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SafeMoon Lowdown (November 16th, 2022)

Updated: Dec 2, 2022


SafeMoon Wallet | Crypto Safety Checklist🚩| Community Content | Food for Thought | Web3: Permissioned vs. Permissionless Blockchain | Blockchain News:

CZ Shares Thoughts - Salt Halts Withdrawals - First Web3 Fitness Platform - Apple Job Listings and Patents | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon community member ShaunAn Tweeted,

"I just noticed that ACH deposit is available in #safemoonwallet via moonpay. How long has that been a thing? I admittedly haven't bought any crypto for a few weeks. Today was my 1st. So that's pretty cool."

SafeMoon replied to ShaunAn's Tweet,


Quote Tweeting SafeMoon's reply above, SafeMoon community member Danology responded with a question.

"ACH Deposit available in Moonpay on the #SAFEMOONWALLET?"

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats added a little tidbit about ACH deposits to Danology's Tweet.

"What is an ACH deposit? ACH deposits are a means of sending money electronically using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network: i.e., the inter-bank system used by 10,000+ member institutions to coordinate deposit and withdrawal requests involving bank accounts. #SafeMoon"

Crypto Safety Checklist🚩

New Project Red Flags by CertiK 🚩Marketing Traps 🗣

If a project uses any of the following lures to catch your attention and your money, you should immediately cross them off your list:

  • 100,000% APY

  • super auto-compounding rebasing mechanisms

  • multi-level marketing rewards

  • transaction taxes

🚩Unverified Dev Team👀

Honest teams will not shy away from appropriate due diligence processes, which include a full background check and verification of the history of every key team member, and this is why it is an integral part of the CertiK KYC Badge.

🚩Absence of Product

A common tactic scammers use is to either convince you that the product is too sophisticated and complex for you to understand, that it is still at the idea stage, or that there is no product or utility yet but the team will build many utilities later on

🚩Coding Issues 💻

To reduce the risk of blockchain projects technical failures and cyber-attacks, legit developers routinely get smart contract audits. You should always check the result of these audits on our Security Leaderboard, and be wary of any major issues

🚩Geographical Havens 🌎

If the key developers are located in a country that has a less-developed regulatory, law enforcement, and/or judicial system, they can easily leverage this geographic distance to render difficult or near-impossible any future litigation/prosecution.

Detecting just one of these red flags should be a warning for you to dismiss a potential investment. If you have the slightest doubt, consider it a 🚩.

Community Content



"For the best community💗



Safemoon JP

"supporting since the 18th of march 2021 🤩, have patience and you will get rewarded 💸🚀🚀" Njahh

Food for Thought

"Don’t let your bad days trick you into thinking you have a bad life."

- PathforWisdom

"What you do makes a difference. You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

- SafeMoon Stacey

"You see the highest return on investment when you invest in yourself."

- Fiona

"The cost of procrastination is the life you could’ve lived."

- Wealth Director

“Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action, it's timing. It waits on the right time to act, for the right reasons, in the right way. Patience... OUR time is coming 😏”

- Holly

Web3: Permissioned versus Permissionless Blockchain

Permissioned Blockchain

When it comes to security operations on a blockchain ledger, which can only be done by a few people authorized to do so, we use a permission ledger. In simple terms, the distributed ledger in this can only be accessed by a few people who have been allowed to do so by the administrator. These users are provided different types of privileges which allows them to do certain actions. However, it must be noted that anyone who is not allowed by the administrator, will not be allowed to access it publicly. The major benefit of this model is that since the people accessing the ledger are limited, any kind of changes made in the ledger can be easily tracked and the user can be identified.

  • The first major feature of permissioned blockchain is that it provides more transparency based on the objectives of the organization. It is more clear as to who has made the changes, and who has been permitted to do so. Every action taken by the user is tracked and known.

  • Permissioned Blockchain is of great advantage to private entities or companies as it has allowed them to handle data in a more secure way. It has complete control over who has the access to it and who has permission to make the changes.

  • Lack of anonymity is another feature that can prove a lot more useful for private entities. Since only a limited number of users are allowed to make the changes to the data, every change is tracked to the user. So the administrator is always aware of the changes and who actually made them.

  • Permissioned blockchain does have a lack of central authority but it allows a private group to authorize decisions.

Permissionless Blockchain

A permissionless blockchain is completely the opposite of a permissioned blockchain. In the permissionless model, which is also known as a public blockchain, there are no restrictions, and the participation is not controlled by an administrator. Anyone can participate in the consensus and validate the data. There are no administrators allowing the users to participate or giving them the permission and rights to make the changes. It is a completely decentralized blockchain platform across unknown parties.

  • Since permissionless blockchain does not have any kind of restrictions for the user to join through an open network, there is complete transparency of transactions to the users.

  • The platform is a completely open-source development as the users can easily access it and make the necessary changes to it.

  • The clause of anonymity did not exist in permissioned blockchain, but here it does. However, it does not mean that it provides complete anonymity, it does have some exceptions while making the changes.

  • Permissionless blockchain lacks central authority since it is open to any user.

  • It also offers heavy use of the tokens and digital assets as an incentive to participate. Therefore, it leads to more efficient and effective working.


Blockchain News

Binance CEO CZ Shares His Thoughts on Crypto's Future

"8 billion people will use crypto in a few years."

Crypto Lending Platform Salt has Halted Withdrawals

Crypto lending platform Salt has halted withdrawals and deposits, disclosing in a company email sent to customers that this is due to the impact of crypto exchange FTX's recent collapse. Salt's CEO said the extent of the impact is currently unknown. [Source: The Block]

The First Web3 Fitness Platform is Near, and it’s Bringing Augmented Reality to Fitness Experience.

The first-of-its-kind Web3 fitness platform is near, bringing exciting new features such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to improve the fitness experience for users.

The fitness industry has embraced Web3 over the past two years, with projects such as Stepn leading the charge by creating “Move-to-Earn” applications that allow users to earn an income by keeping active.

Well, a new player in town is set to elevate the industry and introduce a new type of fitness sector called Sports-to-Earn – brought to you by Sportspace. [Source: InsideBitcoins]

Apple Job Listings and Patents Hint at Foray into ‘3D Mixed-Reality World’

Technology giant Apple appears to be working towards the development of a metaverse-sounding “3D mixed-reality world,” according to related patent filings and recent job postings.

Since Nov. 1, over 30 jobs have been listed on Apple’s careers page related to augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) with the Big Tech player seeking a mix of software and hardware engineers to be mostly based in its Technology Development Group (TDG). TDG is a secretive team within Apple that may reportedly stem as far back as 2017, which is understood to be working on developing AR and VR technology. Apple has never officially confirmed such a device was in the works, though it is widely considered a tech industry “open secret.”

While Apple is currently hiring for over 150 positions according to its careers page, one particular job opening from August makes particular mention to a type of “3D mixed-reality world”. The job ad is for an AR/VR network engineer, with part of the description reading: “In this role you will work closely with other developers and build tools and frameworks to enable connected experiences in a 3D mixed-reality world.” [Source: Cointelegraph]

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners

Mandala Exchange

"A statement from our CEO @JoeR_Mandala on the current state of affairs at @MandalaEx and the crypto industry overall. Funds are #SAFU & we continue to build 🔐" - Mandala Exchange


"📡#SafeMoonArmy and #Cryftopians! Cryft Team is very #cryfty to announce our good news! The official website has been opened to the public. #Cryft Card orders S👀N. 🙌Check new features and speculate! 🔔Turn on Notifications! 🆕" - CryftC

Glow Token

"Update on the Merch Store: Finalizing tomorrow, will be ordering a few samples to test shipping and quality and then it will be opened up to the public most likely next week. Decent selection at launch and will add more items over time." - Jared, Glow COO

Mirror Protocol

"As we look to finalize the details of #MProtocol staking, we would like the communities feedback as to what you all would like to see from a staking platform. Think outside the box Think first of its kind Think innovation What would you look to implement into staking?" - Blair, MProtocol Community Moderator



#EGC fam, the team is always here to support you. We believe 100% in the long term value of the EverGrow project.

As a show of confidence we have commenced a further hourly buyback, this time from our marketing budget. This will be 500 BUSD per hour until further notice.

These tokens will be stored in treasury for long term, only sold when markets are strong - sales will be very gradual, strategic & tax free in order to avoid any downwards price pressure.

It’s been a tough year but we will do everything to support you.

We will assign a maximum of $500,000 to this buy back, and retain ample funds for all our ongoing costs and ramping up d