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SafeMoon Lowdown (October 13th, 2022)

Updated: Oct 14, 2022


SafeMoon Partner Upgrade | Community Shout Out | MoonCast Transcript

New Senior Project Manager | SafeMoon Orbital Shield | SWaP & Evolve

Community Content: Images/Videos | Food for Thought

Blockchain News: Bear Market Ceases Token Trading

Crypto​.com invests in new European headquarters

SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: GlowToken - MetaMerce | Reminders

SafeMoon Partner Upgrade

Yesterday, SafeMoon announced that XStudio previously a Hyper Launch Partner has evolved into a SafeMoon Moon Partner! 🎉

"Put your hands together for @TheXStudioNFT as they are back for an encore performance! Welcome to #SAFEMOON Moon Partner status! Find TXS on the #SAFEMOONSWAP and in the #SAFEMOONWALLET! Get curious:"

"We appreciate @safemoon and all they have done for us to this point. We look forward to building alongside the team and helping #Web3 succeed"

- The X Studio

For a quick rundown about X Studio play the video below or go to SafeMoon's Partner Portal.

Community Shout-Out

SafeMoon Global CM Veno gave a special shout-out to Matt Ferny the host of the Safemoon Australia Discussion Twitter Space which will soon be hosted every Thursday.

"I'm grateful to our amazing community voices who are leading with good mentality and helpful information about #SafeMoon.

This week I'm highlighting another great space in our community with @Matt_Ferny! His show is soon, every Thursday early morning in Western timezones!"

MoonCast Transcript

Speaking of RareFind, did you miss last Sunday's MoonCast where SafeMoon Education manager Cats speaks with SafeMoon Comet partner Rare Fnd CEO and COfounder Ryan? The time-stamped transcript is live.

Intro & Disclaimer | Agenda | 7 Rules of SafeMoon | Rare FND Interview | Orbital Shield

New Senior Project Manager

The New SafeMoon Senior Project Manager shared their excitement regarding their new position at SafeMoon.

"I'm happy to share that I'm starting a new position as Senior Project Manager at SafeMoon! "

SafeMoon Orbital Shield

SafeMoon Danology acknowledges the value in the #SafeMoon Army's feedback during the Orbital Shield beta.

"With each new iteration, the wallet implementation of #SafeMoonOrbitalShield continues to improve based on community feedback. Yes, we are testing it but all of YOU are also helping by feeding us amazing ideas to forward up to the team. TOGETHER WE EVOLVE #SAFEMOON"

SafeMoon SWaP & Evolve

Swap and Evolve has purchased 67.1 million #SafeMoon ($17,604).

Shared by SafeMoon Warrior


Community Content

Images & Videos

SafeMoon community member, Ryan visited SafeMoon HQ and shared images. Ryan is pictured with Joshua Chilcutt SafeMoon US VP of Operations and SafeMoon's Director of Sales Hayden Wing. Thank you for sharing Ryan!

"Thank you Joshua and Hayden for the once in a lifetime moment. SafeMoon has an amazing team I will tell you. Everyone better hold on it’s going to be a wild ride!! 💪🏼🔥🚀"

- Ryan

"hey @safemoon do you like my new protective Film on my Phone?"

- E. C. -

"Who tf was complaining about the materials of the merch?

This shit is 🔥 @safemoon."

- Alex -

Food For Thought

Forget about the peripheral noise, put your nose to the ground and execute.

- Shared by Kevin O' Leary

Life is made of ups and downs. When it goes up, enjoy the ride, because it will go down soon and when it goes down, stay positive, because it will go up again.

- Shared by Moonshine-Whiskey

"In case anyone else needed to hear this today... Remember where you started, remember where you're headed, think of how great it will be to get there, and keep going!! #SafeMoon"

- Holly

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today✨🙋🏻‍♀️United La mejor preparación para mañana es dar lo mejor de ti hoy♥️🤗 "

- Chela

Blockchain News

Bear Market Causes 12,100 Token "Zombies":

According to a Bloomberg article published on October 3rd, 12,100 tokens have ceased trading this year due to the current market's status. The article's author labels them token zombies - not dead nor alive.

"When it comes to putting a number on this year’s crypto swoon, the one cited most often is $2 trillion, the amount of digital-asset market value that evaporated in the downdraft. But here’s a figure that captures the breadth of the bear market: 12,100.

That’s the number of crypto tokens that have effectively ceased trading this year, according to data provider Nomics — not dead technically, but like zombies, not quite alive either."


Crypto​.com invests $145M in new European headquarters

The Singapore-based crypto exchange announced Paris, France as its regional headquarters after receiving its French Digital Asset Service Provider license in September.

SafeMoon Stats

Did you vote today?


Did you vote today?


SafeMoon Partners

GlowToken COO Steps Down

GlowToken's COO Shane "has decided to pursue opportunities outside of Glow Token" and the Glow Team wished him the best.

To The Team:

"Thank you for the kind words I’ll miss the team. I’m more than likely not leaving Defi for good and I’m sure you’ll see me back very soon 👀 I had a great time with Glow and our Partners" - Shane

To the SafeMoon and GlowV2 Communities:

"I have to say I’ve been overwhelmed with the kind comments from the community, the kind Dms and offers. Thank you guys for everything there really is a great community here #SAFEMOONARMY#GlowV2#Newadventures#Whatsnext"

- Shane

MetaMerce Community Challenge

MetaMerce Token has introduced a community challenge:👀

As #MetaMerceToken gets ready to roll out the first part of our business eco-system, we want to give back to those in need. @MetaMerce_Token #SafemoonArmy #Eth #MMTKN #ERC20 #Retail #CryptoNews If #MMTKN achieves $5,000 in daily volume for 22 days, starting this Friday 10/14 through 11/4 our team will host an event to provide over $100,000 usd in food to low-income households. During the #CryptoForACause event, our team along with volunteers will also be teaching the community about crypto and training them how to setup and use a #SAFEMOONWALLET Any #SAFEMOON partners that show their support by retweeting this post, our team will purchase tokens from each of those projects, to give out during this event to new investors opening their very first #SAFEMOON wallet. Let’s show the world what #crypto is all about

Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner?

To apply, simply visit

Partner Information:

For more information on all our partners, visit SafeMoon's Partner Portal.



Security Questions (Best Practice)

🎓You might have seen that SafeMoon Orbital Shield requires users to answer 2 security questions.

⚠️We highly encourage reading our Best Practice article to learn about a safer method for answering these security questions!



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