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SafeMoon Lowdown (November 1st, 2022)

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


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SafeMoon Orbital Shield

CEO John Karony Tweeted,

"I believe Twitter and other platforms should use #SAFEMOON #ORBITALSHIELD (SOS) as it’s user credentialing system. Nobody likes mass data breaches. I am considering opening up SOS to other #Web3 businesses to license and use."

In another Tweet he said,

"Happy Halloween. Data breaches are scary"


John changed his profile picture on Twitter:


SafeMoon holder James shared,

"#SAFEMOON Trending on Stocktwits 🔥"

Happy Halloween!

SO many people in the SafeMoon Army shared their Halloween festivities! Here are some of them 🎃🎃🎃

Who wore it better? Sales and Growth Manager Jonas and his beautiful

wife dressed up as Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox!

SafeMoon Community and Sales Educator Gandalf

went as himself for Halloween, naturally! 😆

Fellow SafeMoon Lowdown author Pulse is

killin' it in this witch costume!

SafeMoon moderator Steve shared his Halloween-themed Tiki bar!

"Happy Halloween everybody 🎃🎃🎃🦇🦇🦇👻👻👻"

Buy your Duck Daddy costume today! Complete with acerbic sense of wit, goggles,

SafeMoon shirt, beard, wig, and incurable optimism. Duck not included! 🦆😄

Rip Van Wizard

Katxkin was the most ADORABLE little heifer for Halloween!

"I’m a cow 🐮 moo"

"Happy Halloween #SAFEMOONARMY love you all ! ❤️🎃👻💀"


"My guy #kinglouie got Inspired by @safemoon_knight🎃🔥"


HollyGirl was an impressive Beetlejuice for the occasion!



Community Events

SafeMoon Australia Discussion Space led by Matt Ferny, Daaz, and Rez will be held tomorrow! Click the image below to set a reminder and check your local time!

Over 500 people joined in to listen to the most recent SafeMoon WaterCooler, hosted by Jeremiah. Listen in by clicking below!

Food for Thought

💭Discipline leads to habits. Habits leads to consistency. Consistency leads to growth.

- SafeMoon Pulse

Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is concentrated strength. La paciencia no es pasiva; Por el contrario, es activa; Es una Fuerza concentrada. Ten buen día

- Chela

Stay true to yourself and true to what you believe in, even if it makes some uncomfortable. You're not here to please everyone. Some will stay, others will leave, and it's perfectly ok 😉 As always, #BeKind 💙

- HollyGirl

The best teachers are lifelong students. The best storytellers are lifelong students. The best innovators are lifelong students. The best entrepreneurs are lifelong students. The day you stop learning is the day you stop making forward progress. Smart people stay teachable.

- Vala Ashfar

Blockchain News

DeFi Is At War: But Not With Who You Think

DeFi is at war. Total value locked (TVL) is at its pre-pandemic level of $50 billion, along with the prices of bitcoin and ethereum. Rising inflation is driving the cost of money out of fintech innovation investment and raising capital is becoming more difficult. Many fintechs are facing downsizing and staff layoffs while their customers are facing rising mortgage, energy, and food costs.

Regulators cannot seem to move fast enough with crypto spot market and stablecoin regulation and have resorted to the blunt tools of enforcement as a shot across the bow of the industry. OFAC and Tornado Cash, and the CFTC’s recent enforcement action against decentralized blockchain protocol bZEROx have sent a chill up the spines of decentralized finance (DeFi) network stakeholders.

Regulators do not appear to have an expressed objective to regulate algorithms, but in the absence of individuals or legal entities to hold accountable, they must be seen to be taking action against hackers, cyber-syndicates and state-sponsored cyber-attacks. [Source: Forbes Digital Assets]

Bitcoin Makes Its Entry Into the Guinness World Records

Bitcoin is the largest and first cryptocurrency in the world. It paved the way for thousands of cryptocurrencies that followed suit. The creation of bitcoin is one of the most remarkable ones that is responsible for the follow up of decentralization and everything crypto.

The acceptance of crypto has never been the same since its inception. Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have come a long way. Whether it be in terms of adoption and development, the cryptocurrency realm is likely ahead of other sectors. [Source: Watcher Guru]

Polkadot Co-founder Gavin Wood Offloads CEO Title

Polkadot co-founder Gavin Wood is stepping down as CEO of Parity Technologies, the developers behind the proof-of-stake blockchain. Parity co-founder Björn Wagner is set to replace Wood in the role, Wood wrote in a Friday blog post. Wood is set to remain the company’s majority shareholder and plans to transition to Parity’s “chief architect.” “I’ll be pointing my regained focus towards exploring how we can contribute to making Polkadot and Web3 more relevant to large swathes of the population,” Wood said. “This will begin by helping the community design and build several interesting chain-integrated social primitives which I think are crucial for us to deliver a true Web3 platform.” [Source: Blockworks]

SafeMoon Stats

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⚠️We highly encourage reading our Best Practice article to learn about a safer method for answering these security questions!



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