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SafeMoon Lowdown (October 2nd, 2022)

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


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SafeMoon Pulse

Want to see all of what happened with SafeMoon in the month of September? The SafeMoon Pulse September monthly recap is live.

Stay tuned! The corresponding Pulse video will be available in the coming days.📽️💗

Click here to view the SafeMoon Pulse (September 2022 Recap)


🎉MoonCast is back today for an episode!!! Let's meet Hyper Launch Partner MetaMerce Token!!!🤝

⏰ Today 9 pm CET/3 pm EST/12 pm PST

🗺️ Discord or YouTube

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

SafeMoon Education

You may have heard of slippage and gas related to the transactions you make when trading your digital assets on the blockchain but do you know what they are, where they come into play during a transaction, or even why they exist?

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats published two new educational articles for those interested in understanding more.

⬇️Click on the image of the subject you'd like to learn about first.⬇️

Learn about Slippage (Left) and Gas (Right)

Scammer Awareness

⚠️SafeMoon Bot helps bring light to the Twitter accounts trying to scam individuals in the crypto community. Be careful out there! 🤍

"#SafeMoon scam accounts: @ClarineKearsley sent DM tweets: ❌, sent scam link: ✅ @bannasuta sent DM tweets: ❌, sent scam link: ✅ @AugustGood5 sent DM tweets: ✅ , sent scam link: ✅ "

Token Approvals

Danology reminded the community,

"Don't forget to revoke token approvals regularly to keep tokens from having access to your wallet. Before anyone asks, revoking does NOT prevent you from getting reflections from any token."

Community Content


Today is BlockBustertch Director of Information Security, Leet's Birthday! Community member Spencer animated and voice-plugged an image of SafeMoon CEO John Karony and BBTF CEO Don Bailey together singing happy birthday to him.😅 Happy Birthday, Leet. 🎉


"#NewProfilePic Happy Halloween to all those that celebrate in the #SAFEMOONARMY. The spooky season is upon us!! #SAFEMOON #Halloween2022"


"Where is my nice and friendly #SafeMoonArmy friends ?"


Video shared by SafeMoon Engine

Twitter Spaces

SFM Sanctuary had their 14th episode! Check it out here.

Matt Ferny posted,

"G'day Safemoon Army! Come join the fun and games in The Safemoon Australia Discussion Space when we meet with Don,Gotti and The Mirror Protocol team! Thursday 7pm AEST!!!"

Set your reminder here.

Brian's Twitter Space "Safemoon, BBTF, MProtocol, Xstudions, Music!" had over 1k people tune in!! You can listen here.

Food For Thought

"Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who YOU are No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted #KindnessMatters"

- HollyGirl

"The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter, for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way."

- Nikola Tesla

Shared by Vala Afshar

"When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them it could last a lifetime."

- Gary Goodridge

"When you focus on you, you grow. When you focus on shit, shit grows."

- Dwayne Johnson

Shared by FI Mindset

Crypto Discussions

"Bringing Institutions to Crypto: Christine Moy of Apollo, David Mercer of LMAX at SALT NY

Christine Moy of Apollo Global, formerly of JPMorgan, and David Mercer of LMAX, joined Decrypt's Dan Roberts onstage at SALT NY for a talk on institutional crypto investing and what hurdles remain to broader adoption amid the crypto bear market."

⬇️Click below to watch the panel discussion⬇️

Blockchain News

Crypto and decentralization could influence voters in 2022 US midterm elections: Report

(CoinTelegraph) -- "A poll of 800 likely midterm voters in four U.S. swing states suggested that the overwhelming majority favored ideas around decentralization, and many were HODLers. According to a Sept. 29 report from venture capital firm Haun Ventures on a survey conducted by business intelligence company Morning Consult, roughly one in five voters polled in New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania said they owned cryptocurrency or nonfungible tokens. In addition, 91% of respondents supported a 'community owned, community governed' internet that 'gives people greater control over their information.'"

To read the full article, click here!

SafeMoon Stats

Did you vote today?


Did you vote today?


SafeMoon Partners

Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner?

To apply, simply visit

Partner Information:

For more information on all our partners, visit SafeMoon's Partner Portal.



Understanding SafeMoon Transactions Article

🎓Want to understand more about what happens when a SafeMoon SWaP transaction takes place? Here's an article that can help you understand the process a bit further. Check it out by clicking the image below. 👇👇👇

SafeMoon Education - Wallet Update

The SafeMoon Education team published an article on the most recent Wallet update adding the Avalanche Chain to the SafeMoon Wallet!
Here is the link to the article.

SafeMoon Pulse

For those who don't know the SafeMoon Pulse monthly is an article that combines together SafeMoon's main events, product reveals, releases, new partnerships, and updates that have taken place over the past month. You can also find SafeMoon links, education, and reminders. Click the image or headings below to take a look.

SafeMoon Pulse (August 2022 Recap)

SafeMoon Gaming: Rust

Are you a PC gamer?
Join the SafeMoon Gaming server to learn more about the SafeMoon Rust game server, officially launched on September 1st! 32 copies of the game are being given away throughout the month of September! Keep an eye out for more information!



If you are currently holding pSafeMoon, you won't be receiving reflections due to the SafeMoon V2 Migration. In this SafeMoon Education article, you will find a method in which a pSafeMoon holder will be able to migrate to SafeMoon V2.

A HUGE thank you to SafeMoon Sr. Mod Explorer who helped put this article together!!! 🥰


SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐

Security questions - What's the best way to answer?
Learn the best practice to combat social engineering scammers & hackers. A simple fix that could help against your information.



SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

Full transcript with corresponding video sections live for Table 32!!
Click the image below to view the transcript.



SafeMoon Career Opportunities

"Are you someone who imagines new realities & wants to collaborate with others to bring that new reality into being, for the good of everyone? Or maybe you know someone who might be a good fit?"


SafeMoon Gaming

Click below to join the SafeMoon Official gaming Discord:



Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the pre-launch waitlist here


SafeMoon SWaP Listings

Click here to learn more about SafeMoon's SWaP Partners

SafeMoon Key Moments

(current and planned products/listings)

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