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SafeMoon Lowdown (October 26th, 2022)

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Orbital Shield BETA V2.68 | Scam Accounts | SafeMoon Memes | Billboard Sighting | Community Creations | Bullish Sentiment | Swap & Evolve | Buying/Selling Pressure | Food for Thought | Blockchain News: Art Musuem NFT Auction - Crypto ATMs (Spain) - Coinbase CEO | Blockchain Edu: Smart Contracts | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

Orbital Shield BETA V2.68

What's New:

Improved performance

Keeps the beta version in line with the release update:

- You can now refresh token lists manually in the "Add Tokens" and Swap "Select Tokens" lists by dragging down or pressing the "refresh" icon.

- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

SafeMoon Knight asked,

"Does this mean you no longer have to exit the wallet app to see a new token being launched @safemoon? Instead, just have to refresh?"

GroveHodler also shared a new feature in the app!

Scam Accounts

SafeMoon Bot posted a Tweet after finding scam accounts. To protect yourself and other holders, please report and block these accounts:

SafeMoon Memes

CEO John Karony Tweeted,

"I’m at 23 follows, I think I need to get up to 32 follows. #ThirtyTwo #SAFEMOON Follows will be determined by meme quality."

Below are just some of the memes that were posted!


JohnKaronyPointingAtThings 👈

SFM Rando

SafeMoon Tim

"@CptHodl Not a meme but just finished Captain John 👀"


Billboard Sighting

Spotted in American Fork, UT

Aye Soul

Community Creations

"Never give up! Support the fighters! Faith over fear. 🙏 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Thank you SO much for contributing this for such an important month, Vico!! 💕💕💕


Mr. Nunez

"❤️#SafeMoon ❤️"


"Orbital Shield one step of many 🛡"


"I met with a few #SafemoonArmy tonight 😎👊"

Tony Semper

Bullish Sentiment

"#SAFEMOON is #5 in Highest Bullish Sentiment"


Swap & Evolve

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 68.5 million #SafeMoon ($19,127)."

SafeMoon Warrior

Buying/Selling Pressure

"#SafeMoon buying / selling pressure is almost at a 3 to 1 ratio."

SafeMoon Warrior

Food For Thought

Being good at making money does not make you interesting. It doesn't make you a good person. It doesn't even mean that you're smart. It means you're good at making money. That's it, for better or worse.

- David C. Barnett SmallBiz & Deal Making SMB

Self compassion involves understanding much of who you are today and how you behave has to do with conditioning. We are all products of our environment and we can unlearn, heal, and grow regardless of where we came from.

- Dr. Nicole LePera

Making mistakes is how you grow. As long as you don't deliberately make the same one without changing it's alright to make mistakes. Get out there, fail, learn, and become powerful

- Seeking Peace

Every day is a new day. What happened yesterday cannot be changed, but you can ruin tomorrow by over-thinking about the past.

- Koorah

Don't let ANYONE make you feel like you're less then. You are part of the #SAFEMOONARMY regardless if you're SafeMoon group chats, regardless how long you've been here. You're just as important as the person who was here on day 1. It wouldn't be an army without YOU!

- HollyGirl

Blockchain News

Ukrainian art museum to preserve art and cultural heritage through NFT auction

"As the Web3 space expands, nonfungible token (NFT) use cases continue to develop past the hyped days of stagnant digital art collections. However, even within the art realm, NFT utility is being reinvented, as is the case with a Ukrainian art museum.

The Kharkiv Art Museum announced on Oct. 13 that its Art without Borders NFT collection is now available on the Binance NFT marketplace.

Art without Borders includes 15 pieces of art from the museum’s collection, with proceeds going to finance the museum and 'save the cultural heritage of Ukraine,' as stated by the official announcement.

The museum is one of the oldest in Ukraine, with nearly 25,000 works of fine art by artists from Ukraine and around the world. Artwork by Albrecht Dürer, Georg Jacob Johann van Os, Ivan Aivazovsky, Simon de Vlieger and others is featured in the NFT collection." (Cointelegraph)

Spain overtakes El Salvador to become third largest crypto ATM hub

"The European country of Spain is officially home to the third-largest network of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency ATMs after the United States and Canada.

Spain currently hosts 215 crypto ATMs, pushing El Salvador — with 212 crypto ATMs — down to the fourth position after surpassing the country by 3 crypto ATMs. Data from CoinATMRadar confirms that Spain represents 0.6% of the global crypto ATM installations." (Cointelegraph)

Coinbase CEO to Sell 2% of COIN Stock to Fund Life Extension, Scientific Research

"Brian Armstrong, CEO of the world’s second-largest crypto exchange Coinbase, announced on Twitter that he will sell off about 2% of his Coinbase holdings to fund scientific research, sending the stock price tumbling amid an executive exodus in the crypto industry." (Decrypt)

Blockchain Education

Smart contracts for beginners, explained (in 6 minutes) | Cryptopedia

"Jackson DuMont, director of video production at Cointelegraph, explains what smart contracts are and how they work."

SafeMoon Stats

Have you voted today?


SafeMoon Partners


"BBTF Rewards are no longer provided by holding Cryft Token. We will begin 2% BNB and 2% CRYFT. This will provide the best user experience since new Cryft Holders and redeemers may not need to buy gas. Stay tuned for details."

- CryftCreator

CEO, Founder and Sr. Dev of Cryft

"GetFit Mining looks very cool with their new application. The first web3 app that takes your daily activities, walking, running, swimming, exercising, workouts, travel and more into energy that mines multiple crypto currencies. Including CRYFT! Grab a GetFit mining band NFT and get ready to get fit! Let us know if you need help and we will find the answer!"

- CryftCreator

CEO, Founder and Sr. Dev of Cryft


"Community, as we continue to push forward with innovation, many are aware of the first of its kind staking we are developing. We like to collect questions from the community to create a Q&A form. Specific to staking, what questions do you have? List them below."

- Blair

MProtocol Community Moderator

"For those asking about the Red Exclamation mark ❗️ , when checking BSCScan for BSC rewards. See below an explanation from @MetaCaptain . You should not be seeing it any longer."

- Blair

MProtocol Community Moderator