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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 4th, 2022)

Fellowship Of The Coins | May the 4th | BitMart Research | Lunar Crush Ranking Community Article by Pheonix Rising | Crypto Adoption | SafeMoon Positivity

SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Fellowship Of The Coins

CEO John Karony can be spotted in this photo posted on angel investor Scott Paul's Instagram.

May the 4th

SafeMoon Official Twitter posted, "#MayThe4th be with you #SAFEMOONARMY! ...and may the Schwartz be ever in your favour!" Happy May 4th to all your Star Wars fans out there!!! Not familiar with the fan-made holiday? Check out this link!

BitMart Research

SafeMoon Trending

According to BitMart Research SFM is ranked #4 in the Top 10 USA Trending Coins.

SafeMoon Top Searched

SFM is also in the Top 10 most searched.

Lunar Crush Ranking

Social Activity

According to Lunar Crush, SFM is #4 for social activity among tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

Top 10 DeFi Coins by Alt Rank

SafeMoon was also #4 on their "Top 10 DeFi Coins" list by Alt Rank. What is Alt Rank? According to Lunar Crush's Twitter, "AltRank™ measures a coin's performance (social + market) relative to the entire #crypto market. The score combines #altcoin performance relative to #Bitcoin plus other social activity indicators. A coin can have a high AltRank™ of 1, even in a bear market. The LunarCrush AltRank™ was designed to access a cryptocurrency's community and traction and compare that across the entire #cryptocurrency marketplace. Coins that rank high have great community activity and traction relative to the entire #cryptocurrency marketplace. AltRank™ is made up of the following metrics:

  • Market Volume Rank

  • Social Volume Rank

  • Social Score Rank

  • Percent Change versus #Bitcoin Rank"

Click here to learn more about Alt Rank.

Community Article by Pheonix Rising

If you missed the amazing article written by SafeMoon community member and transcriber Phoenix Rising, definitely check out Part One here!!

Crypto Adoption

Bridger Pennington posted this message on his LinkedIn:

"Hanging with Gov Cox signing new crypto/blockchain bill to make Utah the most crypto friendly state in the US 😤 Ugly Unicorn Crypto Fund 🦄 gunna be good in Utah"

SafeMoon Positivity

"Innovation takes time. Holding takes patience. Patience takes discipline. Discipline takes understanding. Understanding takes research. Stay #SAFEMOON strong and the #SAFEMOONCOMMUNITY will prevail."

SafeMoon Partner News

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats

Swap Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Glubiz




Another edition of MoonCast, SafeMoon's Educational Podcast took place on the 1st of May 2022 where SafeMoon Education manager, CatsRus shares the SafeMoon Pulse April monthly recap followed by a Q & A.

MoonCast Transcript and Podcast

SafeMoon Pulse April Monthly Recap


SafeMoon Monthly Recap

It's that time again! There is so much that happens every month! Check out April's progress in the new SafeMoon Pulse!


April Captain's Log

Click here to read the full Captain's Log!


Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the Pre-launch waitlist here


SafeMoon SWaP Listings

(Official links to partners in the bottom page link list)


SafeMoon Key Moments

(current and planned products/listings)


SafeMoon Career Opportunities

The following job openings have been posted within the careers section on the SafeMoon website:

  • Technical Project Manager

  • Director of PMO

  • Director of Product

  • Management UI/UX Designer

  • Executive Assistant

  • Technical Support Engineer

If you'd like to apply you may do so here until July 15th, 2022.


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