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SafeMoon Lowdown (September 4th, 2022)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022


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Powered by SafeMoon

The images below have been tweeted by SafeMoon over 3 consecutive weeks in preparation for revealing the name of one of SafeMoon's products.

Did you guess it? 😁

SafeMoon shared a reveal video yesterday tweeting,

"Some of the #SAFEMOONARMY did guess the name correctly! Nice work! ➡️It is the name of our new security product ➡️It will first appear in the #SAFEMOONWALLET ➡️A private BETA will take place in due course ➡️Further details will follow before any release #SAFEMOON"

In June's Captain's Log SafeMoon CEO John Karony announced that SafeMoon created patent-pending and world-leading security technology and that it will be incorporated into all of SafeMoon's fintech offerings!! Read more here.

"From the beginning, I’ve taken the bold position of establishing SafeMoon first and foremost as a technology company. Our security technology is a priority from the inception of any new product or service we seek to bring to life. It remains a pillar upon which SafeMoon will grow."

And of course yesterday OrbitalShield was trending.

SafeMoon Sanctuary

Yesterday, SafeMoon Sanctuary hosted their Saturday Twitter Space with guest speaker SafeMoon Global Community manager Veno to give away one of the 32 copies of Rust. Veno also answered some questions about his plans as Global Community Manager.

Click on the image below to listen to the space.

Blockchain News

"Binance identifies KyberSwap hack suspects, involves law enforcement

Based on an independent investigation, Binance’s security team identified two suspects that may be responsible for orchestrating the virtual heist of $265,000 on KyberSwap."


"Crypto's adaptability, openness key to ideal monetary system

A BIS study from June revealed that cryptocurrencies outdo fiat ecosystems when it comes to achieving the high-level goals of a future monetary system."

"Some of the biggest flaws preventing present-day cryptocurrencies from mainstream adoption, pointed out by the BIS execs, are bottleneck congestion in DeFi and the reliance on volatile assets."


Crypto Adoption

"16% of Americans have used bitcoin or digital assets" - Documenting Bitcoin

Community Content

Community-Made Video

SafeMoon JuJu

"@SAFEMOON just released the name of the new security product! BREAKING NEWS: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #LETSGO #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY"


Well here it is #SAFEMOONARMY!! Please excuse the nervousness that is so dang obvious BUT it was so much fun and I enjoyed every second of it! There may be some additional shoutouts in there too

Community Feedback


Let me say this clear now! So what @safemoon is doing is marketing and prepairing while giving those which buy #SAFEMOON updates where we stand. Some like it and some not. To invest in a project means to do your own research and you choose to believe in it by yourself You believe not through others but with them and it is your own individual decision to support and believe in @safemoon So yes there is this free speech with own meanings and everyone can choose to listen to it or not. You can tell but do no harm through words please. Thank you! With that said I support @safemoon and I believe in the vision and future of this company. Marketing is Marketing and it will never fit everyones expectations. Never. And this is good because we are humans. #SAFEMOON to the moon!🔒🌕🛡️🌌


Gas fees for #SAFEMOON have gone from an average of $4.00 - $8.00 down to an average of $0.40+ USD! That is nearly a 90% reduction in Gas Fees! ⛽

Joseph Campadonico

With all of the scams, rugpulls, thefts, and everything in between, I am very pleased to see that @SafeMoon is working on Security. What’s the sense of owning anything if it’s easily stealable! Right on!


I love seeing all the new things Powered by Safemoon. I’m going to have that sticker on my Vette.

Representing SafeMoon

JohnKaronyPointingAtThings 👈

My phone has been powered by SafeMoon since October 2021!

"Android: Powered by SafeMoon! Love the 'Swipe to unlock #SAFEMOON'"


This is mine C7 Stingray, sticker been on it since June 2021😀

SafeMoon Meme


Positive Vibes

Hey, I want you to know you're special and you matter. Happiness may seem distant right now but I promise you it's gonna be alright. Take your time healing and just know that pain is temporary. I believe in you. You're destined for greatness and this is only making you stronger. ...[Y]ou are good enough. You are smart enough.You are strong enough. You are beautiful enough.You are kind enough.You are brave enough. You are inspiring. You are loved. You are cared for and you are powerful. You are enough and you ALWAYS will be.

- Incredibleviews

Video by Masaka Kids Africana

💭Food For Thought

It's obvious really but until you read it you don't realize the truth in these words!
Every decision you make impacts your Mental Health.


Without gratitude, you pass up the opportunity to have the Universe plot and plan and provide the right people and the exact circumstances you need to help make your dream come true in the most magical way." The magic of gratitude will make your dreams come true.

- The Secret</