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SafeMoon Lowdown (November 25th, 2022)

Updated: Nov 26, 2022


MoonCast | SafeMoon SOS BETA Update | Thanksgiving: Polls - Messages | Ranking | Food for Thought | Blockchain News: How Web3 Is Restructuring The Music Industry - Can Gaming Resurrect the NFT Market? OpenSea Thinks So | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders


This Sunday, Mooncast is back for another episode!

🗓 November 27th, 2022


📍 Discord or YouTube

📝 Please note all the topic discussions can be found on the SafeMoon website.

SafeMoon Education Manager and MoonCast host Cats retweeted the announcement adding,

"Oooooo... We are back this Sunday! Come and ask your questions about #SAFEMOONORBITALSHIELD and learn more about what it means for the security of the #SAFEMOONWALLET"

SafeMoon SOS BETA Update

Beta tester SafeMoon Tim Tweeted,

"#SafeMoon updates even on a national holiday! Let's gooo!"


Remember this is a BETA application. Please save your Recovery Phrases or Private Keys safely offline before testing! It is recommended to use test wallets for testing purposes.

v3.0.0 (26):

- Fixed an issue where moving the app to the background during biometric authentification would cause a black screen and require restarting the wallet

- Fixed a crash after resetting credentials and opening the wallet again without login

- Fixed the "change email address" style in light mode

- Fixed an issue where pressing the currently active wallet name to reveal the wallet dropdown list was slow to respond



The votes are tallied for the SafeMoon Thanksgiving poll and Crypto Industry FUD won with 41.9% of the votes! (Personally, we thought the answer should be side dishes 😊)

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing made his own poll asking the highly controversial Thanksgiving question, "turkey or ham?" Turkey won with an astounding 71.3%! Sorry, ham lovers! 😂

BBTF CEO Don Bailey put his vote in commenting,

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone and @RipVanWizard! #sfm also, the correct answer to @SafeMoonWing’s poll is Thanksgiving Ham"


"Happy Thanksgiving #SAFEMOONARMY!

- John Karony

SafeMoon CEO

"We'd like to take a moment to express our gratitude to the #SafeMoonArmy for all your support and for all of you who continue to help one another in this space with grace and kindness. Wishing you all the happiest #Thanksgiving!"

- SafeMoon Education Team

"Happy Thanksgiving all you beautiful creatures! I hope you all have an amazing day and lovely time with family and friends. One of the biggest things I'm grateful for is being a part of the #SAFEMOONARMY and love all the people I've met because of this community!"

- KreggBee

SafeMoon Mod

"Happy Thanksgiving friends!🦃 Today I'm incredibly thankful for LIFE, for every single day I get to wake up and breathe. Much love to you all ❤️ enjoy this day with your loved ones."

- Vico

"Happy Thursday and Happy #Thanksgiving #SAFEMOONARMY and Friends 💙 Show appreciation for the greatness of the small things. There is ALWAYS something to be THANKFUL for 😉 Make someone smile today and as always, #BeKind 💙

- Holly

"I am thankful for:👀⬇️ #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY -To see another day on this beautiful earth.🌎 - My Family - The Sfm team #Twitter - My job"

- Fabo

"Happy Thanksgiving Fam! I’m so grateful to have a lot you as my extended crypto family. Eat lots and let’s food coma!"

- Gotti

MProtocol CEO


According to BSC Daily, SafeMoon is one of the top projects on Binance Smart Chain with the greatest social volume!

Food for Thought

"There is no age limit on taking your life back."

- John Cena

"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying."

- Inspirational Quotes

"Use your money to make good memories. Your money will return, your time won't."

- Wealth Director

"Giving can be as simple as saying "thank you" to someone and meaning it. We should all give a little more."

- Simon Sinek

Blockchain News

How Web3 Is Restructuring The Music Industry

Some art forms connect with web3 seamlessly. Take NFTs. Successful brands – like BAYC or Cryptopunks – took real-world ideas of art and brought them into web3 with little difficulty. But what about music?

Web2 streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music help musicians reach new audiences, but not make a living. That’s unless we talk about Ed Sheeran or The Weeknd getting millions of monthly listeners. The shift to web3 brings control back to the hands of artists. They get not only new opportunities to earn but also new ways to create and present new music.

The question is – is web3 really going to transform the industry? Or is it just another short-lived trend with a fancy name? A growing number of analysts think web3 could signal a fundamental shift in new music production. We think it’s bigger than that. The web3 music industry transformation has already happened, and the future is limitless. [Source: Plexus]

Can Gaming Resurrect the NFT Market? OpenSea Thinks So

Today at TechCrunch’s crypto-focused event in Miami, OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer discussed his business and the future market for non-fungible tokens.

The digital assets, better known by the acronym “NFTs,” saw their stock rise during the 2021-era crypto boom. NFTs became synonymous with neo-wealth bubbling up from the blockchain economy, as a number of image collections that employed the digital asset format reached pop-culture status and eye-watering prices.

However, as TechCrunch has reported, the evolving market for crypto-related activities and products is currently in a downturn. NFT trading volumes are depressed compared to year-ago levels, and elsewhere in the decentralized economy there’s chaos to be found as the implosion of exchange FTX continues to reverberate. [Source: TechCrunch]

SafeMoon Stats

Have you voted today?


SafeMoon Partners

Ever Grow

"EverGrow is in serious ‘full steam ahead’ mode! We have 3 dev teams - 1 covering LunaSky V1 maintenance, 1 finishing V2 & 1 building Wallet. When V2 is launched… we ramp up Crator! Beyond that, our community is exploding in anticipating of these launches. LFG ❤️🙏💪"

- Sam

Ever Grow Chairman


"Black Friday Deal $Shinja ETH and BSC Buy tax will be reduced from 7.5% to 3.5% Limited offer!

Start Time: 11/25/2022 @ 12am EST End Time: 11/25/2022 @ 11:59pm EST"

- Shibnobi