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SafeMoon Lowdown (November 19th, 2022)

Updated: Dec 2, 2022


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SafeMoon Twitter Account

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"What might have been the highlight of your week? Go 💥"

SafeMoon Community member ZAE replied,

"What might have been? If SafeMoon would’ve dropped a product - that might’ve been the highlight. But alas, no such luck."

"Not every week will be the same. X" - SafeMoon

SafeMoon Community member Buckle also responded.

"The question is, do @SafeMoon consider Sunday as the first or the last day of the week? (And that is not a yes or no question.)"

"It’s the 32nd day" - SafeMoon

SafeMoon Education

SafeMoon Moderator Glenn created an image for and Tweeted,

"In the crypto industry there's an immense amount of knowledge that is ever evolving. The team works hard & seeks to help bring as much of that knowledge as possible to individuals in easy-to-understand formats."

📣Thank you Glenn, for not just this but also for all you do to help out the SafeMoon Education Team. We are so grateful for all of you!!💕

SafeMoon Beta Update

Progress is continuing with the SafeMoon Orbital Shield Beta. The team is working hard to perfect the integration into the SafeMoon Wallet.

SWaP & Evolve

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 59.9 million #SafeMoon ($17,948)."

- Warrior

SafeMoon SWaP

Community member Danny shared that Rhythm added their liquidity.

"Safemoon partner @RhythmBSC also added liquidity to the SFM swap v3"

Real Estate Blockchain Benefits

Benefits of Blockchain in Real Estate Industry

Real estate platforms connect buyers and sellers on a single platform. Hence, the process involves a lot of physical interactions, transactions, and more while increasing the chances of real estate fraud and scams. Even the financial crisis report of 2008 states that the bloated real estate industry leads to tragic consequences.

To overcome such major problems, blockchain acts as a savior. It not only helps the real estate sector avoid fraud and attacks but also benefits business long-term. So, let’s reveal some of the amazing benefits of blockchain in real estate.

1. Tokenization

The commercial real estate process involves converting real estate assets into digital tokens further traded on smart contract platforms. A property’s specifics are recorded in a smart contract as digital tokens. The property is transferred after the requirements are met.

2. Better Data Accessibility & Transparency

Lack of data access and zero work transparency leads to scams in real estate. The negative impact of this scenario was reflected during the 2008 financial crisis when the financial industry failed to survive the effect of the bloated valuation.

To resolve this major problem, decentralized blockchain networks helped to enable work transparency and data accessibility in the real estate sector.

3. Zero Intermediaries

While using smart contracts, businesses can prepare agreements in just a few lines of code, making the process more efficient. The real estate business involves a lot of intermediaries such as lawyers, financial institutions, advisors, realtors, etc., which delay the process flow from the buyers to the sellers.

4. Reduced Business Risks & Cost

Reduced risk to potential investors is one of the biggest benefits of the blockchain. As the property’s value is liquidated, investors can buy and sell investment tokens in real-time. To reduce the risk for all parties involved, a blockchain-based smart contract system reduces tampering risks and data manipulation.

5. Strong Security

Security is another major benefit blockchain offers to all industries. Considering the sensitive data being passed on in the real estate sector, business owners must keep stronger security which can be possible while integrating blockchain technology. It is designed to keep the system secure while preventing businesses from cyber attacks.

6. Offers Liquidity

Because there aren’t always buyers or sellers accessible, the real estate market is seen as being illiquid. A tailored percentage of your home’s equity might be released as tokens and placed on a market to be sold among investors, eliminating the need to sell equity to a bank.

Also, liquidity in cryptocurrency and blockchain provides price stability and less volatility, which proves advantageous for real estate business owners. So, businesses that go for blockchain development can set themselves to avail benefits for years to come.

7. Fractional Ownership

Real estate tokenization lessens entry barriers for real estate owners and investors while granting access to the funds. ICO tokens have made it easier to invest a large sum of money in a single investment. Buyers can now engage in fractional ownership thanks to ICO or ERC20 token development.

Community Content


💭"I'm not worried if @SafeMoon don't release anything this year. In fact I'm not too worried if they don't release anything next year. When they do it will be worth the wait and we'll have bought more by then too 🙂🚀" - Sam

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"Defending #SAFEMOON by all cost. Whatever it takes #SAFEMOONARMY is the fuel!"


Food for Thought

"Few people understand the Real essence of happiness. It's not something you can Demand from life but the Ability to find the good in what You currently have."

- Shared by SafeMoonTim

"You can come back from anything💯"

- Steve Harvey

"Each day, we’re all faced with the same choice: (A) Argue on the internet OR (B) Do literally anything else with our lives Choose wisely."

- Sahil Bloom

Blockchain News

The Bear Market Is a Promising Time for Web 3.0 Startups – Here Is Why

"Calling 2022 a challenging year for the crypto space would be an understatement. Rising inflation, record-high interest rates, and full-scale meltdowns such as Terra Luna have shaken the confidence of both retail and institutional investors.

As a result, many entrepreneurs and businesses may think twice before following through with plans to launch or further develop Web 3.0 projects. This article will explain why builders who have quality ideas and the willingness to adapt should embrace the opportunity to launch and build in a bear market." [Source:TheDailyHODL]

Binance announced a number of BTokens will be burned today.

"Later today #Binance will burn a number of BTokens that are not being used. This is standard procedure to maintain the necessary supply of wrapped assets on BNB Chain. BTokens that will be burnt: 🔸800k Binance-pegged ETH 🔸280k Binance-pegged KMD 🔸550k Binance-pegged BAL 🔸300k Binance-pegged EGLD 🔸140k Binance-pegged FIRO 🔸170M Binance-pegged TRX 🔸73.5k Binance-pegged BCH"

Cardano-Based Stablecoin USDA to Launch in Early 2023


Emurgo, the commercial arm and founding member of the Cardano blockchain, will launch a newly regulated stablecoin pegged to the United States dollar, USDA, in early 2023. Emurgo, the official commercial arm and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain announced that it will bring a regulated stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar to market in early 2023. According to reports, USDA will the first fully fiat-backed, regulatory-compliant stablecoin within the Cardano ecosystem. Stablecoins are digital currencies backed by one or more assets and pegged to fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar in this instance and allow traditional market players to access the cryptocurrency industry. Stablecoins are more commonly used as mechanisms for trading, borrowing, and lending mechanisms across the digital ecosystem.

The broader aim of the project is to provide customers with a variety of financial services, products, and solutions based on Cardano assets. The project will include lending and borrowing services, and crypto-based card payments, and will bridge the gap between conventional markets and decentralised applications (dApps).

[Source: TradingView]

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners

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SafeMoon Pulse

SafeMoon's Monthly Pulse Article and video are live! If you haven't checked them out yet you can view both the article and video by clicking the image below.

October 2022 Monthly Overview


Tokenomics Supervisor

SafeMoon announced that with the recent SafeMoon SWaP updates came a new patent pending feature that solves the existing Defi inconsistent fee paradigm for tokens on multiple Decentralized Exchanges.
"Our recent updates to the #SAFEMOONSWAP have seen the launch of the SafeMoon Tokenomics Supervisor. Curious?🤔Read more about it in this shiny new press release" [Businesswire]

They partnered with "Blockchain and AI expert Dr. Adel Elmessiry to help solve the inconsistency. Labeling the invention "Tokenomic Supervisor," they explain that it operates in 2 steps:
Token Registration
Token SWaP

To learn more, view the full article here.

Security Questions (Best Practice)

🎓You might have seen that SafeMoon Orbital Shield requires users to answer 2 security questions.

⚠️We highly encourage reading our Best Practice article to learn about a safer method for answering these security questions!

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