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SafeMoon Pulse (February 2022 Recap)

Updated: May 3, 2022

Table of Contents:

| What's New? | Mandala Exchange | SafeMoon SWaP Listings | February Listing Frenzy |

| Swap Listing benefits | February Listing Frenzy | SafeMoon Wallet Updates |

| SafeMoon LP Insured | SafeMoon Blockchain | SafeMoon Website | Swap and Evolve |

| Captain's Log | Education Articles | SafeMoon Labs | MoonCast |

| February's SafeMoon Sunday | pSafeMoon Update | MoonCraft | Community Updates |

Wow! Another month has passed! The SafeMoon team continue their quest in building out SafeMoon's synergistic ecosystem keeping quality, accessibility, and security at the forefront.

What's New?

Another month of progress! January ended with the announcement of Mandala listing SafeMoon on their exchange but this past month we learned that SafeMoon and Mandala had bigger plans!!

Mandala Exchange announcement

Mandala Exchange team shared that they consider SafeMoon more than another listing and seem very excited to help bring innovation alongside the SafeMoon team. In the first leap together towards innovation, Mandala announces the first-ever implementation of SafeMoon Global Tokenomics on their Exchange!

➡If you wish to learn more on Global Tokenomics here's a great article on What Global Tokenomics Could Mean for SafeMoon?

➡Mandala has also created this FAQ to help users understand how it will work.

Mandala choosing to be the first to implement Global Tokenomics understandably had a delay in commencing trading of SFM due to an inaccuracy in reflections. The Mandala Exchange team is eager to innovate and is determined to resolve this inaccuracy. It's truly honorable how transparent the Mandala team has been. I have no doubt of their success in fixing this slight set back as this is a normal part to innovation. They keep everyone very updated on their respective platforms. To keep up with their updates click here to join their discord.

In addition to partnering with an exchange willing to innovate and take on the challenge of incorporating SFM Global Tokenomics, SafeMoon has welcomed a total of 10 new SafeMoon Swap listings in the month of February!

SafeMoon Swap Listings

As you may recall each token listing must meet SafeMoon Standard to be considered. Recently added to the SafeMoon website was a checklist that is used by the team to determine eligibility. The image below is an example of the checklist used and placed next to each token listing partner on the SafeMoon Website:

Items checked

✅Team Doxxed to SafeMoon

✅Background Verification

✅High Level Contract Review (Not Audit)

✅Roadmap Review

✅Community Review

As you can see a prime example of SafeMoon keeping Security and Quality at the forefront. This is the way.

***It is important to note while SafeMoon does have this fantastic vetting process, they do not claim to take the place of an actual contract audit and also do encourage everyone to do their own research.

Have more question about the token listing process or would like to apply to be listed on the SafeMoon Swap ,click here.

Ryan Arriaga Global Head of Products

"All aboard the SafeMoon Swap 🚂A token listing with SafeMoon is so much more than just a listing. We have BIG plans & YOU will partake in the biggest ECOSYSTEM ever to hit this industry! A🎫to CONNECT to a new world of innovative partners! 🛍️🌉🌎"

"😁The other cool thing MOST don’t know is.. All SafeMoon Swap Partners are automatically eligible for SafeMoon Connect's growing Partner Ecosystem. Tokens bridged to products. The BEASTLY Foundation is being built beautifully & in the right order."

"Will it use SFM as fuel and burn?"

"Of course. In a very clever way. :)"

February Listing Frenzy

As mentioned above there have been 10 listings added to the SafeMoon Swap this past month. Amazing!! Way to go team!!

Listed: 02 Feb 2022

1. Affinity (AFFINITY)

Tier 2 Meteor Partner Affinity was designed around it’s use case ADAPT (our peer-to-peer trading application) which will be expanded to become THE premier token trading/payment platform!

"Thank you so much to the [SafeMoon] team for having a sit down with me to talk crypto and Affinity BSC. Was a pleasure meeting you [John], we share a lot of common values and goals. #UniteDefi "- CMO of Affinity

03 Feb 2022

2. DxSale.Network (SALE)

Tier 1 Moon Partner DxSale was announced on February 4th by SafeMoon Official Twitter to be on the SafeMoon Swap and Wallet. "DxSale is a decentralized, cross chain, token management platform as a service and DxSale DAO allows for seamless onboarding of chains to provide tools to facilitate and grow out a chains ecosystem." Dexscreener describes.

Did you know that DxSale was the platform that facilitated the launch and the beginning of SafeMoon's growth back in March 2021?! This is a tweet made by SafeMoon on March 7th, 2021 thanking DxSale. "Thank you for your launch platform! Thanks to the trust from your protocol we have hit 260 holders and 200k in 4 days! Wow!" I find myself in awe looking back, truly getting a glimpse of just how far we've really come! A big thank you to DxSale!

Listed: 05 Feb 2022

3. Rhythm (RHYTHM)

Photo Credit to Rhythm

A Tier 3 Comet Partner Rhythm is building the next generation of music streaming tools for consumers and artists with a bridge between the music industry and crypto.

Listed: 06 Feb 2022

4. GlowV2 (GlowV2)

Tier 1 Moon Partners GLOW represents the illumination of the crypto decentralized finance (DeFi) space through education and charity. Glow made a FAQ for the SafeMoon Army. 🙏

Listed: 07 Feb 2022

5. EverGrow Coin (EGC)

Tier 2 Meteor Partner EverGrow Coin. "ANNOUNCING new token partnership between #EverGrowCoin & #SAFEMOON!!! $EGC HITS @SafeMoon Wallet & Swap THIS MONDAY, with co-branded billboards launching across SLC, Chicago & Dallas!! This is just the start of a beautiful partnership between the world's leading rewards tokens!"

Video credit to EverGrow Coin

Listed: 09 Feb 2022

6. Shibnobi (SHINJA)

Tier 1 Moon Partner Shibnobi focuses on developing a user-friendly multi-chain swap in the DeFi ecosystem. CEO and Co-founder of Shibnobi joined our Director of Sales and Partnerships to talk about their project on the last SafeMoon Sunday. For more information they've created a SafeMoon Army FAQ section.

Listed: 21 Feb 2022

7. Immortl (IMRTL)

Tier 3 Comet Partner Immortl 's ONE app is a loyalty and rewards platform built upon a hybrid blockchain system with an integrated an in-app payment system. Through this, transactions become safer and more transparent, ensuring the safety of user’s personal data. One has also created a welcome article for the SafeMoon Army where you can read more about what they're about.

Listed: 24 Feb 2022


Tier 3 Comet Partner Puli believes that crypto can be both safe and fun for everyone. Our Pulimatic initiative will be a central source where holders can swap, stake, play, chat and earn with Pulimatic technology as the core.

Listed: 26 Feb 2022


Tier 3 Comet Partner Doxed is a Crypto Security based token focusing on identity verification. We offer a platform for developers to dox through our KYD system legitimately. (Know your developer). The KYD process will not only allow developers to verify their identity, It will also be a platform for investors to confirm that the developers have been vetted legitimately. Every Project that runs through our system will have a DOX KYD stamp of approval if the identity verification passes.

Listed: 28 Feb 2022

10. Empire Token (EMPIRE)

Tier 3 Comet Partner The Empire Token will bring users an innovative coin that offers multiple use-cases. Their first project is a unique NFT marketplace that allows users to generate revenue to publishers, thereby allowing NFT owners to generate revenue through trading and leasing their NFTs for commercial use.

The above descriptions and more on SafeMoon's Listing Partners available on SafeMoon's new Partner Portal.

What do the Tiers mean?

In the last MoonCast SafeMoon Global Community Manager Mr. Adult elaborated a bit on their meaning. More clear descriptions on what the Tiers mean to come soon. For now though it's really just a matter of their ambition alignment with SafeMoon. Asking questions like 'DO these projects team leaders desire to go on this new innovative journey together or do they have other plans?'

SWaP Listing Benefits SafeMoon

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

The possibilities when partnering with other innovative projects are endless.

Aside from putting all our efforts together to build something amazing, token partners promote the use of SafeMoon Products creating a user-base who become comfortable using them, which builds our reputation and name!

There's also the Swap transactions which benefit the SafeMoon Ecosystem.

0.25% fee for EVERY SWAP that takes place.

Where does that 0.25% go?

0.17% towards the Liquidity Pool 0.05% towards the SafeMoon Ecosystem 0.03% to buy back & burn

The SafeMoon Ecosystem is just getting started. A massive SafeMoon Army welcome to all of SafeMoon's new partners! 🤝💙💪

SafeMoon Wallet Updates:

This months wallet updates:

  • 10 new token listing pairs (on Web Swap too)

  • New Collectibles module. Open Sea Integration. NFTS!!!

  • Auto token specific slippage setting popup

  • Other Bug fixes and stability improvements

SafeMoon LP Insured

Another exciting thing that happened this month was the Liquidity Pool, placed in treasury is now insured promoting security and aiding in compliance.

SafeMoon Blockchain Update

SafeMoon Website

There have been some really awesome things happening with the SafeMoon Website.

In February's SafeMoon Sunday they touched on the SafeMoon Website changes and additions. These are the highlights:

  • 100 million requests and 27-28 million unique visitors! Rebuilt and ready for SCALABILTY to prevent future technical debt!

This is going to allow the addition of:

  • Partner Portals

  • Education Portal (SafeMoon Education)

  • News Portal

  • SafeMoon Ecosystem

  • Merch portal (shopify until we outgrow)

  • Point of Sale System

"’s going to allow us to bridge the gap of mainstream products and services and allow those products and services to be sold through our Swap partners and to the crypto-curious and crypto-core. Really exciting stuff that we’re working on." - Ryan

"To sum it up, it makes it easier for mainstream companies to sell products using crypto." -John

Market Place update

An update was published for the Exchange Listings on the SafeMoon website! Check it out. 😁🙌👏

Backend Upgrade

Something that is ongoing is the massive upgrade to the backend in preparation for handling heavy site traffic. While it may not be something everyone sees progress on it is something that is imperative for SafeMoon's Ecosystem! Preparation is key!

Global Community Manager, Mr. A elaborated on this in Discord this past month.

"We are building out new tech stacks with new approaches. So it’s not a feast of documentation and ready-to-goo libraries. This means a lot more heavy lifting and QA. But this is why it’s innovation not just building.

Most of the other products are powered by existing methods put together in new ways. So they deliver quicker. But we are developing the products and the methods. In the short term, this can mean slower publicly perceived change / progress. In the longer term it’s what puts you out front and makes it incredibly difficult for others to catch up. Let me give you another quick example.

Rather than just throw a simple WordPress site up like almost all other projects. We’ve rebuilt the entire thing in React Native and deeply integrated it into our dashboards and processes. We now have a basis to build a more cohesive ecosystem of products that can show up on more platforms. And we’ve reduced our risks, data bloat, and other factors. Most people haven’t even noticed the full rebuild that got deployed. But that’s kind of the point. This is also why they think nothing is happening when it truly is."

About us

The New "About us" section on the Website. Click on the image to check it out ➡➡➡

Partners Portal

One of the newest additions to the SafeMoon Websites and perhaps one of my favorites so far is the new Partners Portal! There you can see our token listing partners, a brief introduction of each categorized into Tiers. Moon partners (Tier 1), Meteor partners (Tier 2), and Comet partners (Tier 3).

More clear descriptions on what the Tiers mean to come soon. For now though it's really just a matter of ambition alignment with SafeMoon. DO these projects team leader's desire to go on this new innovative journey together?

Click here to check it out.

SafeMoon Education

Swap & Evolve

  • In John Karony's most recent Captain's Log, he announces Swap and Evolve. Check it out below.

  • SafeMoon's Education Manager, Cats also provided some educational content and a more in-depth explanation in his recent article.

  • Want a SafeMoon Holder's perspective on it? Here is a short write-up from Reddit.


A new addition to SafeMoon Education are Captain's Logs! Where CEO John Karony provides updates to reassure, educate, and inform the SafeMoon Army. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

Educational Articles

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus has published 3 awesome articles this month!!

How to Create an NFT

Learn how to create an NFT using the SafeMoon Wallet and how you can see them directly from the Collectibles tab within the wallet.

SafeMoon Wallet: How to connect to OpenSea

How to connect to OpenSea via the SafeMoon Wallet to view and create your NFTs

Swap and Evolve

Understanding Swap and Evolve, a Swap and Liquify replacement


The SafeMoon Education Team now have an Official SafeMoon Education Twitter account!

Show your support to the team and give the SafeMoon Insider a follow!!!