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SafeMoon Orbital Shield

John on SOS Accessibility

CEO John Karony Tweeted,

"Folks have told me that the #SAFEMOONWALLET is the easiest wallet to use…that was before #ORBITALSHIELD. It’s now even more accessible. Special thank you beta testers for the feedback! Looking forward to full release. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!"

Beta Testers Sign-Up

Yesterday, the community had the opportunity to sign up to become an Orbital Shield beta tester!

Since, SafeMoon has Tweeted,

"Thank you to everyone who signed up for our expanded BETA testing of #ORBITALSHIELD.🙌 🤖The 1st round of Android sign-ups have been manually added. 🚨We have enabled a limited number of additional Android sign-ups as a thank you for your patience."

BETA Update for Android

Danology shared,

"Android 🤖 #OrbitalShield testers do a check. Just had an update from V2.74 to V2.75"


Remember this is a BETA application. Please save your Recovery Phrases or Private. Keys safely offline before testing! It is recommended to use test wallets for testing purposes.

What to test in V2.75 for Android:

  • Creating your Orbital Shield Login

  • Linking and unlinking your wallets in settings, renaming wallets, holding and dragging to re-order

  • Log in on multiple devices

  • Importing and creating new wallets from settings and linking

  • Changing credentials and logging back in

  • Resetting the application and logging back in

  • Overall app functionality

  • The stable release version is always recommended for normal use

Advice for Beta Testing

Darkmoon Tim reminded the beta testers,

"Beta testing can be fun but make sure you follow the steps in testflight (iOS) to weed out the bugs. The more testers going through these steps the better the final product will be when released."

Danology answered a common question from beta testers:

"'How do I submit a support ticket if I've found an issue with #OrbitalShield?'

Head to the settings tab and click the 'Zendesk Support' icon."

Vico added,

"Very simple. Then click on the "message" bubble icon, type your message and click the Send button. (See images below)"


"So let me get this straight. On top of #OrbitalShield we have 2 Layer security, biometrics,2 Factor Authentication, Google Authenticator, Authentication for Transactions AND Usename, Password and Security Questions. Hmmm I feel pretty safe."

- Choice.sfm


The team is killing it and this is only the first product in the stack!"

- Adam Root

"Innovation takes time, especially when it has to do with security for global users across multiple platforms and chains. Now more than ever, security takes precedence and it will be a differentiator in DeFi."

"Security is everything! They will not be able to transfer money out of ur SFM wallet without ur authorization. Even if u lost ur phone, and if they guessed your login info that will NOT impact ur seed phrases. A lost phone will not authorize a transfer."

- Vico

"'Security (safety), quality and accessibility.' - @CptHodl Security is needed for sure but what about combine it with accessibility factor? Accessibility and ease of use play very important role in adoption"

- Picipici

@Safemoon & @CptHodl Really impressed and blown away with Orbital Shield capabilities and running as a micro service in Safemoon Wallet, I’ve not been able to break it so far #Safemoon #SafemoonArmy

- Krypto Magnus

"When interacting with iPhones app switcher Safemoon Wallet switches to a page take over in black with OBS branding rather than showing wallet balances! Neat if you happen to swipe to app switcher when someone looks over your shoulder #Safemoon #SafemoonArmy #ORBITALSHIELD"

- Krypto Magnus

Why Is SafeMoon Orbital Shield Important?

Community member SBaby shares thoughts in a Twitter thread.

"For everyone wondering 'WHY IS ORBITAL SHIELD SO SPECIAL?' and for those who even go as far as to say it's nothing special... THIS THREAD IS FOR YOU. 🧵🧵🧵🧵 Not storing personal information IS ABSOLUTELY HUGE. The biggest companies that you know have experienced recent large-scale data breaches that put their users' personal information in the wrong hands. Let's start with the one you're using right now.


'Date: July 2022

Impact: 5.4 million

Summary: In July 2022, an attacker compiled information from 5.4 million Twitter users due to a now-corrected system vulnerability. The attacker stole email addresses and phone numbers and connected them to user accounts. Twitter maintained that no passwords were stolen but urged all Twitter users to use two-factor authentication for their accounts.'


Date: March 2021

Impact: 533,000,000 user records

Summary: Hackers scraped Facebook due to a security gap that the company had patched back in 2019. As a result, 533,000,000 user records from 106 countries were posted on a hacking forum. The leaked information included user locations, full names, biographical information, phone numbers, and email addresses. This information was discovered when a user in the hacking forum promoted an automated scraping bot that could extract phone numbers for hundreds of millions of Facebook users.


Date: October to December 2018

Impact: 500,000 Google+ accounts

Summary: When Google decided to shut down its Google+ social network in October 2018, they discovered a bug in the Google+ API that let developers access private data. Google said there was no evidence that hackers had exploited this bug, but over 400 applications used this bug. This meant that up to 500,000 accounts were potentially affected.

Penalties: Users filed two class actions in 2018 that later consolidated into one, and in January 2020, Google agreed to a $7.5 million settlement that allowed all users with Google+ accounts between January 2015 and April 2, 2019, whose private information was exposed to receive $5 to $12 each.


Date: December 2019

Impact: 250,000,000 records

Summary: Two hundred fifty million customer records spanning 14 years were exposed without password protection. The information contained customer email addresses, geographical locations, descriptions of the support claims and customer service case, customer email addresses, and more. The database started being exposed on December 5, 2019, due to a hiccup in security rules and was fixed on December 31, 2019.


Date: May 2021

Impact: 13,124,962 user records

Summary: An unclaimed and unprotected ElasticSearch database exposed more than 13 million records. These records included the personal data of people willing to provide fake reviews in return for free items from Amazon vendors. Specifically, these records included email addresses and Telegram and WhatsApp phone numbers. In addition, information related to the vendors was also exposed, including PayPal account details, email addresses, and usernames (many containing names and surnames).

(To see the rest of the companies Sbaby pointed out, read her full thread here!)

These are just some of the largest companies. But these types of attacks happen every day on a large scale for all types of companies. MANY COULD BENEFIT FROM USING #SafeMoonOrbitalShield. Look at how much $$ was lost vs spent. SOS could save these companies a lot of money."





Danology asked, "Are we getting the theming from #OrbitalShield throughout the whole wallet?👀"

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats responded,

"There is always room to improve, so who knows how the wallet will develop. We will continue the evolution of the wallet making similar changes not out of the question. (NOT CONFIRMATION IT WILL HAPPEN)"

SafeMoon Official Link Tree

SafeMoon Official Twitter changed their bio:

"Official Links

Join the adventure via @safemoonsales, @SFMInsider and @SFM_Games. We don't support via twitter or run airdrops"

Community Content

Images & Videos


"Orbital Shield finally met its match. I brought proof.

@safemoon #OrbitalShield disclaimer, humor ahead"

OG Crypto Wizard

Events & Spaces

"London Meet up - Now at 51 attending That's a great effort. I was hoping to get about 50 after we got 25 at the Birmingham meet in July. December 10th.." 🎉 - Randolph

Did you set a reminder for SafeMoon Australia Discussion Space hosted by Matt, Daaz and Rez yet? Click the image below!

"Good morning #SAFEMOONARMY the Water Cooler is stepping aside today to allow you to do your pre-thanksgiving day festivities. The Water Cooler will return on Friday 26/11 😎👍✨🌊"

- Jeremiah

The SafeMoon Water Cooler Twitter Space Host

Food for Thought

"The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.

- Kalpana Chawla

Shared by Don Bailey

"Money can't buy happiness. But financial freedom has a priceless view."

- Gary Goodridge

"Stop trying to convince small minded people to see the BIGGER picture. If they don’t see the vision, then it’s not meant for them. Everyone can’t take this journey with us. Have a wonderful day!!"

- Safemoon Juju

"Stop trying to skip the struggle. That’s where character is made."

- Wealth Director

"The most important relationship you'll have ever have is the relationship with yourself. It sets the foundation for every other relationship in your life."

- Dr. Nicole LePera

Blockchain News

The Reserve Bank of India to launch a retail CBDC pilot in December

The digital rupee is intended as a supplement to the current payment system and not its replacement.

Having tested the wholesale usage of its central bank digital currency (CBDC), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is preparing to conduct the retail pilot of the “digital rupee.” The pilot should launch within a month. [Source: Cointelegraph]

CoinMarketCap Increases Transparency with New Reserve Dashboard Feature

CoinMarketCap released a new exchange reserve dashboard feature. Currently displayed are the reserves and wallets in which they're held for the following:

- Binance

- CEO Binance

- Kucoin

- Bitfinex

- Okx

- Bybit

- Cryptodotcom

- Huobi

[Source: CMC]

Macy’s 96th Thanksgiving Parade will Take Place in the Metaverse

American department store Macy’s launches the Thanksgiving Parade experience in the metaverse. Following last year’s successful Parade NFTs release, the retailer decided to host America’s most beloved holiday event in a virtual world.

The new Macy’s experience, developed in partnership with OnCyber metaverse, will feature virtual galleries from five selected NFT projects. Among these are VeeFriends, Cool Cats, SupDucks, Boss Beauties, and a collection from crypto influencer gmoney. The metaverse visitors will be able to vote for their favorite artists and select the first-ever NFT Parade balloon for next year’s Parade. Notably, the first 100,000 users that vote in the metaverse will receive free Macy’s NFTs.

Following the celebration week, Macy’s fans will have a chance to visit the OnCyber NFT gallery space, contributing to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Starting from December 5, users will be able to purchase virtual gallery passes for $50, 100% of which will be donated to the youth mentoring organization.

The Thanksgiving Parade experience launches on November 24, at 9 AM EST, on Macy’s website. [Source: MetaversePost]

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