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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 6th, 2022)

Upcoming MoonCast | SafeMoon Labs | Crypto News | SafeMoon Positivity

"Long Live The SafeMoon Army" | SafeMoon Partner News | SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Upcoming MoonCast

Mandala Exchange tweeted out, "Hey #SAFEMOONARMY the moment you've all been waiting for is just around the corner 5 days left until #SAFEMOON launch! Join our CEO @JoeR_Mandala and @SFMInsider to chat all things @safemoon listing on @MandalaEx."

This short video was posted on SafeMoon's Official Youtube channel!

Join us!

⏰ Sunday at 9 pm CET/3 pm EST/12 pm PST 🗺️ Discord, YouTube, or Facebook

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

After it's over, we will also be uploading the podcast to Anchor FM as well as Apple Podcasts!

You can set a reminder for the community podcast here!

SafeMoon Labs

New to blockchain? This week, Gandalf spoke about blockchain bridges! The audio and accompanying article will be live at 1PM EST today here. If you have further questions about it, feel free to reach out to Gandalf.

Crypto News

Gucci Stores

According to the BBC article, "customers will be able to pay using a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin". They also plan to accept Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in the future! To learn more, click here!!!

Nas Daily

Popular vlogger Nuseir "Nas" Yassin of Nas Daily tweeted a video highlighting Changpeng "CZ" Zhao's journey to becoming the successful CEO of Binance. Check out the inspirational story of perseverance below!

"The story of @cz_binance is a must see!

SafeMoon Positivity

So many of us needed some positivity today. Thank you JuJu for sharing that happy energy.

"One thing about me, I will always bring that ENERGY!! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Keep that positive #SAFEMOON energy going! 🔥🔥🔥🕺🏾🕺🏾😂#SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONPOSITIVITY#TACOS"

"Long Live The SafeMoon Army"

Yesterday, a tweet was sent out by Enhance: "#Announcement: We’re enhancing our ecosystem and our holders. In order to ensure the best user experience, we will be temporarily migrating liquidity to pancake swap. This upgrade is in the best hands and we anticipate a quick turnaround as we implement our #EnhanceExperience"

Holders weren't understanding the intention behind the message so in response Enhance CEO Ace sent out a clarifying tweet saying, "FOR ANYBODY OUT THERE THATS GOT ME TWISTED… #SafeMoon X #EnhanceToken LONG LIVE THE #SAFEMOONARMY"

SafeMoon Partner News

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats

Swap Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Glubiz



SafeMoon Global HR Director

Grit Daily published an article of the speech SafeMoon's Global HR Director Kate Porter gave for the United Nations NGO Committee. "As business and community leaders, we must learn to demand the best from ourselves irrespective of how we’re feeling on the inside." - Kate 💜

Click here to view the article



Another edition of MoonCast, SafeMoon's Educational Podcast took place on the 1st of May 2022 where SafeMoon Education manager, CatsRus shares the SafeMoon Pulse April monthly recap followed by a Q&A.

MoonCast Transcript and Podcast

SafeMoon Pulse April Monthly Recap


SafeMoon Monthly Recap

So much that happens every month! Check out April's progress in the new SafeMoon Pulse!


April Captain's Log

Click here to read the full Captain's Log!


Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the Pre-launch waitlist here


SafeMoon SWaP Listings

(Official links to partners in the bottom page link list)


SafeMoon Key Moments

(current and planned products/listings)


SafeMoon Career Opportunities

The following job openings have been posted within the careers section on the SafeMoon website:

  • Technical Project Manager

  • Director of PMO

  • Director of Product

  • Management UI/UX Designer

  • Executive Assistant

  • Technical Support Engineer

If you'd like to apply you may do so here until July 15th, 2022.


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