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SafeMoon Lowdown (October 16th, 2022)

Updated: Oct 17, 2022


Upcoming MoonCast | SafeMoon Education Manager | SafeMoon Gaming Stream SafeMoon Billboards | Community Content: Images/videos | ⚠️Scam Awareness Password Security Education | Blockchain News | Innovative Tech: Virtual Reality -AI/Robotics | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

Upcoming MoonCast

Tune into the next installment of MoonCast as Cats and Gandalf speak to Comet Partner Pawthereum about what's coming next for them.

🗺️ Live today on YouTube or Discord. ⏰ Today 9 pm CET/3 pm EST/12 pm PST

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

SafeMoon Education Manager

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats, was interviewed on the CryptoBros podcast where he answers questions about the Education team mentioning @MomoKombat, @GandalfEducator, and @SafeMoonPulse and how he started in crypto. He also took part in a little fun with the CryptoBro crew and Holly! 🤍

"This week's podcast is out! Thank you @CatsRusOfficial for coming on. @LemmeHollyatU featured @SafemoonPulse in HOLLITIVITY. CALEB's CHOICE and the TASTE TEST did not disappoint. Special ending this week. Thank you for your support. 😎"

- CryptoBrosMO

SafeMoon Gaming

Do you play Call of Duty?? Are you excited about the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 release??

Today SafeMoon Gaming CM Sander will be live streaming Call of Duty early access of Modern Warfare 2!

When: Around 2 PM EST 6PM UTC 8PM CEST, October 20th.

Where: The SafeMoon Gaming Twitch account.

SafeMoon Gaming Discord

SafeMoon Billboards

SafeMoon Moon partner XStudio shared their SafeMoon partner billboard.

"Make sure to keep an eye out for our billboards with @safemoon! They are posted on all the major highways in Utah, Dallas, LA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale! More news later today on our PREMIER ad location coming soon #XStudio #SAFEMOONARMY."

Community Content


"I don’t have time, energy, or interest in hating the haters; I’m too busy loving the lovers. - Steve Maraboli"

- DidSafeMoonDie


SafeMoon Moderator Glenn reminded everyone of today's MoonCast and created this image.

In a creative way SafeMoon Knight shares some SafeMoon and SafeMoon Partner updates. 🤍 Thank you Knight for your consistent dedication to creating content for the SafeMoon Army.🦇

DISCLAIMER: This video content has been created solely by a fellow SafeMoon Army Community Member and has no direct affiliation with SafeMoon. This is not financial advice and as always be sure to do your own research.

Reddit u/davy-aye shared that he spotted a SafeMoon supporter in traffic.

"Wildlife sighting in middle of no where Southeastern Oklahoma last night." - davy-aye

SafeMoon Community member JuJu graced us with his presence on Twitter yesterday with a video! Let's bring that Saturday energy into Sunday! 🙂🙌 As always thank you for the laughs and good energy JuJu.😅🤍

"Let’s bring that Saturday #SAFEMOON energy!! #WhereIsJuJu #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY" - JuJu

SafeMoon community and Grove Team member Mendy also shared some positivity.

"Good morning good evening.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Even if you can’t take a vacation this weekend, I hope that you treat yourself to a long drive, a treat to your favorite place, or whatever it is that rejuvenates you ."

Scam Awareness

SafeMoon Moon Partner Grove's CEO JohnG warned the community of this very believable tactic currently being used to trick Grove holders. The individual is using a verified Twitter account made in 2008 to impersonate JohnG in an attempt to steal funds. Please stay safe and spread the word!

"This is a scam please report and block it, if you fell for it email with all the details we will reimburse the lost amount don't connect your wallet to anything and always triple-check the source. That account was created in 2008 and was verified before he decided to scam our holders.. please spread the word and make sure to stay safe." - John G Grover CEO

Password Security Education

With Orbital Shield Beta in progress it may be a good time to start discussing and educating ourselves on what makes a strong password and what are the best practices. This article has a very good explanation on why it's important to use password best practices and the best practices to keep your accounts safe.

What makes strong passwords?

The simple definition of a strong password is one that cannot be cracked using a brute force attack. It is always best to use longer passwords with more possible characters. The probability your complex password gets cracked becomes infinitesimal.

Here are the rules for creating hard-to-crack strong passwords:

  • Make long password options. Use at least 12 characters but 16 or 20 is really where you should go.

  • Use the widest character set possible – uppercase and lowercase letters + digits + special Characters.

  • Use random words or passphrases + special characters.

  • Do not use any personal info (name, birth date, house number, pet name, etc.) in the password.

  • Use random passwords whenever possible; nonsensical combinations are great.

  • Do not use common dictionary word phrases (i.e., Big Dog or Brown house) in the password.

  • Create unique password combinations.

  • Do not reuse any of your passwords.

  • Always logoff/sign out if you leave your device for the day

  • Avoid entering your passwords on computers you don’t control

  • Avoid entering your passwords on unsecured WiFi connections

  • Use a password manager

This image depicts how easily passwords can be hacked dependent on the number of characters, hashtags, symbols, and uppercase letters used.

This image depicts how easily passwords can be hacked dependent on the number of characters, hashtags, symbols, and uppercase letters used.

Food For Thought

- Take vacations - go as many places as you can. YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE MONEY. YOU CAN'T ALWAYS MAKE MEMORIES.

- shared by Mendy

Blockchain News

Mango Market Exploit - "White Hat" Hacker?

$114M Mango Markets Exploiter Outs Himself, Returns Most of the Money

Avraham Eisenberg defended his actions after returning $67 million. The Mango DAO plans to vote on how to divvy up the funds next week.

Innovative Tech

Virtual Reality


SafeMoon Stats

Did you vote today?


Did you vote today?


SafeMoon Partners

Empire Token Update

"Hey, Hey, Hey!

A quick reminder that we will be holding our next Community Call on Tuesday, October 18th at 5pm UTC!

Our Community Call will be once again hosted on Telegram and broadcasted to YouTube!

Important updates will be shared as well as a general Q&A.

Keep Climbing!"

Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner?

To apply, simply visit

Partner Information:

For more information on all our partners, visit SafeMoon's Partner Portal.



Security Questions (Best Practice)

🎓You might have seen that SafeMoon Orbital Shield requires users to answer 2 security questions.

⚠️We highly encourage reading our Best Practice article to learn about a safer method for answering these security questions!



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SafeMoon Pulse

Want to see all of what happened with SafeMoon in the month of September?
🎬 The SafeMoon Pulse monthly recap video is live!
Here's a link to the corresponding Pulse article.
As always we value your feedback. 🙏
You can post your comments here!

Slippage and Gas Articles

You may have heard of slippage and gas related to the transactions you make when trading your digital assets on the blockchain but do you know what they are, where they come into play during a transaction, or even why they exist?

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats published two new educational articles for those interested in understanding more.

⬇️Click on the image of the subject you'd like to learn about first.⬇️
Learn about Slippage (Left) and Gas (Right)

Understanding SafeMoon Transactions Article

🎓Want to understand more about what happens when a SafeMoon SWaP transaction takes pla