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SafeMoon Lowdown (September 10th, 2022)

Updated: Sep 11, 2022


SafeMoon Education Format | SafeMoon Wallet Update | Karony Impersonator | Community Content | Food for Thought | Education: The Creator Economy | Blockchain News: Music NFTs - Ford and the Metaverse | Crypto Funnies | SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Education Format

SafeMoon Insider, the official Twitter of the SafeMoon Education team, shared:

"📣You may have heard that #Mooncast is changing! But what will be filling its shoes?! 👟Well, the #SafeMoon education team will be introducing the new video formats for future #SafeMoonLowdown & #SafeMoonPulse updates! Tune in this Sunday for the first #Pulse release! 🎉"

Keep an eye out for the new video on Sunday!!! 👀

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats added,

"I'm so excited share the news in a more fun and upbeat way. The team has worked hard to create a format with a bit of excitement! Subscribe to be notified!

SafeMoon Wallet Update

There was an update for the SafeMoon app!

What's New:

  • Fixed an issue with Dexscreener stats on ERC-20

  • Fixed an issue with ERC-721 NFTs

  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Karony Impersonator

For those that use Instagram, please be aware that this account is a scam account!! It would be best to report and block them, so that hopefully the account will be deleted before they hurt community members. Thanks in advance!

Randolph Tweeted to let the community know about an imposter he found on Twitter.

"A fake @CptHodl. Report before blocking him. Retweet this and get the word out."

Community Content

"To infinity & beyond. 🌌"


"They said Safemoon AL why you shill… I said I just Chill 😎"

Safemoon AL

Food for Thought

"Here's the sad truth: more than one person reading this has contemplated suicide at one point in their life before, and we don't even know it. You are loved! You matter and you are strong. Thank you for being here and for not going through it. ❤️❤️"

"Your mental health is more important than anyone's feelings. This is something you need to be selfish about."

- Gary Goodridge

"Don't show up to prove. Show up to improve."

- Simon Sinek

"What's wrong with comparing? Comparing yourself with others is the worst thing you could do. No human in this world can hold all the qualities and can never be 100% perfect. So when we compare the qualities of a person with others, it might be possible that the person might not hold the same qualities but may have other qualities in which he is better than the others. Comparison with an expectation that we should hold all the best qualities that different people possess will only bring disappointment to you. Learning from the qualities of others is way more different than comparing your qualities with them. Comparison can never build good qualities it just crumbles our self-confidence and deplete our existing qualities. Every person in his own kind is best there is no need to compare anyone with anybody, In order to increase our qualities, we only need to learn and improve ourselves by admiring the qualities that we want to possess."

- Karan Agrawal


The creator economy: How we arrived there, and why we need its Web3 upgrade

To read the full Coin Telegraph article, click here.

"Does the term “creator economy” make you think of some idealistic environment where creativity, authenticity and passion are key values? Where true Michelangelos and da Vincis drive progress through their talents without struggling for food and proving themselves all their lives to get a chance to be recognized posthumously? If so, I’m with you.

Though creativity has existed as long as humanity, we started to discuss it as the new economic paradigm not so long ago. What’s more, now we even talk about it in the Web3 dimension. To better understand what it is, first, let’s walk through the backstory of the creator economy. How did we actually arrive here? Often, looking back at the past is a great way to get real insights into what is happening today. It won’t make you yawn, I promise."

Blockchain News

Music NFTs will take gaming to new levels

To read the full Coin Telegraph article, click here.

"The GameFi industry has surged since 2020, with some estimating a market capitalization of $55.4 billion as of February 2022. While others have much lower estimates closer to $3 billion, one thing is for sure: The industry grew rapidly from zero and is poised for continued growth. What matters, however, is not the day-to-day or even month-to-month market cap, but rather the continued rise of users who feel like they’re extracting value.

Games are created so that people have fun. But the rise of 'gamification' refers to the application of gaming principles into otherwise boring, but usually value-enhancing, activities. For example, many educational activities can be boring until they are gamified. Technology can be applied to more complicated classes in mathematics and science, but it can also be used to help students learn how to navigate a large university campus. One Arizona State University scavenger hunt, for instance, 'guides users to landmarks around ASU’s Tempe campus for a fully virtual experience or to visit in the real world,' gamifying the way students learn about the campus.

But one aspect that is often forgotten when constructing virtual or augmented leisure activities, or other gamified experiences, is the role of music."

Ford prepares to enter the Metaverse with virtual automobiles and NFTs

To read the full Coin Telegraph article, click here.

"American car manufacturer Ford Motor Company is the latest car brand prepping its entry into the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse — filing 19 trademark applications across its major car brands.

United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis revealed in a Wednesday tweet that the company had filed a total of 19 trademark applications covering its car brands including Mustang, Bronco, Lincoln, Explorer and F-150 Lightning, among others.

The trademark applications cover virtual cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and clothing for its brands and also cover a proposed online marketplace for NFTs. "

Crypto Funnies

Source: Lark Davis

SafeMoon Stats

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