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SafeMoon Lowdown (November 4th, 2022)

Updated: Nov 29, 2022


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SafeMoon Orbital Shield Beta

SafeMoon tweeted another Orbital Shield progress update image today that announced a site will be made available to a limited number of users (1000) who will gain access to SafeMoon's Orbital Shield Beta on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. Along with the image, SafeMoon added,

“The next stage in our #SAFEMOONORBITALSHIELD BETA test will see more spaces opened up. A #SAFEMOON bug bounty program for developers will also be launched."

"A new update on the Orbital Shield BETA The next stage in our BETA test will see roughly 1000 BETA spaces made available for Android and the same again for iOS. These will be issued on a first-come/first-served basis. A special site will be made available and a bug bounty program for developers will be launched alongside this expanded BETA.

No timelines are stated or implied. Stay tuned for more updates in the future."


Dustin Plantholt, the Forbes Monaco Crypto Editor, host of the Podcast, and well-known Global Crypto Advisor shared an image of him having dinner with SafeMoon CEO John Karony in Lisbon, Portugal.

Dustin Plantholt

"Dinner with two brilliant CEO #NFT #Blockchain buddies in #Lisbon" - Dustin Plantholt

SafeMoon Partner Appreciation

SafeMoon shared some more partner appreciation yesterday, this time including SafeMoon Partners XStudio, MetaMerce, Shido, Rare Find, and Mirror Protocol.

"Today, we recognize more of our great partners who recently joined the SafeMoonFamily Looking forward to evolving with you!🙌...






SafeMoon Community & Sales educator Gandalf tweeted some Partner appreciation as well.

"The SafeMoon Galaxy is a home for a variety of different projects that individually want to make crypto a better place with their idea.💡 Therefore, respect is due to each individual project as developments take place differently. We grow together.🌱"

Whale Dominance

SafeMoon Warrior shared,

"Top 25 SafeMoon whale dominance falls below 9%."

Community Content


"Little tip for the #SAFEMOON gamers out there. Just make sure the logo

is somewhere on your PC or console for no lag and more FPS 😎"

SafeMoon Lemon

"It's our destiny."


SafeMoon Knight


Food for Thought

YOU are the expert of your life!

- The Secret

Life is not complicated, our thoughts make it complicated. If you remove focus from the negative to the positive things, life will be simpler.

- Koorah

The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles 🎯 You have to learn, adapt and develop. This is the only effective way for you to move ahead 🔧 Believing in yourself and working hard will always bring you success 🌌

- Gandalf

Don't be impressed by money, followers, degrees, and titles. Be impressed by kindness, integrity, humility, and generosity.

- Shared by Dave White

Blockchain News

Metaverse Schooling to Help Japanese City Combat Growing Absenteeism

The Japanese city of Toda, Saitama, adopted a metaverse-schooling service to encourage students — especially those staying far away from school — to attend their classes.

The metaverse schooling service opted for by the city of Toda allows students to explore the campus and study in virtual classrooms. However, the students must get approval from respective school principals for attendance via metaverse schooling, confirms local media NHK.

Government data showed that 244,940 Japanese elementary and junior high school students were absent for at least 30 days in FY 2021. NHK’s report highlighted a fifth grader’s interest in chatting online instead of attending school in person. While the child has not physically attended school in over two years, they shared an interest in meeting up with friends to play outdoor games, such as tag. [Source: Cointelegraph]

A Fresh Look at How to Empower Retail Investors

Henry Ford said: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” These words have been true for generations. Change is hard. Yet, as soon as one accepts that change has occurred, progress and improvements can come quickly.

According to the World Bank, in 1990, the stock market capitalisation of the United States was about $3.1 trillion, while the population was about 250 million. That equates to about $12,400 in stock value per person. Thirty years later, that figure is over $122,000 in public stock value per person. Yet, also since 1990, productivity per worker has increased by 82%, but inflation-adjusted median full-time earnings have only increased by 15%.

Put another way, the per-capita stock value of the U.S. increased nearly ten times over this three-decade period, while workers' salaries and wages increased by only 15%. Even adjusting stock value growth for inflation, it's multiplied several times over.

Binance Launches Oracle Network to Power Web3 and BNB Chain Ecosystem

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has launched Binance Oracle, a decentralized Web3 Oracle, a data feed network that connects real-world data to blockchain smart contracts. Binance Oracle will enable smart contracts to run on real-world inputs and outputs, starting with the BNB Chain ecosystem.

The Binance Oracle will be a valuable addition to the scalable BNB Chain infrastructure, providing a way for 1,400 decentralized applications and Web3 ecosystem partners to access existing data sources and advanced computations. The early bird program has begun, and over ten BNB Chain projects have already integrated with the Binance Oracle network. Binance Oracle is chain-agnostic and will eventually support more blockchains as well. [Source: BNB Chain]

Blockchain Education

3 Inexpensive Steps to Secure IoT

One of the common refrains I hear from IT managers is that their IT assets are of little value. Manufacturers, for example, don’t believe their control systems are of any value to hackers, as they don’t hold critical information and are easily reset to factory defaults if hacked. Hackers view such targets as precious resources.

IoT botnet and amplifier attack capacity exceeds 10Tbps today, said a 2022 report from Nokia. They found that DDoS attacks today are often not launched by individual users, but from black market ‘as-a-service’ packages often paid for by cryptocurrency. Today’s DDoS attacks use large-scale botnets that can spoof authentic IP addresses and legitimate checksums.

Unsecured IoT devices are a treasure trove for botnet operators. It’s the responsibility of IT managers to ensure these devices remain protected against botnet enlistment. IT security vendors offer expensive protection products. Alternatively, here are three simple steps to protect your enterprise IoT against compromise, even if you have a limited budget. [Source: TechRepublic]

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners

Grove Token

"Other than the news that will be released in the interview on the 13th We will be launching on up to 5 exchanges in 30 days. With one being announced tomorrow 'I am not promising a tier 1 in this mix' but who knows"

- John G

"AAX Is the first cryptocurrency exchange powered by the London Stock Exchange Group's LSEG Technology, with over $ 3 billion daily volume and only 493 listed tokens! #GroveToken is proud to be number 494."

- John G

Shido Finance

"Thank you for tuning in and listening to Shido AMA! We really appreciate it, the interest keeps growing. 🔥

Big news shared on Shido Chain, Dex, Perpetuals and more! Don't worry if u missed it, you can listen to this recording anytime! 🔥"

- Shido Official

To listen to the AMA, click here!

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