually, ‘Get Sketch.’” - John Madden

SafeMoon Podcast

Table 32

SafeMoon CEO John Karony introduced SafeMoon's new podcast! "Looking forward to introducing more of the very talented staff of SafeMoon to the SafeMoonArmy."

The Official SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

SafeMoon CEO John Karony, VP of Operations Josh Chilcutt, Director of Sales & Partnerships Haydon Wing, and Sales & Growth Manager Jonas Harmer pull back the curtain on life at the helm of the fast-paced company poised to impact the world and influence the defi ecosystem for blockchain technology. Covering everything from product development to their favorite lunch as they welcome the world to the new SafeMoon Studio to answer candid questions and share their personal views.

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SafeMoon Wallet

A really great month full of iterations for the SafeMoon Wallet! Dexcreener was added as a choice for viewing swap partner charts/stats, a multi-language feature, and so much more!

🤖Android & 🍏Apple Update:

📲Price now displays for LCP V2 and Cryft Coin

📲Clicking on "est. before fees" in the swap gives more info

📲QR Code Scanner fixed for Coinbase addresses on erc-20

📲Stability and performance improvements

📲WYRE Widget update

📲Bug and stability fixes and improvements

📲SafeMoon SWaP Tokens now display correct prices from the SWaP

📲NFT image details improved

📲Notifications now appear in the selected default language

📲"Top Gainers and Losers" selection tab UI improved for multi-language

📲Logo rocket now shows black in light mode when using wallet connect with the SWaP

📲Wallet screens are now hidden when switching apps in preview

🆕Pinch and zoom NFTs, and double-tap to return to the default size

🆕Notifications now appear in the selected default language

🆕"My Tokens" partner list token balances now appear in the SWaP.

🆕Slippage popup on/off toggle added

🆕Token contract addresses added to token info popup!

🆕Dexscreener Charts and stats added in Transaction History for SWaP Tokens

🆕Choose either Dexscreener or CMC charts/stats for SWaP Tokens

🆕Multi-Language feature added

🆕You can now choose the default language in settings for the first round of language translations

SafeMoon is considering changing the SafeMoon Wallet App Icon and creating a poll on which Wallet Icon the community liked best. 01. Skeuomorphic won with 31.2% of the vote and 03. Flat Black came in second at 26.4%.


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New Hires

Kate Porter has been working as SafeMoon's Global HR Director since October 2021 and has more than 15 years of experience working in Human Resources across many industries. Recently she shares a little about her role as SafeMoon's HR and what she and the team look for when making the decision to hire.

"So there are some individuals and full respect. If you don't understand what on Earth are HR person or practitioner actually does. But most people think it's just hiring and firing, but there's actually so much more beyond what the HR function is essentially responsible for. So it's actually about managing the full employee lifecycle. So my core focus in SafeMoon and what I'm unwaveringly unapologetic about is I'm focused on culture first technical skills, second because at the end of the day you can teach someone how to do a job. Just like I've learned how to become a powered paragliding pilot, I can learn how to become a mechanic. I could learn how to become a developer, although I'd probably not make a very good one, I can learn those technical skills. But... You can't teach someone how to be a good human, and so [this is] one of the things that's often understated as an HR function. Really looking at the culture and something that you might have heard a little bit about where we're sort of starting to talk about [when we talk about] the soul of SafeMoon, and it really captures our philosophy, so that's something that I am focused on in our team. It does start with making the right hiring decisions and looking at those incredible cultural fits and looking at shared values. It also goes down to how we reward and recognize our team members, and how we onboard our team members. There are so many things that are really just behind the scenes and hidden that can actually make or break an organization."

Kate Porter

SafeMoon Director of HR

SafeMoon CEO John Karony

"I enjoy watching the development team work. Unit cohesion makes or breaks a team's effectiveness. Something Jake (SafeMoon's VP of R&D) and others at SafeMoon understand at an intimate level. When you hire/evolve leadership, what they bring to the table in terms of attitude permeates throughout their ranks. Make sure you bring on rockstars who inspire and do not be afraid to evolve the team away from others who may bring a contradiction to the culture goals you are trying to achieve. In short, teamwork makes the dream work, and it all starts with the right leadership."

Compliance Officer & Chief of Council

In episode 01 of Table32, SafeMoon's podcast, CEO John Karony mentioned many of the senior hires they've brought on have 20 years of experience in their fields. For example, SafeMoon's new compliance officer comes with 20 years of experience from the US GAO (Government Accountability Office). He also mentioned SafeMoon's in-house chief of council has worked for the Delaware supreme court.

"Sometimes we have to put a pause on certain things ya know because Tom comes out and he's like 'hey man we've got this compliance thing we need to work out before we push this product forward.' Us on the sales and operations and execution side are like 'ugh 'fun police' but they keep everything compliant they do their job and are absolutely amazing."

John Karony CEO at SafeMoon

New Director of Products

SafeMoon has brought on Kyle Bryant to the SafeMoon Sales team! Prior to joining SafeMoon, Kyle was the Senior Global Product Manager for Cricut. Welcome, Kyle!

Kyle Bryant Director of Products

SafeMoon Career Opportunities

Despite the market conditions this past month SafeMoon continues to seek new talent to join the team! Visit SafeMoon's Careers section to see what career opportunities are available.


Consensus2022 by CoinDesk

Image credit to CoinDesk

SafeMoon Director of Sales & Partnerships Hayden Wing and SafeMoon's Sales & Growth manager Jonas Hamilton attended the consensus2022 event this past month. CoinDesk describes Consensus as "Crypto's largest & most influential festival". This festival took place in Austin, Texas from Jun 9th through June 12th. More info here

What is the Consensus event?

CoinDesk describes Consensus as "Crypto's largest & most influential festival". This festival took place in Austin, Texas from Jun 9th through June 12th. More info here

Fund Launch Live Articles

SafeMoon CEO John Karony published a few articles sharing with us all some of the great conversations he had while networking at the Fund Launch Live event in Las Vegas.

Interview of Dan Young

John interviewed Dan Young, entrepreneur, mentor, and CEO of Xidax Gaming PCs about the odds of success in running an impact-focused company at the recent Fund Launch Live event in Las Vegas.

Interview with Shaun Fox

John Karony conducted an interview with Shaun Fox, President and Founder FOXI related companies, CFO, and Board Member of assorted entities.

"..[I]t’s also about creating positivity because the crypto market has been traditionally plagued with FUD (fear uncertainty, doubt) issues where we have coordinated FUD attacks happen. Defamation. Campaigns slung against another crypto token, to sway people to bring them over. It’s completely backwards. They need to realize we’re all one community. It’s not Dogecoin versus Bitcoin versus SafeMoon. It’s that we all provide value to each other in different ways."

One of the statements that Karony made during the interview. "Had an amazing conversation with Shaun Fox while at Fund Launch Live. One of many amazing conversations had while SafeMoon was in attendance at the Las Vegas event"

- John

SafeMoon Community

SafeMoon Sanctuary

SafeMoon Sanctuary is a new SafeMoon community project that will be going live July 2nd at 3 PM EST. Be sure to follow the SafeMoon Sanctuary Twitter account.


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SafeMoon Education

SafeMoon Security Awareness

As a top pillar for SafeMoon, security is a massive priority. This past month's SafeMoon Education was educating on the topic of security awareness for not only SafeMoon but the wider crypto community. Here are the articles that have been released this month.


What is MoonCast?

MoonCast is a SafeMoon Education podcast held on SafeMoon's Official Discord and then live-streamed on the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel and in the Official Facebook Group at 3 pm EST every Sunday. These podcasts usually involve Community Q&As, weekly recaps, education, updates, fun discussions, and occasionally special guests.

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

June's MoonCasts

MoonCast #40 (We Are Back)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

MoonCast #41 (Ready to Learn)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

MoonCast #42 (Pawthereum)

Transcript and Video Timestamps

SafeMoon Labs

What is SFM Labs?

SafeMoon Labs is a live Educational Twitter Space on various topics led by Official SafeMoon Educator Gandalf.

June's SFM Labs


Article and Video

Bear and Bull Markets

Article and Video


Article and Video


Article and Video


Article and Video


Article and Video

SFM Labs Twitter Space is hosted every Monday at 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT/8 PM CEST. If you have any questions regarding these topics, feel free to reach out to Gandalf here!

SafeMoon Educator, Gandalf visits SafeMoon HQs, and finally, we can put a face to Mr. Gandalf. 💜

SafeMoon Education Redesign

Looking for your input!

With the upcoming redesign of SafeMoon Education, I want to connect with the SafeMoon Army and ask what you are looking to get out of the Education website?

Current Features:

SafeMoon Product Guides

SafeMoon Education Articles/Videos

SafeMoon Timeline (History)

SafeMoon Knowledge Base (FAQ)

SafeMoon Lowdown (Daily News)

SafeMoon Pulse (Monthly Recap)

Security Guidance

Cryptocurrency Glossary

Cryptocurrency Articles/Videos

Cryptocurrency Technology Guides

These are the current features already available to you and will continue to be available with the new redesign, so apart from the above what other features would you consider useful to help you further understand SafeMoon or the Cryptocurrency Space?

To provide suggestions or feedback of any sort click the icon below


💜We genuinely appreciate your thoughts.💜

SFM Insider

Have you followed the SafeMoon Official Education Team's Twitter account yet?

Education is a passion we share, and we would love for you to give us a friendly SafeMoon Army follow. SafeMoon Insider 💙🙏

SafeMoon Lowdown

MomoKombat & SafeMoonPulse continue to combine their efforts to provide the community with daily SafeMoon updates and education through the SafeMoon Lowdown.

SafeMoon Pulse

SafeMoon Monthly Overview. Miss last month's Pulse update? Click here.


SafeMoon Website

The website design is done. The backend is now in preparations for the extremely high traffic volume expected. Have you seen the sneak peek?

SafeMoon Exchange

No new news was reported this month on the SafeMoon Exchange. If you missed the sneak peek you can check it out here.

SafeMoon Career Opportunities

Visit SafeMoon's Careers section to see what career opportunities are available.

SafeMoon Key Moments

SafeMoon Card


1. Use your SafeMoon and other cryptos for your purchases. (Instant conversion to FIAT at the time of spending)

2. Securely manage your SAFEMOON card within the SafeMoon app!

3. Prioritize and choose the order you use your crypto assets for spending!

4. Globally Accepted! You can use your SAFEMOON card online or in-store!

5. Virtual card available in-app! (In addition to the physical card)

6. Freeze and unfreeze your card

7. Download Statements

8. Google Pay at launch

9. Only 2.5% fee on transactions (1.5% processor fee, 0.2% burn, 0.4% reflections, 0.3% liquidity pool, 0.1% growth)

10. Borrow against your USDT and ETH crypto assets. (CryptoDraft)

Check out the Augmented Reality Card

Did you sign up?

Exchange Listings

To view a list of all the Exchanges SafeMoon is currently listed on visit

SafeMoon SWaP


Want your token to be listed on the SafeMoon Swap?

Click here to apply to list your token or ask the team questions about the listing program.


To learn more about SafeMoon's partners you can visit their partner page at


Big announcements for each of SafeMoon's partners can be found at


SafeMoon SWaP Link Tree

Courtesy of Senior FB Moderator Steve

SafeMoon CEO Communication

Captain's Log


"I understand the frustration with delays, I'm bummed out about things being pushed back or postponed too. But we did it for good reason, and can assure you it is worth the wait."

"I thank you for your support, from the bottom of my heart. Take care of each other.

We are family.

We are SafeMoon.



- John Karony

SafeMoon CEO

💗That's it for this month's SafeMoon Pulse recap.💗

Laughter is the best medicine and so, in hopes to put a smile on your face I leave you off with a June video compilation of skits from SafeMoon community member Safemoon_JuJu. Thank you again, JuJu for the laughter and positive vibes you helped the SafeMoon Army with during this wild month.


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SafeMoon Lowdown SafeMoon Education's Official Twitter

Disclaimer: Please be advised that this is meant to be used for informational and educational purposes only. All information should be used as such and not be treated as financial advice. Before making any financial decisions, it is important to complete your own due diligence.

Thank you.

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