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SafeMoon Pulse (January 2022 Recap)

Updated: May 23, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Plans | SafeMoon Connect | SafeMoon Rewards | NFTs | Metaverse |

SafeMoon Card | Web 3 | Merch | Operation Pheonix | What's New | New Exchange Listing | SafeMoon Wallet | SafeMoon HQ | SafeMoon Sunday | Cryptopia | New Partnership | B2B Networking | New Token Listing | Mooncraft | SafeMoon Community | Mooncast | SafeMoon Education | Reminders | Move to V2

What a month! January has brought so many exciting things already! We’ve had exchanges finishing up SafeMoon V2 (SFM) consolidation, SafeMoon networking at the very first Utah business Cryptopia pop-up event, new partnership with Taxbit, new listing, and more!

With the help of the moderation team, this past month many scam wallets have been found and reported to SafeMoon’s dev team. The team then utilized SFM's blacklisting feature on these wallets. This SFM blacklist feature has already proven to be an invaluable feature when it comes to the security of SafeMoon and SafeMoon's holders! Talk about feeling safe!!

In this year's very first SafeMoon Sunday CEO John Karony and Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga started revealing some of their plans and over the course of this month have elaborated on those plans.

SafeMoon released plans

Ecosystem within the SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon Connect

SafeMoon Connect is a hub for SafeMoon's users and partners as well as e-commerce. This is much bigger than it sounds.

SafeMoon Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga

"Connect will be the hub. The place you will go to connect all product lines and find the products and the partners that they love. It’s much bigger than the pay link that’s been posted on Twitter. There’s a much bigger platform or portal that’s not only for the users but also for our partners. What SafeMoon Connect is on the front-end is like an iceberg, it’s what it is on the back-end.

Bills being introduced for Bitcoin in multiple states. Why? B/c the crypto space is too big now & they DON'T want to be left behind! SAFEMOON CONNECT WILL BE the missing link 4 many mainstream companies who scramble 2 get their products shipped to crypto masses!"

The ecosystem in the SafeMoon Wallet will allow us to bring partnerships into the wallet for easy accessibility! This will be tied into SafeMoon Rewards

SafeMoon Rewards

"How do you increase the burn of V2 WITHOUT actually making people sell or spend their V2 if they want to hold it? Then to take it one step further, simultaneously increase a BUY IN of V2 from other crypto? Problem solved! SafeMoon Rewards will be the "middleware" that ties all of our product lines together, increases burn, rewards buyers for purchasing from our ecosystem & encourages "staking" of V2, win, Win, WIN." - Ryan

"Why would we stake when we already get reflections from holding?"

Ryan: "Why not get both?"

"The tax redistribution is set... how would people earn more than that redistribution from staking? Where would those rewards be pulled from?"

Ryan: "Transaction fees from buyers to sellers from our ecosystem :) Community driven ecosystem."

Another commenter asked, "Ryan does it have anything to do with Beefy or are you making your own platform?"

Ryan: "Making? It's already built."


Additional plans for a module dedicated to NFTS and collectables within the SafeMoon Wallet app were mentioned at the beginning of this month. The team has hinted multiple times that NFTs and the previously mentioned module within the SafeMoon Wallet is close. Just recently SafeMoon Education Manager, Cats shared a screenshot of his SafeMoon Wallet with a new tab labeled "collectibles"!

An NFT-Lineup from SafeMoon is planned and these will live symbiotically within the Metaverse and real life. The first lineup "Naughty Nauts" will be available in the future with more to follow, merch NFTs and even turbine NFTs, where holders of that NFT line will take part in minting a real life turbine and receive SafeMoon with every turn!

SafeMoon CEO John Karony

"If someone mints an NFT in the Metaverse, there should be a “mint” reflected in reality. SafeMoon NFTs aim to do just this. The Turbines are only the start. GAMA has only just begun...IOT connections. Macro IOT evolves to Micro IOT." - John

Did I hear that correct we will be able to purchase a windmill ourselves and earn?

John: Not the turbine itself. The NFT. Which is anchored to reality through a turbine. Will likely do a presale of the first 100 anchored Turbine NFTs. "Launch Editions"

Any good news coming up for SafeMoon Sunday?

Ryan: Yeah! There’s gonna be some good news coming up. We have made some major movements and progress on the NFTs for the SafeMoon Wallet. Really exciting stuff...... The Dev Team has really been working hard. NFTs, integration with Open Seas. All that stuff is working and it’s progressing very well. That will be the next big feature you guys are gonna see here on the SafeMoon Wallet. Among some other things you guys are gonna see too.


The team is very careful to not give information out anymore until there is major headway, but we do know the Metaverse will also be a big part in this ecosystem.

"Metaverse is on our mind and something we are working on. SafeMoon Connect will connect or sync to the metaverse. SafeMoon Connect is first. It will all makes sense when it comes out." - Ryan

It's all connected.

Credit to @SFMTruthSauce for creating this card design and so many others!

SafeMoon Card

The SafeMoon Card is still in the works! Which can be used to make purchases with your SafeMoon and also with your other cryptocurrencies held on the SafeMoon Wallet. A special launch edition of the SafeMoon Card is planned and there will be a waitlist available to sign up! It is expected to release in Q2.

Web 3

SafeMoon plans to be one of the pioneers helping guide companies who wish to utilize and tap into cryptocurrency and Web3's capabilities by creating products - SafeMoon Connect - which allow them to do this easily.

In a Twitter Space on January 19th Ryan SafeMoon Global Head of Products talks about this a bit:

"We’re thinking “How can we make great products, be at the tip of the spear in this market?” and have these products so that when those web 2 companies that are late or not even late because this is all still so new but that say “Hey. I wanna dip my toe in this space. How do I do that?”

Well, they’re going to start looking for other products which allow them to onboard and dip their toe into the space and the cryptocurrency market without being to bold about it. And that’s what we’re building. We’re building an ecosystem that allows these companies to do that. In the end game, they are going to be using our products, they will get familiar with our token as we grow. SafeMoon as a token and as a coin it will be easier to buy. By that time, we will have even more functioning products. We are not trying to prove ourselves by being in a lot of exchanges. We’ve proven ourselves because we actually have real world products that are being used and are helping people, allowing people to make more money, and be successful in their businesses."

Learn more about Web 3 here.


Merch is coming back... and with style! SafeMoon has partnered with a company in Utah for high quality SafeMoon Merch. SafeMoon Merch will be easier to buy once it's live again. Get ready to put your pre-order in!

Operation Pheonix

We were brought into the New year with John's partial reveal of Operation Pheonix and it did not disappoint! This reveal shared visuals of the team testing nanoparticle surface manipulation on small wind turbines. The Darkmoon team studied and collected data recorded from computer software programs, and high-speed cameras in laser-lit rooms finding significant improvement in energy production and a massive reduction in chaos energy with every rotation. These small turbines will make it easy for places like Africa to utilize without the need for highly specialized equipment. What they are doing is proprietary and patent pending. This was only the partial reveal! You can check out the reveal video below ⇩⇩⇩

So what is new from last month?

What’s new?

New Exchange Listing

SafeMoon ended the month with a new exchange listing on Mandala Exchange! SafeMoon and Mandala seem to have other things in store for holders as well.

In the Mandala discord server they elaborated more:

" Please stay tuned to both our Twitter and our Discord for announcements on when SFM deposits & trading will open. Additionally, we will be releasing an article soon that will explain how the SFM tokenomics will work. In the meantime, welcome to Mandala Exchange.

You also might want to familiarize yourself with our recently rolled out Mandala Madness…there might just be a spin-off version for the SafeMoon Community" .

Photo credit to Mandala Exchange

SafeMoon Wallet

Ryan and team have put so much effort in improving, updating, and fixing bugs in the SafeMoon Wallet and it shows!

Last month this is what has changed for the SafeMoon Wallet:

  • Wallet Connect implemented!

  • Dark Mode now available!

  • Swap calculation speed fixed!

  • Countless bug fixes!

  • QR code scanner added for “My Contacts” page.

  • Added security features (change password and transaction signing toggle both now require user authentication)!!!

  • Automatic disconnect from Dapps after 30 minutes!!!!

In addition to all these wallet updates, the SafeMoon Wallet has exceeded 1 million user downloads in 4.5 months! Incredible!

It is no secret within the SafeMoon Community that CEO John Karony hates pineapple pizza. John told the SafeMoon community that when the SafeMoon Wallet reached 1 Million user downloads he will eat some pineapple pizza. We are all hoping to see a video of John eating that pizza soon! hehe.

SafeMoon HQ

This past month the team officially moved into SafeMoon Headquarters in Utah. Charles even has his own double Cupboard!👀

SafeMoon Sunday

Shortly after HQ move-in SafeMoon Sunday was broadcasted live on YouTube in house. Aside from the new location and new broadcasting platform John announced that SafeMoon Sunday will now broadcast once a month instead of biweekly. To view last months SafeMoon Sunday click here.


On Jan 19th, 2022, SafeMoon CEO John Karony joined Dan Young and Scott Paul at The Leonardo [in Salt Lake City, Utah] for a panel discussion covering a wide range of topics in the crypto space. John answered questions about compliance, NFTs, decentralization, and more.