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SafeMoon Networking

Utah Blockchain Coalition

On October 19th SafeMoon's Chief Of Staff and Utah Blockchain Coalition Executive Board member Joshua Chilcutt joined in on discussions about Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto with political crypto supporters and Senators Mike Lee and Cynthia Lummis.

Tron Black, another Utah Blockchain Coalition Executive Board member, wrote an opinion-based article about his impression of the senators and shared the image below.

SafeMoon COS, Joshua Chilcutt pictured with Senators Mike Lee and Cynthia Lummis

SafeMoon Partner Update


New HQ

SafeMoon community member and Block Busters Tech COO Troy Smothers shares an update standing in front of their second BBTF headquarters in Utah near SafeMoon's HQ. Troy shares that the property owner commented on their very long lease mentioning that SafeMoon also has a very long lease. Congrats to the BBTF team!

"Update from Pleasant Grove Utah at #BlockbustersTech HQ. Tell me how many crypto companies do you know that have a public corporate HQ? Proximity is power #SafeMoon #SafemoonSwap #SafemoonWallet"

In response to Troy's Tweet, SafeMoon CEO John Karony shared a gif that reads "Howdy, Neighbor".

Message From BBTF CEO

BBTF CEO Don Bailey shares some thoughts in a recent Tweet:

"We have 2 options: quit or keep moving. When embarking on this journey, my goal was/is to implement an ecosystem that I think will be beneficial. I am 100% committed to this mission. To keep building. Despite the fact that sitting on the sidelines is emotionally less stressful. Finally seeing the vision come together gives me complete confidence in our path forward. I’ve accepted that each step we take will be met with resistance. People will fud each utility, but others will use it. Those utilities will bring external volume into BBTF, that volume will flow to mprotocol through reflections. People will fud the staking, people will fud the cross chain liquidity, regardless, others will use it. We tend to find comfort in or convictions, but this team operates at the edge of our comfort zones, endures the ridicule, and progresses towards our goals. This isn’t just delivering a token. It’s setting up a business, getting an office, getting lawyers, ensuring security, setting procedures, hiring developers, hiring designers, and organizing that labor to complete an ever evolving mission. With that being said. I love all of you. The BNB mirror is perhaps the most crucial mirror to our ecosystem. We are committed to its success and growth."

SafeMoon Beta Testers

SafeMoon community member SafeMoon Tim and SafeMoon CEO John Karony expressed their gratitude to all the SafeMoon Beta Testers!

"🌐🛡Shout out to all the #SAFEMOON BETA testers out there🦾🦾 #SafemoonArmy" - Tim

"Yes, shoutout to the beta testers. Thank you for the feedback!"

- SafeMoon CEO John Karony

Community Images

SafeMoon community member Metaverse Josh is creating a 3D image replica of an older SafeMoon image to experience in VR!

"Back when we put together the #SafeMoon puzzle we that we later saw in the Project Pheonix (SP) video, I noticed that the picture was actually taken from a 3D render. Since then I've always wanted to recreate the scene and visit it in #VR. Soon you all will." - Josh

Community Meet-Up

Community member Randolf Tweets the days counting down before the planned community UK meet-up.

#SafeMoon London Meet up December 10th. 50 Days to go..44 paid up and ready to rock…Who else wants to come?”

Community Thoughts

SafeMoon Eve reflects on how grateful she is to the SafeMoon community.

“Just try. #BeKind #BeGrateful I am grateful for the #SAFEMOONARMY you’ve kept me grounded and unafraid in my first bear market.” #BBTF #BBTfamily #GLOW #GroveGreenArmy #MetaMercenaries #MProtocol #SAFEMOONECOSYSTEM"

SafeMoon community member RipVanWizard reminds everyone to enjoy some time away from the screen.

"Look-I know this Crypto and Twitter thing is all very exciting and stuff, but let's not lose sight of what is truly important.... Remember to make time to disconnect and spend time with loved ones."

Community Creations

SafeMoon CEO John Karony responded to RipVanWizards's above Tweet.

"Love the goggles. I have indeed used the ones you sent me. Say hi to the ducks for me :)"

The photo John sent RVW when he recieved his goggles and some photots from some of SafeMoon's community members wearing the SafeMoon goggles.

Here is SafeMoon Sales Director Hayden Wing sporting the SafeMoon Goggles

Food For Thought

Go 24 hours without complaining. Not even once...then watch how your life starts changing.

- Shared by SafeMoonEve

"We have little control over how much others care for us. We have much more control about how much we care for ourselves and others."

- John Cena

If you want to achieve anything great, you have to be able to get up when you fall down, dust off and try again. Again. And again. Never quit.

- Billionaire Mindset

"Be open to learn, unlearn and relearn."

- Wealth Director

Financial News

Fed Official To Discuss A 75 basis-point interest rate Increase in November meeting

The Federal Reserve officials are divided on whether or not the best decision to combat inflation rates is to raise interest rates by 75 points which would be the first time the Fed raised rates by 75 basis points since 1994.

“We’ll have a very thoughtful discussion about the pace of tightening at our next meeting.”

- Christopher Waller US Federal Reserves Governor

Blockchain News

Cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova Tipped Off About Onecoin Investigations Before She Vanished, Report

"Ruja Ignatova, founder of the notorious crypto pyramid Onecoin, was reportedly alerted about police investigations into the scam before she disappeared. The ‘Cryptoqueen’ has been on the run for several years, wanted by law enforcement agencies around the world." - Lubomir Tassev

Hacker Steals $300K From Olympus DAO, Then Returns It All the Same Day

An apparent white hat hack saw OHM tokens drained and then returned to the DAO just hours later.

Wall Street Analyst ‘Pulling the Plug’ on Bitcoin Miners Owing to Bear Market Woes

DA Davidson analyst Chris Brendler downgraded Core Scientific and Argo Blockchain from buy to neutral and said the bank has grown “increasingly concerned” about the miners.

Image source: Shutterstock

Despite the Market conditions, the Finder’s panel predicts 11% Bitcoin Growth By Year-End!

They believe the price of the digital asset will be ending up. According to them, they expect another 11% growth in the price of bitcoin from its current level. This will put BTC at a price of $21,344 by the time 2022 is over.

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