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SafeMoon Pulse - (July 2022 Recap)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022


Table of Contents:


1. New Partnerships - 2. Partnership Upgrade - 3. SafeMoon Education

4. SafeMoon Expansion - 5. SafeMoon Gaming


July Communications🗣️ (SafeMoon Blockchain |

SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon NFTs | SafeMoon Connect | SafeMoon Podcast (Table 32)

SafeMoon Wallet & SafeMoon Encryption) - SafeMoon Card Update💳

Mandala Exchange Update


SafeMoon Sanctuary - MoonCast - SafeMoon Labs

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SafeMoon SWaP Monthly Volume


SafeMoon Security Awareness - SafeMoon Website - SafeMoon Exchange

SafeMoon Key Moments - SafeMoon SWaP - Captain's Log

Special Shoutout

This SafeMoon Pulse edition recaps the month of July.

1. New Partnerships

New to SafeMoon SWaP

SafeMoon announced 3 New SafeMoon SWaP Listings this month: MetFX, Pige Inu, and BlockBustersTch.

On July 26th and 27th, SafeMoon announced two new comet-tiered partnerships. MetFX & PIGE Inu.


MetFX is the first watch -to- earn global platform that harnesses the power and the value of content. Full of all forms of content where audiences are allowed to earn profits with the watch -to- earn technology. The MetFX platforms shares the profits of the advertising revenue to the users. Learn more.

"This partnership between SafeMoon and MetFX represents a huge opportunity for the investors of $MFX. SafeMoon is the powerhouse coin on the Binance Smart Chain that the public knows, they have done an amazing job building their brand. In the United States, if you watch CNN or Fox News - they only talk about one cryptocurrency and that is SafeMoon. So for the MetFX community and ecosystem to be exposed to this type of audience is huge for our brand. As MetFX will be a brand people come to recognize in the future and this SafeMoon deal represents our stepping stool to get this done. This partnership equates to growth, opportunity, and awareness for MetFX"

- CEO of MetFX said in a Bloomberg Article


PIGE Inu is ownerless, fully decentralized, and supported by its community of enthusiasts. Everyone can participate in every step of PIGE INU’s growth! Learn more.

"Our billboards all across the USA have started going live to celebrate and show everyone our new partnership with @safemoon. 🐷🌙"

- Pige Inu tweeted

View the thread.

On July 29th SafeMoon announced that BlockBustersTch will be added to the SafeMoon SWaP.


A Multi-Ecosystem Rewards Infrastructure, BlockBusters is a DeFi software development company with the goal of transitioning traditional web 2.0 companies into web 3.0 cryptographic-capable companies. We are tokenizing industries one by one in order to amplify their ability to function in a new technological paradigm. Learn more.

"The rumours are true! 🧐 A certain @BlockBustersTch project will be joining the #SAFEMOON SWAP soon! 🙌 More details to follow in the coming days! 🙏 Cheers, mates! 🍻" - SafeMoon

📝Please note: BBTF (BlockBustersTch) has not launched anywhere yet and the presale is closed. According to the rumors in the community BBTF will be launching exclusively on the SafeMoon SWaP on August 5th, however, no official announcements have been made as of July 31st, 2022.

New Exchange Listings

SafeMoon was listed on 2 new exchanges this month; LaToken & AAXExchange.

On July 13th, SafeMoon officially announced its listing on LaToken & the announcement for AAXEx came on July 29th.

"We are LIVE! It’s been a pleasure working closely with the @latokens team to make this partnership happen!" - Hayden

To view a list of all the Exchanges SafeMoon is currently listed on visit

2. Partnership Upgrade

For the first time, SafeMoon announced a partnership upgrade.

Previously comet-tiered, SafeMoon announced Grove is now a moon-tiered SafeMoon partner.

"It's been super fun working with @GroveToken@JohnGh87 and watching them grow the last few months. Excited for what's ahead!! A high tide raises all (star)ships" - Jonas

What's the difference in partnership levels? ( Moon / Meteor / Comet / HyperLaunch) ?

"It's not something that can be shared at this time as it does involve certain stuff covered by NDA. ill say that you should treat it as a business. The higher the tier, the higher the connection on a business level." - SafeMoon Education Manager, Cats

3. SafeMoon Education

New Educational Video Guide Format

July 6th, the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel introduced the new potential format for future SafeMoon educational guides. This one particularly is for those new coming to crypto not familiar with Tokenomics.

New SafeMoon Security Awareness Article

This month there was a new security awareness article published about ways to combat social engineering scammers.


Security is a top pillar at SafeMoon, we encourage you to read through the security awareness articles if you have not yet done so.

4. SafeMoon Expansion

Three new positions are available & have been added this month to SafeMoon's Career page.

Some job listings met their deadlines this month and were removed from SafeMoon's Career section, however, SafeMoon continues to open up more opportunities.

Solidity Developer Remote, Residing in the United States Deadline: 08/31/2022

Headquarters, Utah

As a highly capable Blockchain developer, your core responsibility is to develop application features and interfaces using blockchain technology. You will also analyze the Company’s blockchain needs, design customized smart contract technologies, and maintain the SafeMoon blockchain network.

"We're expanding our development team! If you have a passion for web3, blockchain and solidity development let me know!"

Andrew Woodle

SafeMoon Recruitment Officer

Marketing Manager Headquarters, Utah Deadline: 08/31/2022

As the Marketing Manager, you will own, develop, and implement marketing strategies to drive demand for SafeMoon products in line with SafeMoon’s ethos.

"As part of getting prepped for our upcoming marketing campaigns that will support our product launches, we're seeking an experienced and creative marketing manager to join our SafeMoon team..."


Site Reliability Engineer - Associate to Midlevel Remote, Residing in the United States Deadline: 08/31/2022

We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to join our Infrastructure team to work directly with the Head of Infrastructure building out highly available and scalable infrastructure and teams with direct ramifications to scale of the infrastructure organization and the entirety of the business.

Learn more about the positions open by clicking on the career titles above or by visiting SafeMoon's Career page.

5. SafeMoon Gaming

The SafeMoon Gaming Discord held two gaming events this past month for some fun in the SafeMoon community. They gathered on the Gaming Discord and live streamed the event on SafeMoon Gaming's Twitch. Join SafeMoon's Gaming Discord if you'd like to be involved in the next event. ❤️


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July Communications🗣️

with SafeMoon CEO John Karony

"The beauty of momentum and the progress it brings is on full display as our code matures and evolves against our mission."

SafeMoon Blockchain

This past month John commented about a previous statement of his where he said the blockchain was in development and that the Blockchain has not been pushed to 2023.

"We are indeed working on it. Future updates will come from official channels. Not wishful thinking. I get my timelines from our Director of PMO and our Director of Products, as well as updates regarding product progress. If things change, we will let folks know through official channels."

"The cryptography you use for a blockchain is important. It can affect a chains TPS (transactions per second aka speed) scalability and more. Do you aim to build a blockchain for thousands or billions of users? " - John

SafeMoon Exchange

"Exchange is very much under development, VERY much so. Compliance is the main hold-up, and I will not rush that. In-house legal is handling that."

SafeMoon NFTs

"They are being rendered, however, we are waiting on the release of 1 wallet feature and another product before launching NFTs. So release is TBD right now."[17 July 2022]

SafeMoon Connect

John confirmed that SafeMoon Connect is still being worked on.

"Literally being worked on. Looking at doing a branding change on it tho. Not a fan of the name." [17 July 2022]

Many SafeMoon Projects

On July 6th SafeMoon CEO John Karony shared some screenshots of SafeMoon's GitHub (GitHub is a website for developers and programmers to collaboratively work on and store code).

"For clarification, that’s #SAFEMOON’s GitHub, it shows the progress of our code for the different projects we are working on. It’s one of the spots I look at to track progress (others are the chats in slack, jira, and other tools) #codeforimpact #codeforchange #SAFEMOON" - John

SafeMoon GitHub Screenshots shared by John Karony

SafeMoon community member and freelance programmer Danny shares his thoughts after viewing SafeMoon's GitHub. "When I go to their page I see 15 repositories which means they are working on 47 hidden projects 😯🔥".

Security, Accessibility, and Quality

"Accessibility is important in our industry. Accessing and creating a wallet should be as easy as typing in a username and password, but just as secure, if not more secure than the 12/24 word passphrase." - John

"Security, accessibility, and quality are three metrics we focus on with the SafeMoonWallet. Security is a must." - John

Team Morale

"Clear skies and calm seas, crew morale is high and motivation is superb. "I'm confident in the team and leadership. I love the evolution." - John

"I am grateful to be leading such an amazing team, and I respect the trust they put in me as a leader, and their dedication to the strategic vision." - John [17 July 2022]

POA model, Gas fee innovations, Building

"We are looking at a POA model, but not in the traditional sense. We are also exploring an evolution to Gas fees (this is subject to change as we build, break, fix and iterate what we are building in the non-public domain) Again, any official news will come from official channels. But we are indeed actively working on it, as well as other products and features."- John

"Products are very much being released and are underway. Working out a way to release more info while also protecting IP and confidentiality." - John [17 July 2022]

"Mods also are involved in the development process. So they do indeed see more than most folks. One of my current priorities is working out a system to release more updates and info while also protecting IP/trade secrets." - John [17 July 2022]

SafeMoon Wallet & SafeMoon Encryption

"Indeed. Encryption integration with a wallet is just a beginning. There are many different avenues to apply encryption tech to like chat, file storage etc" - John

"After we finish up integration of our security upgrade, I can say that our wallet will be one of the most secure wallets out there. Team is working diligently to finish up the integration. One of the major hurdles was balancing the accessibility aspect of it. We actually were about to release the upgrade, but paused on doing the release to add some additional items in (couple week push). This is why we won't release dates, because we need the flexibility to call an audible if it is needed." - John

[17 July 2022]

Company Delays

"Things change. And SafeMoon is not the only company subject to delays and changes. I am sorely disappointed that the cybertruck is delayed. However, I know when Tesla releases the final product, it will be worth the wait." - John

"The real world does not move as fast as the blockchain industry. So when our industry overlaps with another sector, slowdowns happen. But i can appreciate the sentiment of wanting things now." - John

SafeMoon Podcast (Table 32)