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Pulse Becomes a Monthly Update!

Updated: May 3, 2022


Partial reveal video released


Using a laser atmosphere and highspeed real world filming, 3D high resolution scanning, and more, the Darkmoon team in Area 32 are manipulating and innovating small, decentralized turbines with the application of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic particles to produce more efficient energy with every rotation. The use of these types of turbines reduces the need for highly specialized equipment needed for maintenance making them more accessible to places such as Africa.

In Addition, John Karony mentions one of the many licenses filed was an EU e-money license. Partnerships and filings have allowed SafeMoon to accomplish a lot in the regulatory space. Among those is The SafeMoon Card which should be ready by Q2 of SafeMoon. These accomplishments needed to take place for the release of the SafeMoon Exchange!

Also mentioned was the development of a true Web 3 network. Web 3.0 is the third generation of the Internet—a global network that permits intelligent interactions between all its users and devices!


Official Contract address-0x42981d0bfbAf196529376EE702F2a9Eb9092fcB5

Version 2 of SafeMoon’s contract has released! SafeMoon Version 2 allows for all the freedoms needed for the implementation of SafeMoon’s ecosystem and for SafeMoon as an emerging tech company to truly innovate. It’s time for SafeMoon to move onto their next product release!



Purchases, Sells, and Transfers of SafeMoon V1 are 100% taxed! THE ONLY TWO WAYS to Consolidate to SafeMoon v2 is by using the SafeMoon SWAP via or the SafeMoon Wallet (if you do not hold your SafeMoon on the SafeMoon Wallet DO NOT TRANSFER, import your seed phrase into the SafeMoon Wallet and then proceed with consolidation). !!!! Use to locate the Official SafeMoon Wallet app! If you do not use one of these two methods, you will lose all your tokens!

Hold your SafeMoon on an Exchange?

Partnered exchanges will do the migration for you! Do not transfer the tokens yourself. SafeMoon has been in contact with all partnered exchanges and these exchanges have all they need to do the Migration. SafeMoon does not know when these exchanges plan their migrations and when halting of trading SafeMoon V1 will take place. Please contact your exchange for this information. Click here for more information


“Expansion brings opportunity. Opportunity brings impact. This new office brings us together. 🤝 Together we step into 2022 and the SafeMoon Headquarters, where growth will be the driving force as we continue to evolve! 🔑” - SafeMoon

"Today I was handed the key to the #SAFEMOONHQ! Excited to see the innovation that comes out of #SAFEMOON's new home." John Karony, SafeMoon CEO.

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As of 12/31/2021 SafeMoon will have multiple advertisements in New York, Times Square 3 times per hour for an entire year!


Within the SafeMoon Wallet you now can create multiple wallets and import 12- and 24-word seed phrases and private keys.

2022 (In the plans so far…)


  • SafeMoon Connect – Encryption

  • SafeMoon Rewards! Smart contract built that we will be able to implement. (Hint: NFTS & partnerships, e-commerce)


Official Links to SafeMoon Products, Social Media Platforms, and Consolidation videos here.

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