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SafeMoon Lowdown (September 1st, 2022)

Updated: Sep 2, 2022


Tech History | Renewable Energy: Printed Solar Panels - Bike Lanes | Crypto News: Global Income Inequality - GameFi Developers | Community Content: ASK QUESTIONS by Vico - The J-Curve - Cats' KCal Challenge - Community Twitter Spaces | 💭Food For Thought | Partner News | SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Tech History

"In this ABC interview from 1974, Arthur Clarke makes the bold claim that one day computers will allow people to work from home and access their banking records."

- Larry Kim

Renewable Energy

"Amazing progress, now #solar panels can be printed like newspapers"

- Pascal Bornet

"Wow. In South Korea, built this bike lane covered by solar panels. Cyclists are isolated from traffic, protected from the sun, and produces clean energy at the same time! We have the solutions, implement them."

- Mike Hudema

Crypto News

How cryptocurrency could help tackle global income inequality

(Coin Telegraph) -- "Over the past few decades, the inequality of wealth distribution globally has become all the starker. For example, as of 2022, the top 10% of Americans hold nearly 70% of the wealth in the United States. This means that 90% of the country only takes home 30% of the wealth. South Africa is another example, with the top 10% taking home 65% of the wealth. Many citizens also lack access to general banking as well as high-class financial services (i.e., services limited to accredited investors) that are readily available to residents who are more well-off. Cryptocurrency can help to reduce wealth disparity by providing users with access to a means to earn, store, receive, send and invest their money. This analysis looks at how cryptocurrency can help close the income inequality gap."

GameFi developers could be facing big fines and hard time

(Coin Telegraph) -- "Enjoy Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdoms and other cryptocurrency games while they last because lawmakers are poised to crack down by mid-2023."

Community Content


"Asking questions is not FUD. But there are ways to do this appropriately. Here are my top 10 ways to do this."

Check out the list below! 👇👇👇

The J-Curve

SafeMoon Spidey Tweeted,

"Some of y’all are new to investing and/or crypto, so I am going to share something called the J-Curve with you. It’s a real economics theory that you can look up. Suffice to say, crypto charts don’t ONLY go up… So, here’s what the average crypto looks like: launch to innovation"

He added,

"The amount of time that a crypto spends on each portion of the chart will vary. Guess what… As long as the project continues to innovate, after it hits stage 3, it repeats back to stage 1 again. It’s just how business, economics, and finance works. Hope this helps. Cheers!"

Cats' KCal Challenge

Koorah shared,

"@CatsRusOfficial #kcalchallenge If koorah can do it y’all can do it too 😂"

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats retweeted saying,

"This is what you like to see on your timeline. Progressing to a healthier life. @CryptoKoorah is killing with the #KCALChallenge. Share your fitness journey with us!"

Cryptomima and SafeMoon Stacey added their screenshots as well! Thanks for sharing your hard work and inspiring the SafeMoon Army!! 💕💕💕

Community Twitter Spaces

1.1k people tuned in for SafeMoon WaterCooler on August 31st! Did you miss it? You can listen by clicking the image below!

Jeremiah let the community know,

"I'll be on vacation starting Tuesday Sept. 6th - 13th of next week. Just in case there was any confusion. The WaterCooler will be up and running 100% once I'm back in town 😎👍"

Matt Ferny always has a fun Space! If you missed it, click the image below!

💭Food For Thought

"Be water, my friend."

- Bruce Lee

"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." "Si estás trabajando en algo emocionante que realmente te importa, NO tienes pq sentirte presionado. La visión te atrae-te lleva✨🚀🌙Have a great day!"

- Steve Jobs (Shared and translated by Chela)

"Diligence paves the way to a planned success ✍️ With a concept, a schedule & a structured way of working, anything is possible. Because even difficult tasks can be solved with patience, as they are nothing more than normal tasks, only with more effort 🗒️"

- Gandalf

"In the absence of experience or knowledge, determination makes the difference between where you are and where you want to be."

- Rachel Hollis

(Shared by SafeMoon Insider)


According to BitMart Research, SafeMoon and GroveToken are on BitMart's Top 10 Trending Coins list for the USA!

According to BSC Daily, SafeMoon has the highest social volume of all BNB chain projects!

SafeMoon Stats


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Did you vote today?





Partner News

Grove Token CEO Mendy shared,

"Happy anniversary #GroveGreenArmy!!! Today at 6pm est, #GroveToken is officially 6 months old!!! That’s quite the milestone for any project, and in a bear market! WE DID IT!!! 🥳🙌🏼" HAPPY SIX MONTH ANNIVERSARY, GROVE TOKEN! 👏👏👏