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SafeMoon Lowdown (November 3rd, 2022)

Updated: Nov 4, 2022


WOW Summit | SafeMoon Gaming | SafeMoon Ecosystem | Ranking | Service Status Page | Community Events | Community Content | Food for Thought | Blockchain News: Instagram - ETF Delays - Brazil's Presidential Race | Blockchain Education: Liquidity Pools | Stock Market News | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

WOW Summit

CEO John Karony shared,

"Thought I would pop by while in town."

If you're wondering what the WOW SUMMIT is all about, you can check out their website here.

SafeMoon Gaming

SafeMoon Gaming announced,

"Hey #SafeMoonArmy - The #SafeMoonGaming calendar has launched! It's the early days for this, and we'll be improving it regularly! If you're a gamer, come on over to our #discord and have some fun with us and the community! Game suggestions welcome! See you there! #SafeMoon"

SafeMoon Ecosystem

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"We want to take a moment to recognize some of the great partners that have recently joined the #SAFEMOONFAMILY. Thank you for taking this journey with us as we continue to evolve.






SafeMoon Sales added,

"We have loved having these awesome projects in the SafeMoon Ecosystem! More shout outs to come 🙌🙌"


According to BSC Daily, SafeMoon is one of the most mentioned BNB Chain projects on Twitter!

Service Status Page

The “FO MOHIT shared,

"@safemoon has service status on its website. Damn cool 😎"

Did you forget about our service status page? Check it out here!!

Community Events

The SafeMoon WaterCooler host Jeremiah Tweeted,

"I just want to thank @TheXStudioNFT for joining us on the #SFMWATERCOOLER today! You guys were very professional and a lot of fun. You will always have a seat at the table. 😎👍🏾✨❌"

If you haven't listed to the Space yet, click here!

Almost 200 people joined in for the most recent SafeMoon Australia Discussion Space, hosted by Matt Ferny, Daaz, and Rez. Click here to listen to the recording!

Community Content

Shout out to this AMAZING community member!! 💕💕💕

"Here’s a 'You Can' message: I grew up in a town with less than 7k people where the poverty rate is 80%. Earlier this year I took a month off of work to personally remodel the home I grew up in. My mother & I now rent it for free to families in need. You can make a difference."

- Blair,

MProtocol Community Moderator




Block Busters Tech Director of Information Security

Gavin O'Brien

Food for Thought

Every moment is a gift! Every lesson comes with perspective. You are here in this space for a reason! Don’t waste this time. Positive thinking 💭

- Safemoon Juju

Never underestimate your power to change your situation.

- bYd

Leadership is not a license to do less. Leadership is a responsibility to do more.

- Simon Sinek

Understand this: You are not missing out on anything when you are busy working on your goals and dreams. Stay focused.

- Shared by Rob Schram

Blockchain News


"Soon you’ll be able to make and sell #NFTs on @instagram, starting with @0xPolygon. You can also now connect to @solana and Phantom wallet, and see information about @opensea collection."

- Meta

Vitalik Buterin ‘kinda happy’ with ETF delays, backs maturity over attention

The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, believes that the crypto ecosystem needs to mature and be in tune with the regulatory policies that allow crypto projects to operate internally freely. Sharing his opinion around crypto regulations, Buterin spoke against the regulations that have an impact on the inner workings of a crypto ecosystem. [Source: Cointelegraph]

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wins Brazil’s presidential race — What does this mean for crypto?

In a close race with outgoing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, also known simply as “Lula,” won the country’s presidential election following a run-off race. According to data from Tribunal Superior Eleitoral, Lula defeated Bolsonaro in an Oct. 30 run-off election with 50.9% of the vote — roughly 60.3 million people to the soon-to-be former president’s 58.2 million. Though the election outcome showed Lula has the right to take office starting in January 2023, reports have suggested that Bolsonaro may intend to challenge the results. [Source: Cointelegraph]

Blockchain Education

Liquidity Pools

"In order to maintain healthy liquidity, a percentage of the transaction taxes goes back to our liquidity pool. What are liquidity pools and why are they important? Find out about liquidity pools in our latest blog article."

- Empire Token

Stock Market News

According to Watcher Guru, over $860 billion was wiped out from the US stock market today.

SafeMoon Stats

Have you voted today?


SafeMoon Partners

BlockBusters Tech

"Not sure why it isn’t bigger news, but @GlowTokenLLC will be reflecting @BlockBustersTch 🤯🤯🚀🚀"

- Don Bailey,



"We promised to give more exciting updates this week, so hear us out: 📣

Our teams are adding the last touches to @verse_shibnobi 🎉

Watch a sneak peek of the actual website, and tell us how excited you are in the comments below!"

Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner?

To apply, simply visit

Partner Information:

For more information on all our partners, visit SafeMoon's Partner Portal.



Security Questions (Best Practice)

🎓You might have seen that SafeMoon Orbital Shield requires users to answer 2 security questions.

⚠️We highly encourage reading our Best Practice article to learn about a safer method for answering these security questions!