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SafeMoon Lowdown (November 11th, 2022)

Updated: Nov 12, 2022


Tokenomics Supervisor | Twitter Blue Scams | John Karony Twitter Verified ✅ | 🆕SafeMoon Wallet Update: Orbital Shield BETA | SafeMoon Service Status | SafeMoon SWaP: Dex Upgrade - Trending | Veterans Day, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day | Community Content | Food for Thought | Blockchain News: LBRY Considered a Security - Blockchain Computers - The Women of Web3 - Web3's Core Principles and Fairer Internet | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

Tokenomics Supervisor

SafeMoon announced that with the recent SafeMoon SWaP updates came a new patent pending feature that solves the existing Defi inconsistent fee paradigm for tokens on multiple Decentralized Exchanges.

"Our recent updates to the #SAFEMOONSWAP have seen the launch of the SafeMoon Tokenomics Supervisor. Curious?🤔Read more about it in this shiny new press release…Businesswire"

They partnered with "Blockchain and AI expert Dr. Adel Elmessiry to help solve the inconsistency. Labeling the invention "Tokenomic Supervisor," they explain that it operates in 2 steps:

  1. Token Registration

  2. Token SWaP

To learn more, view the full article here.

The article was also published on Yahoo! finance.

Twitter Blue Scams

Malicious websites, sign-ups, accounts, and verification links are being created in lieu of the recent Twitter Blue changes. Twitter user Wallet Guard warned the Twitter community.

"⚠️FAKE TWITTER BLUE SCAMS We've seen a massive surge in scams around fake verification services & fake sign-ups for Twitter Blue. We're proactively detecting & blocking these scam sites. Please share for awareness! 🔒 Stay Safe Fam"

Here is an example of a fake Twitter page claiming Twitter Blue is free if you "authenticate" your wallet earning you an NFT.

John Karony Twitter Verified ✅

SafeMoon community member Fabo pointed out that SafeMoon CEO John Karony now has his Twitter Verification check.

SafeMoon Wallet

Orbital Shield BETA

A new iOS update is available for the beta testers.

What's new and what's being tested:

  • Updates SWaP to V3

  • New UI/UX for login/Registration

  • Known issues: You may need to manually refresh the "MY Wallets" screen to see all of your linked wallets for your login.

  • Other minor UI issues in the new flows.

  • ERC-20 Collectibles are still offline, an update is coming for that shortly.

SafeMoon Service Status

There is another service interruption noted on the service list of SafeMoon's status page. The interruption involves partner tokens' live SWaP Prices, Charts, and Stats. The API is still returning prices, stats, and charts for the V2 DEX. The team is working with the Dexscreener to update them to the current V3 pairs.

SafeMoon SWaP

New V3 Token Pairings

With the SafeMoon SWaP V3 Dex upgrade, each token liquidity pair will need to be added to V3. You can view new liquidity V3 token pairings by visiting Dexscreener.

Below is a screenshot from Dexscreener showing where you can find the new v3 token pairings.


With all the updates to the SafeMoon SWaP, it's no surprise that #SAFEMOONSWAP and #SafeMoon were trending on Twitter.

Veterans Day, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day

We'd like to take a moment to think of those who sacrificed for and served their country and the lessons we've learned for building a brighter and more peaceful future.

Community Content

Community Events

"30 Days til the SafeMoon London Meet Up.

48 attending the event so far.

Anyone else? Drop me a dm." - Randolph

The most recent SafeMoon WaterCooler Space had almost 400 people join in! If you haven't listened yet, you can click the image below.


"At the end of the day, I will continue to stay invested in companies who are making solid utility and who's leaders consistently display humility and professionalism. Not everyone fits that bill but that is why we do our due diligence. Much love to you #SafeMoonArmy" - SafeMoon Wizard

Images & Videos

Metaverse Josh

Thank you for your service, Josh. 🙏


Food for Thought

"Believe in yourself and bet on your success. You're the best investment you'll ever make."

- Success Minded

"Failure is how we learn, grow, and meet new parts of ourselves."

- Dr. Nicole LePera

"You have two choices: do it now or regret it later."

- The Burly Monk

"Everything comes to you at the right time, be patient."

- Inspiring Life Quotes

Blockchain News

LBRY Sold Tokens as Securities, Federal Judge Rules

Crypto startup LBRY violated securities laws by selling its native LBC tokens without registering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a New Hampshire judge ruled on Monday. The SEC sued LBRY in March 2021, alleging that LBC tokens were securities and that the startup had violated securities laws by selling them without registering with the agency. LBRY pushed back, claiming that LBC tokens were not securities, and that the SEC did not give it fair notice that its sale of LBC was subject to securities laws, thus violating the company’s right to due process. The LBRY protocol is a blockchain-based file-sharing network. [Source: Coindesk]

Ethereum Co-Founder Di Iorio Unveils New Project to Bring Blockchain Computers to a Wider Audience

Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, Decentral and Jaxx Liberty, unveiled a project he says he’s envisioned, designed and built over the span of a decade. The project, dubbed Andiami, blends game theory with cutting-edge hardware, to bring blockchain computers to a wider audience. [Source: MSN]

Move Over Crypto Bros, It’s Time To Meet The Women Of Web3

When we think of the metaverse, what comes to mind? For many, it’s the connotation of the “crypto bro”: a twentysomething male who spends most of his time talking — often condescendingly — about the blockchain economy, making sure to let you know that you’re very late to the latest crypto wave.

Thanks to its get-rich-quick promises and prospects of personal liberty, the metaverse has become the new standard-bearer of internet success — as well as the web’s most male-dominated landscapes. Reported by Yahoo Finance, only 21 percent of crypto owners are women, with ownership of Bitcoin and Ethereum even lower at 15 percent and 20 percent. Worse yet, only 5 percent of crypto companies are estimated to be led by women, making the sector more closed off to change.

As Web3 continues to evolve, crypto communities have become just one part of a much larger ecosystem that encompasses everything from virtual real estate and gaming platforms to NFT collectives. However, as far as gender representation is concerned, things haven’t gotten more promising. According to a report by The Female Quotient and EWG Unlimited, only a staggering 19 percent of people who own digital currency identify as women. Three out of four women have heard of the metaverse but only 30 percent are truly familiar with it. [Source: Jing Daily]

Polygon Studios' Ryan Wyatt talks Web3's core principles and fairer internet

The year 2022 in crypto was eventful in many ways. However, the negative impacts of a bear market dampened the excitement around the blockchain upgrades that significantly brought crypto ecosystems closer to the future of finance.

For Bitcoin, it was the Taproot soft fork upgrade, which was aimed at improving the scripting capabilities and privacy of the Bitcoin network. Ethereum underwent the Merge upgrade to transition from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

Leading decentralized Ethereum scaling platform Polygon kicked off the year with mainnet upgrades based on Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)-1559, otherwise known as the London hard fork. The upgrade was accompanied by Polygon token burning and better fee visibility.

On Jan. 25, Ryan Wyatt joined Polygon Studios as the CEO after resigning from YouTube as global head of gaming. Speaking to Cointelegraph, Wyatt discussed the importance of timely blockchain upgrades and his vision for Polygon. [Source: Cointelegraph]

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners

Shido Finance

"New official Shido Wallet website launched! We have rebuilt Shido Wallet site and updated all content and visuals. Reflecting the same top quality as our DeFi Wallet. Massive news on Shido Card & Bank will start to roll out. Stay tuned! 🔥 🌐" - Shido Official


"MANY great updates are happening in the #Shibnobi Ecosystem for Nov 15th. DM us your designs on @Shib_nobi - we will review everything and reward the designers before officially using their creatives!" - Shibnobi

"4 DAYS BEFORE THE BIG DATE: NOVEMBER 15th! Let’s create some buzz! Tweet #ShinjaV2, spread some positivity and excitement - SPREAD THE WORD! Let’s goooooo! 👊" -