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SafeMoon Lowdown (September 22nd, 2022)

Updated: Sep 23, 2022


SafeMoon Update | SafeMoon Gaming Giveaway | Community Content: Twitter Spaces

Food for Thought | What is Technical Analysis? | Blockchain News:

ETH Post Merge Proof of security? | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Update

The SafeMoon Twitter account posted an update yesterday!

"We appreciate that you're hungry for updates about what we're up to here at #SAFEMOON! 🧑‍🍳While we are not yet ready to go into details, we thought you might value at least high-level summaries of notable activities. 🎉 If you like this we may do it more! 📢 Let us know! 💌"

Quick Update

  • SafeMoon Exchange: A new version has gone into internal testing.

  • Orbital Shield: Private BETA is ongoing, following the latest improvements.

  • SafeMoon Card: Smart contract integration re-configuration to allow more streamlined features.

Hanging Out with the SafeMoon Team

SafeMoon's Sales and Growth Manager Jonas Harmer added this story to his Instagram! He wrote, "Business meetings with one of my all time favorite CEOs @officialdonb". Check out that score...👀

CEO of Block Busters Tech Don Bailey Tweeted this photo saying: "Max’s face describes my feeling about what’s coming!"

From left to right: Don Bailey, Carsten Ballard, Jonas Harmer, Joshua Chilcutt, Sketch, Hayden Wing, Troy Smothers, Max, and Gotti

Mirror Protocol's Managing Director and longtime SafeMoon Army member Gotti also posted this pic of himself posing in the SafeMoon headquarters.

Gotti also tweeted a thank you to everyone.

"Thank you @JoshuaChilcutt @SafeMoonWing @SafemoonJonas @CarstenBallard and Sketch for the hospitality! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you @TroySmothers3 and Max for the Utah experience! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 And thank you @DonBaileySpeaks for coming to meet me out here! #SAFEMOONHQ was a great experience! ✌️"

SafeMoon Gaming Giveaway

SafeMoon mod-run SafeMoon Sanctuary Tweeted,

"We are giving away 3 copies of Rust for Steam sponsored by #SAFEMOON during the show on Saturday 9/24. Must be following: @SFMSanctuary @safemoonsander @SFMSanctuary Retweet, like this tweet & tag 3 others! Official rules and TOS found here"

Community Content

Twitter Spaces

SafeMoon WaterCooler host Jeremiah tweeted

"Just in case you missed any valuable information on the WaterCooler this morning, feel free to hit the playback button and listen to the recording "

SafeMoon Australia host Matt Ferny shared the recording of his most recent Twitter Space.

Food for Thought

"First, know your worth. Second, control your emotions. Third, never settle."

- The Burly Monk

"Don't let yourself be controlled by three things: people, money, or past experiences."

- Mr Mota

"If the cost is your peace of mind, then it is too expensive."

- Paulo Coelho

Shared by Vala Afshar

Crypto Education

What is Technical Analysis?

"Technical Analysis is the study of price action and the movement of the market among many different assets and timeframes. In this video, we explain how to read candlesticks, how to see trendlines, and some common patterns that might help you in your predictions." - Whiteboard Crypto

Blockchain News

Proof of security? Gensler eyes proof of stake after The Merge

Key Takeaways

  • "Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler hinted that Ethereum’s shift from proof of work to proof of stake may make ether a security in the eyes of the markets regulator.

  • Washington has taken a larger interest in the digital asset industry after this summer’s market crash."

Image edit by the Block

Click here to read the full article

Kraken’s Jesse Powell will step down as CEO, stay on as board chair

"Jesse Powell, the co-founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, will be stepping down after leading the platform for more than 11 years. In a Wednesday announcement, Kraken says Powell will be succeeded as CEO by chief operating officer Dave Ripley, who has been with Kraken since 2016. The soon-to-be former CEO will stay with the crypto exchange as the chair of the board, while the company will search for a new chief operating officer."

To check out the article, click here.

Coinbase enters the Netherlands with central bank approval

"The United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase continues its aggressive expansion in Europe, with the latest regulatory approval coming from the land of tulips.

Coinbase officially announced on Thursday that it had received registration from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the central bank of the Netherlands. The regulatory approval allows Coinbase to offer its retail and institutional crypto products in the Netherlands.

According to the official DNB records, Coinbase is one of the major international exchanges approved by the Dutch central bank to operate cryptocurrency services alongside smaller local crypto firms. Coinbase Europe Limited and Coinbase Custody International are listed on DNB’s public register as crypto service providers."

To check out the article, click here.

SafeMoon Stats

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Did you vote today?


SafeMoon Partners

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SafeMoon Pulse

The August Pulse monthly recap is live! For those who don't know the SafeMoon Pulse monthly is an article that combines together SafeMoon's main events, product reveals, releases, new partnerships, and updates that have taken place over the past month. You can also find SafeMoon links, education, and reminders. Click the image or headings below to take a look.

SafeMoon Pulse (August 2022 Recap)