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SafeMoon Pulse (April 2022 Recap)

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Table of Contents:

Networking | Exchanges | SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Card | SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon NFTs | SafeMoon Website | Partnerships | SafeMoon Career Opportunities

SafeMoon CEO Blog | SafeMoon Education | MoonCraft | Community Fun | Closing

Monthly SWaPDATE by Hydra

Quick Overview

Welcome to another SafeMoon monthly recap where we pull together all of the main events, product releases, new partnerships, and updates that have taken place over the past month for SafeMoon.

This Pulse edition recaps the month of April. As always, progress continues with SafeMoon and so much has happened! SafeMoon has announced some new partners this month, pushed more updates, and shared exciting sneak peeks of upcoming releases!

The team has also participated in more networking opportunities!


CEO of the Year

Utah Business nominated CEO John Karony as one of their CEO honorees of 2022. On March 31st, they gathered together at The Grand American Hotel to celebrate the honorees and to announce their CEO of the year, John Karony! Congratulations John!

Bitcoin Miami 2022

SafeMoon Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing and SafeMoon Sales & Growth Manager Jonas Harmer went to Bitcoin Miami 2022 Expo!

"Got 2nd 🥈 place at the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament at Bitcoin 2022 yesterday. My gamer tag was 'Safemoon'. Easy marketing. Come catch these diamond hands 💎✊" - Jonas

"On our way back to @safemoon HQ! We learned a lot at Bitcoin 2022 and made some great connections. We’re already planning for 2023 Perhaps we get a booth this time around." - Hayden

Some members of the SafeMoon community were there too!💚💗

Grit Daily (SxSW)

Grit Daily published an article this past month from John Karony expanding on one of the topics discussed at the SxSW event in March 2022 where John participated in several interviews and panels on various topics. This event was a fantastic networking event hosted by Grit Daily as a part of SxSW.

In his article What Is Return on Impact? Venture Philanthropy as a Business Model Focus, SafeMoon CEO John Karony wrote, "Multiple times as I talked about our vision and business model focus on venture philanthropy, the concept of 'philanthropy with an ROI' and 'return on impact' came up. I spoke about it there but would also like to expand on the theme for the broader Grit Daily audience now."

He continues in the article to discuss blockchain tech's potential to create impact on another level.

"The development of all kinds of products, but especially the products that answer basic life and health needs can now be produced and deployed more quickly, creating a cost savings we can pass to users instead of to profit. This is where the magic lies: The Blockchain removes friction, of every kind. And by creating Impact in a “for profit” model that produces an ROI, your business is a self-perpetuating mechanism that doesn’t just “do good” but sustains itself and has the ability to grow while also expanding the impact far and wide."

To read the rest of his article, click here!!

Fund Launch Live

To share more about the above-mentioned principles, SafeMoon CEO John Karony traveled to Las Vegas to speak at Fund Launch Live 2022 on April 28th.

John Karony at Fund Launch Live👇

" "What if we did it the other way? What if we aim for return on impact before return on investment? These two ROIs live symbiotically at SafeMoon."

"That awkward moment when you get on stage and there are more people there than Bridger (the one throwing the event) advertised. Went great. Some really amazing folks attending the conference." - John on Discord

United Nations NGO Committee

SafeMoon's Global HR Director Kate Porter was asked to speak at the UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development alongside a group of other woman leaders with the desire to impact change.

  • The NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY has Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs and is officially associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.

UN NGO Website

"On 24 March 2022, I had the honor of speaking at the UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development on the topic of Women Leaders Impact Change Globally. It was a pretty epic experience and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity I had to represent the incredible company I work for in this particular forum. I currently serve as the only female on our executive leadership team at SafeMoon (watch this space as we continue to scale, for an increase in our diversity profile). My role has global reach and one of my teams core focus areas is to create the conditions for our entire team to succeed and thrive. My role is all about helping others and aligns to SafeMoon's mission which is to expand and channel our technologies to propel new innovations for good and a Venture Philanthropy model to advance those innovations globally.

The intention of my speech was to show there are real people with real stories and real lives who sit behind the scenes in our incredible business. We are all here to serve a much greater purpose. SafeMoon is the change we wish to see in our industry. I am the change I wish to see in others. I want to be the inspiration that no matter what is going on, you have the choice in how you show up AND how you respond. What you say and what you do matters and does affect those around you. There are so many people in this world waiting on my “extra” as an individual. There are multiple millions waiting and watching SafeMoon’s “extra”. I love the impact I get to have in my role. I love the changes I am seeing in others as a result of my own actions and behavior. And I am deeply grateful for the positive ripple effect that we as individuals and our phenomenal growing company is creating." - Kate

Networking Benefits

Networking is an essential part of a company's growth and ultimate success.

Here are a few of the many benefits of networking:

  • Expertise - Business networking provides access to a pool of field-tested expertise

  • Networking presents opportunities such as new partners or business agreements.

  • Networking becomes a resource - Business networking can give your company access to pre-screened lists of innovative ideas, projects, and even vendors, depending on what you're looking for...

  • It helps build the company's brand

  • The company's network can be a great source of industry-related information. You can't possibly stay current on every piece of news or legislation that affects your company - but a good network can.

Networking Statics

Did you know?

  • 65% of new business comes from referrals [New York Times]

  • 92% of people trusted referrals [Nielson]

  • 49% of people find a new job through networking (which is much higher than any other way). []

  • 85% of customers are acquired through word of mouth. (Good thing we have an amazing Award-winning community!) [allignable]

  • 25% of business people don’t do any networking [Hubspot]

Additional Sources: Amazing Business, Gaebler


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Mandala Exchange

When: SFM trading will go live on May 10th @ 2AM UTC

Global or Local Tokenomics: Local Tokenomics

FEE: As low as 0.65%

The Mandala team has assured the community many times that they are diligently working on implementing and determined to implement Global Tokenomics!

Credit to Hypafly for this fabulous video

DigiFinex Exchange

March ended with the announcement that Digifinex would be listing SafeMoon. The day after the announcement, Digifinex opened trading for SFM.

Digifinex is ranked top 10 by liquidity and volume and has 4 million users. They currently have monthly dispersed tokenomics in place and plan to incorporate global tokenomics in the future.

Digifinex's Trading Pairs: SFM/USDT, SFM/ETH , SFM/BTC

SafeMoon CEO John Karony

"Digifinex is a large exchange. Look at their daily volume on the rankings. In terms of Tokenomics: LoToks first, then GloToks. The team worked hard to get this one. Tokenomics first, then Glotoks."

Q: Is cryptonomics still in the works?

"Yah, of course…."


WhiteBIT tweeted a shoutout to SafeMoon this past month. "🥳It's been a year since $SFM joined the exchange.🥳 We are happy that our cooperation with @Safemoon started a year ago!..."

To view a list of all the Exchanges SafeMoon is currently listed on visit

SafeMoon Exchange

Did you miss the SafeMoon Exchange sneak peek from March? If so you can check it out here.

This past month, John shared that there is a customer service team being built along with the SafeMoon Exchange.

SafeMoon CEO John Karony

"Yes. Customer service is progressing in conjunction with the buildout of the SafeMoon Exchange. SafeMoon is in delivery phase."


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SafeMoon Card

SafeMoon Officially announced the SafeMoon Card and its features.



1. Use your SafeMoon and other cryptos for your purchases. (Instant conversion to FIAT at the time of spending)

2. Securely manage your SAFEMOON card within the SafeMoon app!

3. Prioritize and choose the order you use your crypto assets for spending!

4. Globally Accepted! You can use your SAFEMOON card online or in-store!

5. Virtual card available in-app! (In addition to the physical card)

6. Freeze and unfreeze your card

7. Download Statements

8. Google Pay at launch

9. Only 2.5% fee on transactions (1.5% processor fee, 0.2% burn, 0.4% reflections, 0.3% liquidity pool, 0.1% growth)

10. Borrow against your USDT and ETH crypto assets. (CryptoDraft)

Check out the Augmented Reality Card

The following day, SafeMoon opened up the pre-launch waitlist sign-up!

Did you sign up?

SafeMoon Wallet

"Ability to select default screen Ability to select date format Calculator currency converter Token stats in transaction history Swap auto calculates bsc gas fee & deducts it from "max" bnb amount"-

Here is a more detailed look at what has been updated on the SafeMoon Wallet:

🍏 Apple Update:

  • Tap wallet name to switch wallets from multiple screens

  • Info popup with stats for each token in transaction histories

  • Ability to select default screen in settings

  • Ability to select date format in settings

  • Ability to change the currency in the calculator for token prices

  • Currency converter added to calculator

  • Acknowledgment added prior to revealing passphrase or private key

  • Swap now specifies estimated amount before fees in results (see actual amount after tax in the confirmation popup)

  • Swap auto calculates bsc gas fee and deducts it from “max” bnb amount, plus an additional 0.001 for margin of error

  • SafeMoon Wallet added to WalletConnect preferred wallet list when using device browser

  • QR Code scanner added to import wallet screen

  • Bug fixes and improvements

🤖Android Update:

  • Tap wallet name to switch wallets

  • Info popup with stats for each token in transaction histories

  • Ability to select default screen and date format in settings

  • Currency converter and ability to change currency for token prices in the calculator

  • Acknowledgment added prior to revealing passphrase or private key

  • Swap deducts gas fee and gives more margin of error for MAX bnb

  • QR code scanner added to import wallet screen

  • Bug fixes and improvements

SafeMoon NFTs

SafeMoon CEO John Karony gave everyone multiple SafeMoon NFT sneak peeks on Instagram in early April.

If you missed it here is the NFT sneak peek from the March SafeMoon Special. (NFT video timestamp and transcript)

SafeMoon Website

SafeMoon released a sneak peek of the website's upcoming changes!

Among the images shared was the new SafeMoon Ecosystem Navigator.

Exciting for the education team, you can also see the new home for all SafeMoon educational content such as SafeMoon Labs, Lowdowns, and Pulse articles.

A few of the images shown even show a billboard competition page and an example of the mobile compatibility view!

For more explanations & an idea of when the website refresher will be live take a look at the published sneak peek here.

SafeMoon SWaP


Throughout the month of April, three new partnerships have been announced and listed on SafeMoon's SWaP.

Comet Partners

Cryft - Date Listed: 04 Apr 2022

Grove - Date Listed: 22 Apr 2022

Hyper Launch Partners

On April 20th SafeMoon announced a new partnership tier called

Hyper Launch!

The first Hyper Launch token listed:

LCP - Date Listed: 21 Apr 2022