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SafeMoon Lowdown (September 5th, 2022)

Updated: Sep 6, 2022


MoonCast | Tech History | Blockchain News: The Blockchain Trilemma - NFT Watchdog Exploited - Official Twitter Account Hack Fake XRP Giveaway | Food for Thought

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The one-year anniversary special for MoonCast was broadcasted today giving away two copies of Rust, a multiplayer-only online survival game. Our transcription team is currently working hard to transcribe MoonCast for those that need or prefer it. Meanwhile, you can watch the broadcast below.

Labor Day

Today is a US holiday made for workers which began in 1894. SafeMoon community member and BBTF CEO Don Bailey tweeted,

"America is 246 years old, and today's holiday marks the 140th celebration of American workers. 140 years ago, we celebrated the first American electric plant that supplied electricity to Manhattan. Today I’d like to celebrate the solidity developers supplying Web3 tech. #LaborDay"

Tech History

"The UK's first next-generation 5G mobile network has just launched. Remember 2003, when people wondered if anyone would watch video on these fancy 3G phones?"

- BBC Archive

Blockchain News

The Blockchain Trilemma: The Unsolved Puzzle of Scaling Networks?

"In simple terms, the blockchain has three main features: Security, decentralization, and speed. Many people believe different blockchains only meet two of these three criteria. Although everything may work well on the surface, one of the three elements could be compromised when the network is tested."

Source - Gokhshtein Media

NFT watchdog Rug Pull Finder gets its own NFT giveaway exploited

Rug Pull Finder's NFT contract was abused to allow two scammers to mint 450 NFTs instead of one per wallet."

Source - Coin Telegraph

PwC Venezuela Twitter account hacked, attacker shills fake XRP giveaway

(Coin Telegraph) -- "An attacker gained access to PwC Venezuela’s Twitter account and has been actively posting cryptocurrency phishing links for the last 8 hours at the time of the writing. Investors clicking on the links remain at risk of being defrauded by the hacker. If not mitigated promptly, the threat may be catastrophic, considering that PwC Veleneula’s Twitter currently boasts over 37,000 followers."

Source - Coin Telegraph

Food for Thought

It's important to show love to those we read & appreciate every day - even if we don't know them personally 💬 Being part of us personally is something they don't expect, but hope for 🧠 That is why I love you all, #SAFEMOONARMY 🫶 We are #SAFEMOON, we are family ❤️

One day you will thank yourself for not giving up.

- Gary Goodridge

Life is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it's perfectly okay and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing. Relax, refresh, reconnect 😏 As always, #BeKind 💙

- HollyGirl

If you are confused, ask questions. If you are truly stuck, ask for help. If you miss someone, reach out to them. If you appreciate someone, tell them. If you are upset, learn to forgive first. If you are fortunate, share the gifts. If you are luckier than most, give more.

- Vala Ashfar

Community Content

"Never compare your journey with someone else’s. Your journey is your journey not a competition.
The exchange and blockchain is still coming 2022, but first, we have to have the best security as possible."

- SafeMoon Illinois

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Pulse

The August Pulse monthly recap is live! For those who don't know the SafeMoon Pulse monthly is an article that combines together SafeMoon's main events, product reveals, releases, new partnerships, and updates that have taken place over the past month. You can also find SafeMoon links, education, and reminders. Click the image below to take a look.

SafeMoon Pulse (August 2022 Recap)


MoonCast Transcript

The most recent MoonCast transcript can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

Thank you to our transcription team members Sir Burns, Kerr, and Glenn. We are so grateful for your consistent help and support in getting these transcripts out to the SafeMoon community! 💗


SafeMoon Gaming: Rust

Are you a PC gamer? You should definitely check out the SafeMoon Gaming server to learn more about the SafeMoon Rust game server, officially launching on September 1st! 32 copies of the game with be given away so keep an eye out for more information!



If you are currently holding pSafeMoon, you won't be receiving reflections due to the SafeMoon V2 Migration. In this SafeMoon Education article, you will find a method in which a pSafeMoon holder will be able to migrate to SafeMoon V2.

A HUGE thank you to SafeMoon Sr. Mod Explorer who helped put this article together!!! 🥰


SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐

Security questions - What's the best way to answer?
Learn the best practice to combat social engineering scammers & hackers.